Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1335: The vision within the cracks



Gawain bleated in pain when he got smashed into the floor. Dust clouds rose.


Gawain was enraged at being hurt.

A mere human just smacked it into the floor?

Even if this human had an extraordinary bloodline, the dragon found it impossible to believe it had weakened to the extent that people can smash it around like this.


Gawain climbed up only to be stopped by something.

The person who defeated him stood on his chest. He looked down at Gawain with a pair of frosty eyes.

"Man, you sure weren't joking around when you're mad."

Wu Yan grinned.

"How about it? Are you calm yet? Let's talk when you're calm."

Wu Yan used his consciousness to attempt a mental bridge with the dragon.

Gawain could feel this and it immediately started resisting furiously.


It struggled for dear life.

Resisting his attempt at establishing a connection, the dragon also flailed around.

Alas, Wu Yan stomped down harder. Gawain was pinned beneath him.

As a Maestro, the dragon could do little against his demonic strength.

It felt like someone placed a mountain on top of the dragon. Gawain could stand up no matter how hard he resisted.

Wu Yan also drilled his consciousness into the dragon again.

Once the mental connection is established, Gawain will become a steed.


Refusing to bow down, the dragon roared once more.

It used its own magic.

A barrier bounced up from the dragon's scales. It was a protective magic that created a coat of armor around the Maestro.

Wu Yan got bounced away by the magic, it also severed his connection like somebody shoved him away with a wall.


Wu Yan got hammered back. He almost got staggered.

Steadying himself, he avoided being sent flying.


The dragon infused more magic into the protecting coating. The coating thickened as did its repellant properties.

Wu Yan gnashed his teeth. Unamused by this invisible barrier, he assessed what just happened.

"A reflective barrier magic?"

A high-level spell available only to Maestros and above.

It isn't as defensive as polygon barrier magic but it can reflect attacks that are below its penetration threshold which made it useful.

Gawain wanted to use Wu Yan's power against himself. This is why Wu Yan almost got sent flying.

Maybe the dragon wanted to reflect his mental bridge onto Wu Yan himself.


Wu Yan snorted, he planted his foot down.

"You're underestimating me if you think that is going to stop me."

Wu Yan split his focus into two.

One is on firmly pinning Gawain down.

The other was used to assault Gawain's mental barrier, seeping into its mind like water through cracks in the rock.


Terrified, the dragon started resisting again.

The dragon needs to open up its own pathway to connect. There is no other known way to connect with a dragon other than proper 2-way connections.

Ash had the Grail which made it easy to connect with any dragons. The dragons naturally trusted him and opened their mental doorways to him. Wu Yan knew how he did it.

He used the dragons' reverence for his superior bloodline to force them to submit.

But, Maestros can stop respecting him and resist like Gawain.

Cú Chulainn and Lancelot were conditioned into accepting Wu Yan.

However, Gawain is putting a much greater resistance than Wu Yan expected.

Gawain isn't going to let Wu Yan ride him no matter how highborn he might be.

Dragons reject anyone other than their masters, any attempt to forcefully connect would be met with a stone-door-like connection rejection.

Gawain wanted to shut Wu Yan out.

But, because this dragon respected Wu Yan's immense power, the door had cracks in it.

His attack exploited this chink in the armor.

Wu Yan couldn't successfully ride Gawain with a successful connection but he did snoop around the dragon's mind.

He saw visions of Gawain flying in the sky.

The dragon soared in the sky, drawing weird trajectories in the sky. The immense speed and trajectories constructed beautiful dances in the air.

It also released photons that lit up its trail.

When it weaved around more, the photon trails eventually painted figures in the sky.

It looked like magic circles reminiscent of magic formations.

Suddenly, a figure dropped from Gawain's back.

Gawain stopped too late to see his master falling to the ground.

The almost completed magic circle dissipated.

Fortunately, the figure that fell only suffered minor injuries.

After that, the figure developed a fear of flying on a dragon.

To prevent another dangerous flying situation, Gawain rejected the figure's connection to itself.

The vision abruptly stopped here.

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