Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1340:

“Top 10?”

Ash gasped.

The top 10 is a big deal, especially when talking about the royal knights.

What did this mean?

This dragonar is easily one of the 20 strongest dragonars in the fiefdom.

“Don’t you think this is a bit going overboard?”


Veronica rolled her eyes.

“How so?”

“What do you mean?”

Ash growled.

“The princess is still studying in this school and you’re pitting her against an elite graduate of this academy?”

“Oh, you mean this?”

Veronica sarcastically smirked.

Do you know what Glenn could do when he was still a first-year?”


Ash continued.

“He once defeated a top 5-titled dragonar when he was just a student.”

“Rebecca over here, she became an Arch Dragonar when she is still a first-year student.”

Veronica said in a frosty tone.

“As a royal, I will not set the bar so low that she can cruise so easily through her life. I don’t want her to do the same as Glenn but if she can’t even beat a top-10 knight then she has no reason aspiring to become an Arch Dragonar. I would get laughed out of the court.”


Glenn turned around to lock Ash in place with his stern gaze.

Assaulting the princess is a heavy sin.

Veronica wanted to watch the match when she saw Wu Yan grinning by himself.

His amused grin bedeviled Veronica.

“You, why are you so confident with her abilities?”

Wu Yan teased her back.

“You don’t believe in your own sister?”

Veronica choked on her words.


Wu Yan crossed his arms. He is too relaxed.

“Just wait and see, look what my temporary student can do…”

Veronica lowered her head.

“Your temporary student, eh?”

Wu Yan and Ash didn’t do their homework. However, Silvia knew who she was up against.

Silvia turned grim.

Fighting a top 20 dragonar?

Can she win?

Maybe it would have been impossible in the past.

Now, however…

Silvia took on this challenge with a smile.


Lancelot responded to her fighting spirit with a loud roar.

“Silvia Lautreamont of the first years…”

Silvia introduced herself.

“Well met…”

Walten also turned serious.

Veronica and Glenn are watching Silvia from the VIP seats. They found it shocking that Silvia can put on a game face like this. The crowd cheered for her.

“I won’t go easy.”

Walten said.

His instincts told him that if he didn’t take this seriously, he’s going to get humiliated in front of many people.

Veronica also sensed a change in her sister. She started the duel with a look of elation.




Walten yelled.

The Maestro known as Helen responded as it immediately spawned a few magic formations.

Silvia reacted too.

In almost no time at all, a meteor storm raining down skull-sized projectiles appeared above the arena.


Silvia ordered Lancelot.

They immediately flew away from the impact zone.


Walten said.

The magic fireballs changed trajectories like homing missiles. Once again, Silvia is facing a rain of meteors.


The fireballs already surrounded her by the time she realized it.


Silvia pulled her rein. Lancelot manifested a polygon barrier to defend against the fireballs.

Bam bam bam

The fireballs hit her barrier.

In an instant, flames, and smoke covered the arena.


Although Lancelot wasn’t harmed by this barrage, it did suffer multiple shockwaves so it got sent flying.


Silvia also almost lost balance.

The general rule of this type of duel is that whoever fell from their pals first will be deemed to have lost the battle.

This is why Silvia held on for dear life.

She barely managed to stay on Lancelot.

She almost lost in the first bout of attack.

Veronica is slightly disappointed with this initial performance.

However, Walten isn’t done yet.


Not giving her any chance to recover, Helen summoned another series of magic formations.

A sea of fireballs appeared.

Silvia told Lancelot to outrun the fireballs and go into the sky.

But, the fireballs can hone in on her. The fireballs flew behind Lancelot, chasing it through the sky.

Lancelot and Silvia dodged the fireballs in the sky like headless flies.

Veronica assessed prematurely.

“So, it seems this is the best she can do.”

Silvia looked at the VIP stands with a pleading look. She was looking at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan nodded as if approving her to use some kind of move.

Silvia smiled when she saw this approval.

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