Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1332: A maestro's abnormality


Silvia's shriek filled the skies.


Wu Yan and Cossette both enjoyed black tea and snacks while Silvia trained.

They looked at Silvia who was tied to Lancelot's back. Wu Yan sighed.

"As expected of the princess, her voice is still so loud even after an hour of constant screaming. She should be in a choir."


Cossette wasn't worried about her mistress. She smiled when she saw Silvia yelling in the air.

"The Princess looks like she is having a great time."

Talk about bad taste, people would be afraid to get close to Cosette.

She is so mean.

Cossette is living proof that a maid can still be amused when her mistress is in trouble.

Maybe having an OP maid isn't a perk when that maid likes to see her suffer.

Wu Yan might just be the next Veronica to Silvia.

Veronica would be impressed with Wu Yan's draconian methods.

Although she pushed Silvia to go through arduous training, none were as close to life-endangering as this. At least, she wouldn't be as mean as to drink tea while Silvia is fighting for her life.

Wu Yan got bored with this spectacle. He raised a query he had.

"Hey, aren't there supposed to be 5 Maestros? I only saw Cú Chulainn and Lancelot?"

"I wouldn't know."

Cossette continued watching Silvia's plight with subdued glee.

"Other than Lancelot and Cú Chulainn, the other two dragons are always with their masters. One of them is also actively ditching classes. This is probably the reason why you always see those two Maestros but not the others."

"Wait, ditching classes?"

Wu Yan gasped.

"Someone like that actually became a dragonar? Incredible."

"Yeah, but that student has skills."

Cossette said.

"I heard that the teachers and students weren't pleased that this student ditched classes. But, because the student's grades were good, like top-5-level good, the students and teachers decided to let the student slide."

"That is just as incredible in its own way."

Wu Yan raised another question.

"You said the other two Maestros are rarely here?"


"What about the fifth one?"

Wu Yan continued.

"Where is the last one?"


Cossette finally stopped watching her mistress' suffering.

"The last Maestros is still in the dormitory, always has been."


Wu Yan was confused.

"Why though?"

"Because that Maestro waited in its stable."

Cossette refilled Wu Yan's cup.

"After entering its stable, the Maestro never came out."


Wu Yan is curious.

"Did the student ditch that Maestro? Or is the student away at the moment?"

"Nah, people don't leave their Pals behind even if they go on journeys."

Cossette tilted her head.

"I am not too sure. That Maestro also chose to stay in its stable. Other than letting the janitor feed it and clean its stable, it would chase away whoever approached it."


Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"Not sure, but, I did try to investigate. I just didn't get to the bottom of it."

Cossette said something uncharacteristic of her all-knowing nature.

"However, that Maestro is in trouble."


Wu Yan urged Cossette to go on.

"How so?"

"I am not sure..."

Cossette pursed her lips.

"However, that dragon is weakening. Other than eating to sustain itself, the Maestro didn't move around much."

With his curiosity taking control of him, he wondered why the Maestro chose to sequester itself in its stable.

This is abnormal behavior.

This kind of behavior should make the school concerned with the well-being of one of its rare Maestros. The feeble health of this Maestro should make the academy nervous.

Wu Yan is surprised that he only heard about this now. He has been enrolled for 1 month now.

There are two possibilities: the school might be covering this up or the school already knew and chose to do nothing about it. Everyone knows about this but chose to do nothing after a while.

The rarity of news regarding this Maestro and its master is definitely suspicious.

More importantly, this issue probably existed long before he came here. After all, there is no news on this ailing Maestro.

"I thought your Shelley family excelled at information-gathering? You should be able to find out if you wanted to, right?"

"The Shelley family serves the royalty with combat and intel abilities, we are the shield of the knightdom."

Cossette rolled her eyes at him.

"While weird, the ailing Maestro doesn't harm the princess. I only gathered enough intel to know this isn't worth committing more resources. Why should I butt into other people's affairs?"

Cossette started inching closer to Wu Yan's face with a cute grin.

"Lord Rowan..."

She started chortling with those calm purple eyes of hers.

"Are you assuming I am the kind of girl to use my abilities to snoop around just because I am curious? You think I am some kind of peeping tam, huh?"


Wu Yan shifted his gaze away.

"No way..."

Cossette pulled his face back.

"Look at me when you speak!"

Wu Yan's heart jumped when Cossette forcefully made him look at her.

"I-I am going to check out that Maestro."

Wu Yan resisted the urge to kiss her. He struggled free of Cossette's hands before running into the dragon stable.

Wu Yan didn't see that Cossette was blushing.

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