Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1330: Just wait and see, she...


Veronica and Rebecca stood together while looking at a greatsword mounted on a wall.

That sword was made of black metal. It had eerie red veins throbbing like the demonic blade was alive. The pulsating fluid within the veins appeared to be a substance with a similar consistency to blood.

This is the item Wu Yan snatched from the suspicious Milgauss. It can make undead dragons from the bodies of dead dragons. It also gave the owner the ability to control the undead dragons.

"So this is the control blade?"

Veronica felt a bit intimidated by this malevolent sword.

"It appears to be made of precious ingots, those veins..."



"I see..."

Veronica turned dark.

Fafnirites are crystalline secretions of dragons.

They are basically condensed magic power in crystal forms.

These magic crystals can be used for various purposes so people gathered them.

With Fafnirites, humans can unleash dragon magic using them as Oracles.

It is a common secretion from dragons not unlike excrement from humans. However, these Fafnirites are incredibly valuable.

Lautreamont leveraged these crystals heavily to run their country and economy. It is also a symbol of status for those that can afford them. Nobilities and royals used these crystals to flaunt their wealth by using them in decorations and lighting.

Fafnirites are incredibly important to the knightdom.

This is the reason why other countries eyed these precious resources.

Fafnirites can be used by anyone, not just Lautreamont residents.

With Oracles giving humans the ability to cast spells, who wouldn't want to get their hands on something like this?

Every faction on this continent relied on these precious crystals. Chevron asked for tributes from Lautreamont in the form of Fafnirites. Zepharos also illegally procured these crystals to use in their experiments and research. These crystals also served as critical components for magic engineering R&D.

Veronica didn't take kindly to the fact that a hostile nation used its precious crystals to produce this abominable sword.

Their own products are being used against them.

Although Veronica is a musclehead, she still had the brains to run a country.

Veronica steadied herself.

"Did anyone analyze this sword?"

"We already have researchers working on this blade's deconstruction and reverse-engineering."

Rebecca shook her head.

"We already know what the Fafnirites veins are for but we are still working out the engineering that led to this blade's design and circuitry. We aren't making any progress on this end."

"I can't blame you."

Veronica nodded.

"Engineering is the domain of Zepharos empire, we are only good at spells and magic designs."

Veronica told Rebecca.

"Give me the blade. I will arrange my people to work on it."


Rebecca said.

"We will revisit this case again soon."

Veronica said.

"Hey, Rebecca, what do you think about the duel that is going down in three days' time?"


Rebecca hesitated.

"Are you referring to Silvia or Rowan?"


Veronica sat down on a sofa.

"Rather than Silvia, I am more interested in that youngster known as Rowan."

Veronica's eyes flashed.

"I am very impressed with his ability to fight Glenn who wore an Arc Armor. He can also ride other people's dragons. A dragonar that had skills you yourself said were unheard or unseen of since the dawn of history. We don't even know what his Pal looks like. This man is a mysterious man with many intriguing points."

"Yes, he isn't a simple man."

Veronica's comment caused Rebecca to pause.

She is a prideful ruler for sure.

She berated her own sister.

To earn the praise of someone so prideful, Rowan must have truly given her the show of her life.

Rebecca hasn't heard her call anyone anything other than normal.

Even Captain Ursula, the ace of the royal knights didn't earn Veronica's praise despite her achievements.

Wu Yan should be happy he got praised by the princess.

Rebecca also agreed that Wu Yan deserved his assessment.

Rebecca beamed at Veronica.

"I also want to pry his secrets from his tight clenches."


Veronica flinched.

"I thought he was your bodyguard?"

"That is just a cover story."

Rebecca sighed.

"I named him Rowan but I know he is hiding his true name, identity, and background from me. I wagered that he would open up to me once we spend enough time together. But, every morsel of secrets he leaked became something increasingly shocking that I just couldn't get used to them."

"Truth be told, if he didn't punch Glenn into a tie, I would have never known he had such combat skills."

Rebecca admitted.

"I was hoping that he was just a gem in the rough. Now, I am sure his abilities are beyond my estimates."

"That mysterious, huh?"

Veronica said.

"Looks like I need to arrange a truly formidable foe for him.

"Are you going to get Glenn to fight?"


Veronica shook her head.

"Glenn is powerful but, no, he can't bring out that kid's ability. We need someone else..."

Veronica laughed.

"No, it has to be her."


Rebecca grimaced.

"You mean..."


Veronica showed an excited look.

"I wonder what else that young man has in store for us."

"I will wait and see..."

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