Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1336: The situation, reason, and action

He collected the fragments of memories for storage.

Wu Yan sighed before reclaiming his focus.


Gawain felt Wu Yan retreating before looking into his eyes.


Wu Yan shrugged before jumping away.

Gawain quickly climbed back up with magic ready to fire at the drop of the hat. It is cautious but confused.

Why did this mysterious man stop halfway through?

While Gawain can stop Wu Yan from riding it through continuous rejections, it is well aware of who would have won.

Gawain would have lost.

If Wu Yan kept assailing its mind, the dragon would have crumbled sometime later.

Of course, Gawain would have staked his life on the line no matter what.

Why, then, did Wu Yan give up when he could have won?

Wu Yan patted the dragon's lavender mane.

"You have it tough.'

Gawain flinched.

Gawain immediately understood what Wu Yan meant.

He already read Gawain's mind.

Wu Yan peered into its mind and saw the source and reason for its feeble state.

Gawain is locking its master out too.

That can be traced back to how its master almost got hurt seriously in a previous guffaw.

Wu Yan found out that Gawain was practicing an esoteric art with its master.

It involved drawing giant magic formations in the sky.

Although he isn't sure what purpose the magic formation served, the practice involved incredible speed and twists just as tricky.

Other than Lancelot's enhanced speed after learning better Aerodynamic spells, Gawain achieved the second fastest speed Wu Yan observed in dragons of this world.

The high velocity and tricky turns caused the fall.

Although Lucca, the master only got slightly hurt. His master felt fear from that event.

With its master fearing Gawain, the Pal also suffered a mental setback. It knew allowing its master to ride it again after developing such fear will increase the chances of getting hurt in another incident.

Its pal was determined to prevent that.

How many times can she fall before she suffers serious injuries?

That wasn't something Gawain wanted to risk.

To protect his master, Gawain started rejecting any attempts to ride it.

The problem starts here.

Because of the binding magic, Albion, the dragons lived off the Astral humans had. To survive off humans, they needed to fill certain conditions.

There is a pathway between master and Pal. It is this pathway that supplies the dragons with life energy known as Astral. What is the point if dragons can obtain Astral energy without some form of service?

If that is possible then dragons can exploit this loophole and use humans as free food.

Once a dragon rejects their master, the pathway will be shut off, sealing any suppliers of Astral to the dragon.

The pathway is closed for Gawain too. It cannot obtain nutrition in the form of Astral.

Without it, the dragons will die.

It is this supply cut from the planet itself that drove dragons to depend on humans for Astral.

Gawain weakened ever since the pathway shut. Once all the Astral stored within the dragon runs out, Gawain will die.

Wu Yan sighed.

"You have a bad attitude but you're a good dragon at heart."

Gawain snorted before turning its head away.

Wu Yan laughed at the dragon's bashful attitude.

"Fine, since I now know your situation..."

"Still, you resisted me so much despite your enfeebled state. Am I not worthy as a rider?"


Gawain raised its head in pride.

Wu Yan can see that the dragon took that as a compliment.

"Ah, so none but your master may ride you?"

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. He clenched down hard on Gawain's neck muscle.

"Cocky, I will give you that."


Gawain started struggling but he was powerless before the mighty grip of the Miraculous pool-dipped True Ancestor. Struggling only increased the pain.

Gawain apologized to Wu Yan with its eyes.

"Should have done that in the first place."

Wu Yan released his grip.

"You know only death waits for you at the end of this road, right?"

Gawain lifted its head defiantly.

To ensure the safety of its master, it will not hesitate to forfeit its supply of Astral and life.

"Man, for a young Maestro, you sure have guts."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Why don't you talk it out with your master? I think that would serve you better than just doing a cold war."

Gawain shook its head.

"Fine, this is a thing between you and your master. I won't butt in."

Wu Yan approached the dragon while looking into its eyes.

He placed his hand between the dragon's eyes.

Wu Yan cannot solve the root problem.

It isn't a sickness, injury, or weakness plaguing the dragon. It is a lack of Astral. His Grimoires and Divine Angel can't do anything here.

But, he has a temporary cure.

Wu Yan unleashed his bindings.

His magic, supernatural, and ESP powers returned all at once.

Astral started coalescing near him.

He formed orbs of Astral near him.

Gawain's eyes went wide.

"I can't cure your problem but this should buy precious time."

Wu Yan said.

"This is as much as I can do."

Gawain thanked Wu Yan for his gesture. It started absorbing the orbs of Astral near him.

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