Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1328: Harsh, let the truth speak for itself

The room went silent after Veronica brought the marriage matter up.

Although the scented plants can calm one's nerves, Silvia is no longer relaxed.

Silvia forced a smile onto her face.

"Sister, are you joking?"


Veronica turned toward Silvia.

"Have you ever seen me joke?"

Silvia started panicking.


Rebecca frowned.

"Isn't this too sudden?"

Veronica shook her head.

"For students, maybe, for a princess who is already 16, she should already be preparing to rear the next generation of royals by traditional standards."

Wu Yan analyzed what Veronica had to say.

Veronica is older than Silvia. She should be walking the talk but Wu Yan is sure she has no kids.

"Veronica, why do you want Silvia to marry now?"

Rebecca asked.

"I don't think there is a rule that says she must do so at 16, right?"

"True. But, marrying her off right now would bring benefits."

Veronica said.

"The royal family isn't doing okay right now. The king can't rule, and the two other sisters couldn't care if the knightdom fails or perishes. I am the only one running the show here."

Veronica sighed.

"If that was the only limit then I can still handle things on my end. However, we don't have a single male heir right now."

Veronica said.

"The only prince we had did something extremely asinine and threw his life away."

Veronica, Rebecca, and Silvia turned grim.

Wu Yan could see the drastic change in expressions.

They are talking about the only prince of Lautreamont, the eldest prince, brother to Silvia and Veronica, Julius Lautreamont.

The official story is that he died.

The knightdom executed him.

As a country founded on dragon-rearing, dragons are very precious to the entire country.

With the Dragon Mother looking out for them, entrusting them with powerful dragons, the relationship between Lautreamont citizens and dragons is inextricable.

Julis did the worst crime of them all.

He killed a dragon.

He killed his Pal.

That is an extremely heinous crime. Even the royal family couldn't defend him.

He was sent to the executioner's table according to official accounts.

Julius became a taboo name for the Lautreamont citizens.

This is also a very heavy topic among the princesses.

"Julius is a stain on the family's name."

Veronica put it simply.

"He is the reason why we declined so far."

"The Prince must have had his own reasons."

Silvia said.

"Nobody would kill their own Pals on purpose."

"Another reason, you say?"

Veronica coldly laughed.

"That sounds like something you would say. You're the closest to him. You would like it if that was the case, huh? Rejoice, you're going to like what I have to say."


"That's right."

Veronica grinned.

"Your marriage candidate is Julius' best friend. The one you admired the most in the past, Glenn McGuire."


Silvia's heart sank.

Glenn is Veronica's personal guard and an Arch Dragonar. He fit the criteria as a royal consort.

However, Silvia didn't like the idea.


Veronica stared at her.

"You don't like this arrangement?"

Silvia gathered her courage to protest.

"Royal sister, I want to become an Arch Dragonar. Marriage is out of the question for me as I need to focus on becoming an Arch Dragonar."

"You want to become an Arch Dragonar?"

Veronica's eyes went wide, it is like she is hearing the joke of the century.

"You can't even face your own sister, you trembled in a corner during the Necromantia attack, you want to become an Arch Dragonar?"

Silvia lowered her head.

Her shoulders trembled.


Veronica snorted.

"Dragon breeding talent is largely related to blood relations. You're a Dragonar while Glenn is an Arch Dragonar. Your offsprings are likelier to become Arch Dragonars. Why don't you put your effort into rearing the next generation of Arch Dragonars than aim for one yourself."

That was heartless enough to make tears appear in the corners of Silvia's eyes. Rebecca and Cossette also couldn't look on.

Veronica directed an intrigued look in Wu Yan's direction.

"Hey, guardian of the cowardly princess, are you not going to defend your mistress?"

Rebecca and Cossette looked at Wu Yan too.

"I mean, you're going to find an excuse anyway. Nothing I say can change that. Plus, you raised valid points."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"I say, we let the truth speak for itself, no need for further squabbles."

"The truth?"

The others flinched.

"Princess Veronica, you think Silvia is so useless?"

Wu Yan suggested.

"Why don't you let Silvia duel one of your Dragonars."


Even Veronica didn't see this coming.

The others also gasped.


Ignoring her naked self, Silvia jumped up.

"A-are you kidding? I can't beat a dragonar in the Lautreamont Royal Knights."

Veronica took this challenge as another interesting wager.

"Well, if this isn't an interesting proposition?"

"How about you join too?"


Wu Yan asked.

"I want to see what you can do."

Veronica gave him an excited smile.

"I will arrange a fighter formidable enough for you, how about it?"

Veronica's taunting smile elicited the same response from Wu Yan.

"Fine, count me in."

"Then it is settled."

Veronica and Wu Yan settled on the terms of the duel just like that. Silvia didn't know what to make of this situation.

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