Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1338: Challenge? A truly amusing event

At dawn...

The blue sky formed a beautiful symmetry with the horizon. The sun also rained down its golden brilliance. Anyone waking up to this weather will definitely feel happy.

The weather approved the event that is going down today.


The students were already cheering loudly in the arena.

There are civilians, students, teachers, and VIPs in the arena. Almost every seat here is filled.

In front, there are special seats meant for royalty.

Veronica sat on one of the special seats here. She grinned as she knew today would be very interesting.

Veronica is actually looking forward to the duels after the sports events.

For the knightdom, anything related to dragon-riding is big deal.

The fourth princess and the genius rider will be dueling with knights of the royal capital.

Glenn constantly wore his Arc Armor to defend Veronica. The other guards also surrounded Veronica so she won't be assassinated.

She made a ton of enemies through her battle achievements.

Since this is a crowded place, it would be easy for assassins to slip into the crowd.

Wu Yan, Ash, Silvia, and Eco are also here.

Wu Yan stood nonchalantly. It is like he couldn't care less who dueled him today.

Meanwhile, Silvia is very tense and nervous. There are beads of sweat on her forehead.

Eco also didn't pay any mind to the events. She is here to lord over everyone.

Ash also looked tired. He shrugged as if he wanted to relax his sore muscles.

Rebecca descended into the arena with Cu Chulainn.

She is still as popular as ever.


Rebecca's gallant figure drew the attention of the audience here.

Ash still sighed after shrugging again.

Wu Yan started expressing his frustration with Ash.

"I thought I would be the one with the least energy, looks like I need to give you a firm knock."

"Hmph, get in line."

Eco snorted.

"You call yourself a servant of the high dragon? You are embarrassing me."


Ash also couldn't care less.

"Try training for three days."

Ash looked at Glenn with animosity.

"That's why I said you're an absolute embarrassment."

Eco is frustrated.

"I already gave you a mimic Arc Armor. How did you still manage to lose? You're useless."

"Your Arc Armor has a time limit. How am I supposed to win?"


Eco tried to strangle Ash.

"I made an Arc Armor for you, why are you complaining about getting a gift from a goddess like me?"

"Not complaining..."

Ash struggled against Eco's brutish power.

It was futile to struggle against a dragon's might.

Ash fainted as white bubbles leaked out of his mouth.

Wu Yan watched as the two lovers flirted in front of them.

"You look like you have the duel handled. I assume you're looking down on my knights?"

Veronica taunted Wu Yan while he laughed.

"So, what does it mean to fear the royal knights?"

Veronica snorted.

"Don't be too lax. You might just lose."

"It's been a long time since I encountered a worthy foe."

Wu Yan provoked her.

"Please, show me how wrong I am."


Veronica grinned.

"Relax, you will like what I have in store for you."

Wu Yan and Veronica started verbally stabbing each other. Silvia also respected Wu Yan for his candid attitude.

There is probably only one person bold enough to tell the Iron-Blooded Valkyrie off like this.

Silvia also felt a little bit disappointed.

Her sister probably cared not for her but for the duel with Wu Yan.

Silvia also watched as the sports events ended.

When the final game ended, the referee's judgment was welcomed by the cheers of the crowd here.

It sounded like they couldn't wait for the duels. Although the sports events were nice, the duels that would follow are the real highlights.

Veronica opened her eyes as a series of metallic sounds rang.

She announced out loud.

"We have two students here who want to challenge the royal knights."

The students turned silent.

Wu Yan and Silvia flinched. They couldn't believe their ears.

Veronica leaked the battles first.

The crowd is probably going to laugh at Wu Yan and Silvia for not knowing their own limits, right?

This despicable woman.

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