Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1329: The taste of becoming stronger and hell

Just like that, Wu Yan and Veronica decided on a duel without Silvia's input. She is going to duel a dragonar.

Wu Yan is also joining as a duelist.

The duel will be in three days' time.

They are also going to duel in competitive dragon ball-based games.

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy had a tradition of hosting these ball games during royal visits.

There are many different types of sports with rules resembling those found in basketball, football, volleyball, and rugby. They all had the same basic rule though.

Only participants on dragons can enter the contests.

These types of games tested the abilities of the dragon riders.

In other words, this event is aimed at getting students to play ball games on top of their dragons in front of the royals.

Normally, the ball games happened on the second day of a royal visit.

But, Veronica gave them more time to prepare so it will be hosted in three days.

There was no backing out of this one.

Veronica promoted the event so more people would come. Veronica also ordered the school to make necessary preparations.

The school will most likely spread the news of this event far and wide.

He can already imagine the turnout on that day.

This isn't a good thing for Silvia.

She wrestled with her own anxiety and stress. Cossette followed Silvia silently.

Rebecca got held back to discuss the Necromantia attack with Veronica. Only Wu Yan and Cossette are here with Silvia.

Veronica wanted Wu Yan to attend but he turned her down. Wu Yan was there so he had valuable information. Plus, he isn't afraid of Veronica's princess status. This type of independence and expertise would help the investigation greatly.

Naturally, he quoted Silvia as the reason for his departure.

She probably has a ton of questions for him.

The moment they left Silvanus, Silvia immediately questioned him.


Silvia asked.

"Why did you agree to a duel between me and a dragonar in the royal knight squad?"

The royal knights are different from the royal knights of other countries.

Only the best and brightest are allowed to join.

The dragonars here are also a cut above the rest.

It is rumored that the knight captain of the royal knights is peerless in battle.

Even if her opponent isn't an Arch Dragonar. She had no confidence going up against veteran Dragonars.

She is competent.

At age 16, she grew her dragon to Maestro level. She is a genius dragonar by common standards.

Even so, she is still a student and her Maestro is young.

Compared to the seasoned veteran dragonars in the royal knight squad, she paled in comparison.

In terms of Pal's specs, her young Maestro might be slightly inferior but that isn't a huge issue. The big issue is Silvia's dragon-riding skills.

Her inferior skills will probably result in her defeat even if Lancelot was stronger than the opponent.

Wu Yan already demonstrated multiple times that skill mattered more than raw strength.

Fighting a royal knight is basically suicide for Silvia.

Wu Yan must have known this when he agreed to the duel. Why did he agree knowing she would most likely lose with her current skills?

Wu Yan stopped. He turned around slowly. His red eyes that glimmered with an alluring hue against the starry backdrop almost caused Silvia and Cosette to stagger after being charmed.

"Well, what was the other alternative?"

Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

"Do you want to marry Glenn?"


Silvia immediately turned down the offer to marry her childhood crush.

"Glenn might be an excellent knight and Arch Dragonar but I don't want to marry him."

"Then, what would you have done?"

Wu Yan continued while Cossette and Silvia tried to catch up.

"Your sister doubted your abilities. She told you to forget your dreams. Are you going to let her talk down to you like that? Are you going to let her treat you like a baby factory?"

Wu Yan said.

"Prove your worth. Prove her wrong. Prove that you can back your dreams up with your own skills. Is there any other way?"


Silvia clenched her fists.

"I can't win against the dragonars in sister's squad."

"Again with the pessimism."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Impossible this, can't do that, you keep finding excuses when faced with obstacles. Are you going to cower in front of the competition?"

Silvia's eyes turned dim.

"Do you think I stand a chance?"

"Right now? Absolutely not."

Silvia laughed at herself for a second before Wu Yan told her another thing.

"Three days later, well, we wouldn't know for sure..."

Silvia paused.

"What do you mean?"

"Lancelot might be immature but he is a Maestro. You're the deciding factor of who is going to win."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Do you want to control your own fate?"

"Control my fate?"

Silvia turned resolute.


"Then, leave that to me."

Wu Yan gave her a smirk that chilled her core.

"In these three days, I will engrave the feeling of becoming stronger into you."

"Of course, you need to get ready to embrace the hell that comes with it."

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