Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1331

The next day, in the seventh dragon stable…

Silvia stood in front of Wu Yan while dressed in a dragon-riding outfit. It was like she is about to get a lecture from a renowned professor. No, she is the new recruit in the army training camp.

Cossette wanted to laugh when she saw Silvia’s tense look. She did her best to make sure the teacup and teapot she held didn’t fall over.

Ignoring what she had to say. The student and teacher knew there was no messing around.

“We only have three days. We will dive straight into the training.”

Wu Yan started lecturing Silvia the princess.

“You’re a sharp student. Do you know what is the source of a dragonar's power?”


Silvia answered earnestly.

“A dragonar’s powers come from two aspects: The Pal and the rider’s own skills. The composite value between these two attributes determines the efficacy of a Pal-rider duo.”


Wu Yan slapped his palms together.

“So, we need to work on these two attributes simultaneously.”

“First, Lancelot’s growth.”

He patted Lancelot’s head.

“If Lancelot grows stronger, we can increase your potency in battles and events.”

“But, the growth of the dragon depends on bloodline, talent, and the care given by the owner.”

“Lancelot is more talented and noble-born than most any dragons here. With your diligent care, this dragon has grown incredibly fast. With only three days, we have next to no method to quickly boost its growth.”

Wu Yan looked at Silvia.

“This means, we need you, the rider to pick up the slack.”

Here it is.

Silvia gulped. She recalled how he said he was going to make her go through hell and taste bitterness. Silvia who is a bit timid felt anxious.

“In these three days, you will be the one undergoing special training.”

Wu Yan pulled Lancelot’s leash as they moved to the exit.

“Come with me.”

Silvia tagged behind him.

They arrived at a vacant lot outside the dragon stable.

“I will teach you my riding skills so that you can eke out a victory.”

Wu Yan declared much to Silvia’s joy.

Wu Yan had dragon-riding skills that Rebecca described as priceless.

Learning just a sliver in three days would benefit her greatly.

Wu Yan also demonstrated multiple times that he can defeat stronger dragons using weaker dragons.

Perhaps, even Silvia might be able to do the same thing.

Wu Yan eliminated her motivation with the next line.

Before that, we need to do something.”


Silvia flinched.

Wu Yan made her recall something in the past.

“Remember how fast Lancelot flew during the Necromantia attack?”

Silvia recalled how Lancelot achieved a terrifying speed during the raid on Necromantia.


Silvia shivered.

“You want to teach me how to make Lancelot fly as fast he did then?”

“That isn’t a dragon-riding skill.”

He pursed his lips.

“That was just Lancelot using a magic coating to reduce his air resistance through better aerodynamics and giving him a slight push. As long as Lancelot remembers that magic design, he can still fly at that speed.”

He rubbed Lancelot’s horn while the dragon purred.

“I rode Lancelot last night so he already memorized that skill. Lancelot can now pull off that technique without my active instruction.”

Silvia was touched.

He already laid down the groundwork for her when she was asleep.

She must do her best so as to not disappoint him.

Silvia put on a serious expression.

“What should I do?”


Wu Yan gave him a devilish grin.

“While Lancelot can give you an edge with superior speed, you aren’t used to that speed yet, right?”

Wu Yan grinned again.

“I need you to get used to that speed. You must be able to steer Lancelot while he is using that speed.”


Silvia froze up.

She recalled how the immense G-force and torque made her queasy and wished for a mercy-kill.

Does she have to be able to ride Lancelot while under such a state of acceleration?

“No no no.”

Silvia shook her head frantically.


He expected this response.

“What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t that too dangerous?”

Silvia said.

“Under that kind of speed, if I fall off I could get seriously injured.”

“Ah, don’t worry.”

Wu Yan took out something from behind him.

He took out a long rope.

Immediately, Silvia had a bad feeling.

She stepped back.

“Wh-what are you going to do?”

“It goes without saying.”

Wu Yan smiled radiantly.

Alas, he looked more like a devil than an angel from Silvia’s POV.

“I am going to tie you to Lancelot. Don’t worry about falling.”


Silvia emitted audible teeth clattering sounds.

“I suddenly remembered, I-I still have something to do.”

“Running away, are we?”

Wu Yan snapped his finger.

Somebody seized Silvia.

Silvia gasped.

“Et Tu Cosette?!”

“Princess, please, Lord Rowan is trying to help you.”

Cosette had an amused smile that went well with Wu Yan’s devilish sneer.

“Your humble maid must impose upon princess just this time.”

“No, you just find this funny!”

Silvia struggled for dear life.

“Unhand me!”


Wu Yan approached her with the rope, his sinister face drawing ever closer.

“I will be gentle, it won’t hurt.”

Silvia turned pale as a ghost.

Then, Wu Yan pounced.


Her pitiful cries reverberated across the land.

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