Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1339:

As the most renowned knight squad in the knightdom. Lautreamont Knightdom. They are the strongest knights in the knightdom.

Lautreamont is a small country, the Chevron kingdom is way bigger than this small fiefdom.

The Lautreamont is still a dragon-breeding country so the other factions can't underestimate it.

This is not only because dragons are protecting this small fiefdom. The dragons imbued their masters with spells. These spells can be used to achieve superhuman feats.

The dragons are still mighty creatures and only Lautreamont residents can partner up with them.

With Arch Dragonars and Dragonars running around, those who want to threaten the fiefdom need to be careful.

During the great war between the Chevron kingdom and the Zepharos empire, the dragonars and arch dragonars made the two fighting parties equal.

Despite the superior technologies of the empire which included guns and rifles, the Chevron still survived thanks to the participation of the dragon riders.

Nonetheless, the dragons are not forces to be trifled with.

Arch dragonars with Dragonars are respected. The royal knights are composed of elite dragonars and Arch dragonars.

Two students are bold enough to claim they want to take down the mighty knights from the Lautreamont royal knights.

That is like a kid from high school trying to take down trained soldiers. Can kids beat adults?

The crowd wondered. They all exchanged intrigued looks.

Most of them heard about this duel so they came.

But, they don't know why there are two duels.

They assumed the knights just wanted to showcase their powers. They thought this was just a security theater to give the residents a sense of safety.

They settled on duels.

Wu Yan and Silvia nailed it. The crowd assumed that these two challenged the knights because they are too cocky.

Veronica continued.

"First, Silvia Lautreamont from the first year."


The people started clapping in excitement.

Veronica also urged Silvia to step forward.

"Silvia, go up there."

Without the friendly camaraderie between sisters, she ordered Silvia to go up there.

Silvia will still get anxious talking in front of so many people.

But, with a  demonic sister like Veronica near her, going up there is a better choice.

Veronica gnashed her teeth when Silvia showed hesitance. Silvia started inching forward.

Wu Yan had a bright idea. He grinned before unleashing a lightning-fast slap on Silvia's tight tush.


The clear sound of muscle hitting bouncy muscles reverberated across the entire arena.

Ash was stunned.

As was Eco...


And, pretty much everyone here.

Silvia also froze up when Wu Yan slapped her on the butt.

She turned beet red in an instant.

Wu Yan just pulled his hands back like nothing just happened.

"Not bad, quite soft."


Silvia started steaming.

The fourth princess just got her butt slapped by someone else in front of a huge crowd.

Silvia felt like she could die of embarrassment.

"It's not over yet."

Wu Yan licked his lips like a fiend.

"If you lose, it won't end with just spanking."

"I... You..."

Silvia was mad and bashful at the same time. She couldn't resist Wu Yan's playful mien so she decided to jump down to the arena after summoning Lancelot.

Wu Yan allowed the crowd to stare at him. His expression didn't shift.

"I will be damned..."

Veronica praised him.

"You got her mind out of an anxious state. You made sure she can focus on the battle by changing her focus to something else. Now, she can fight at full power."

Ash and Eco flinched.

They understood why Wu Yan spanked her on the butt.

That was his plan all along.

Silvia might be blushing but she isn’t nervous anymore. The others started respecting him for doing a bold move like that.

Veronica also looked at Wu Yan with displeasure and admiration.

Silvia looked at her foe.


A thunderous roar boomed in the arena.

A dark figure slowly descended after soaring into the air.

Its size was smaller than Cu Chulainn but bigger than Lancelot.

It is a mature Maestro.

A young knight sat there.

“Princess Silvia, please accept my apologies for not being able to get down and bow.”

He gave a slight curtsy.

“I am a knight from the royal knights, Walten.”


Wu Yan frowned when he saw the reaction Silvia had.

“Is this Walten guy supposed to be famous?”

Veronica and Glenn looked at him. They pegged Wu Yan as an oaf for not knowing a famous guy like Walten.

Wu Yan asked Ash.

“Ash, who is he?”

Ash was also confused.

“I don’t know…”

“You didn’t study the status of members of the royal knights?”

Veronica pushed her bangs away. She huffed.

“Walten once graduated summa cum laude and entered the royal knights as a special elite. How do you guys not know about this guy?”

Ash and Wu Yan narrowed their eyes.

“Elite? How strong is he?”

Veronica sneered.

“He is probably among the top 10 strongest knights under my command.”

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