Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1342: Planning and technique, the dragon breath within the flames

Helen moaned in pain after getting hit by the residue of the dragon's breath. It almost crashed into the ground.

Walten also struggled to stay on his dragon. The crowd cheered when they saw the underdog winning against the favorite to win.

They are acknowledging Silvia and Lance's abilities.

Silvia also couldn't stop her blood from boiling with excitement.

Silvia tightened her hold onto her rein.

She is going to win this. She is going to win against a top 10 knight of the Royal Lautreamont knights.

Silvia made Lancelot land in the arena.

"Sir Walten..."

Silvia spotted a resolute expression, unlike the anxious look she had at the start of this duel.

"If you can't deal with Lancelot's speed then there is no point in fighting anymore."

Walten looked at his heaving Pal before clenching his teeth. Silvia is looking down on him.

Her dragon is too fast, he would most likely lose if this goes on.

That speed is terrifying.

How did Lancelot do it?

That speed is easily among the fastest speed he has seen in his professional knight career.

He can't win.

If he can't counter that speed then defeat is certain.

Similarly, if he can handle that speed then he would still come on top.

Walten came up with an idea to counter Lancelot.

This is what Silvia had in mind.

Silvia knew she is on borrowed time.

She is using what little time she had here to bluff. The main objective is to buy time for stamina recovery and lengthen her supersonic assaults.

If Walten admitted defeat then it would be the best outcome. However, she is doing okay since her opponent is still grappling with what happened.

Silvia bet her duel on this.

Walten is still unaware that Silvia had a time limit.

Walten grinned.

"As a knight of the Royal Lautreamont Knights, surrender must come after exhausting all my powers."

He tugged the rein before Helen flew into the sky.

"Princess Silvia."

He looked into her eyes.

"If you want me to admit defeat then beat me in a contest!"


The crowd cheered.

Silvia respected Walten's guts.

"Okay, let us resume!"

Helen flew into the center of the arena.

Merging with his pal's consciousness, Helen drew several magic formations with its power. The magic circles filled the arena.

Pouring more magic power into the formations, he conjured an entire wall of fireballs.

He covered the entire arena.

"Don't mess with me!"

Silvia bit her lips. She went into supersonic mode again. She dodged the fireballs easily.

However, the fireballs had homing effects so they chased after her.

"Gosh, you're so annoying."

Silvia steadied herself amidst the fireball storm.

Suddenly, Walten blocked off her escape.

"I got you!"

Walten tugged his leash.


The dragon spawned a giant magic formation in Lancelot's escape path.

Seething flames spewed out from the magic circle.

Silvia grimaced.

Behind her are the fireballs while a dragon's breath blocked off her escape in front.

This looks like a situation where she can't dodge all the attacks.

Silvia decided it was time to use her desperate move, the fireballs and dragon breath didn't give her any time to think for extended periods.

"I can only do this!"


Lancelot churned out a magic formation to counter Helen's dragon breath.

Walten smirked.

Lancelot's speed was the only troubling aspect of this fight.

He believed that his dragon breath had more power due to infusing more magic power into the circle.

Lancelot can't beat Helen in terms of growth and magic power. In a dragon breath versus dragon breath situation, Lancelot was positioned to lose.

He can already see the image of Lancelot falling to the ground in flames.

Alas, Silvia's cold glimmer meant he was about to get caked in the face.


Lancelot roared.

Streams of compressed air went into Lancelot's dragon breath, augmenting it.

The magic formation had a halo-like effect now.

"What the...?"

Walten gasped.

Silvia gave the order to fire.

"Piercing Dragon Breath Waltz!"


In an instant, a strong tempest blew away the surrounding fireballs.

Her Pal emitted a beam of dragon breath that had spiraling compressed air around it. The enhanced breath attack met Helen's breath.


The two dragon breaths collided in a fiery explosion that scattered burning sparks everywhere.


The spiral dragon breath dispersed Helen's breath attack. The spinning breath attack hit Helen much to Walten's dismay.


Flames flew everywhere as shockwaves swept across the arena.

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