Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1343: winning, acknowledgment, and growth


The spiral dragon breath hit Helen in a fiery explosion.

The shockwave swept outward in the arena.

Some of the people there had trouble standing up.

Paper, caps, and cans flew everywhere.

It was chaotic.

Glenn and other knights came to Veronica's protection. They also raised their guards to look out for any would-be assassins looking to get an easy kill.

Veronica didn't care. She stared at the arena with shock.

"That dragon's breath..."

Veronica saw that weird variation of the dragon's breath before looking at Wu Yan who looked like he expected this outcome. Lancelot and Silvia are tired from using the technique once.

"You, was that one of your tricks?"


Wu Yan shrugged.

"Three days, I managed to get Silvia used to Lancelot's supersonic speed and get her to learn that spiral breath. It would be a shame if she lost after someone countered her speed."

Wu Yan grinned.

"This trick is the key to beating her opponent. I spent quite a while engraving this technique in Silvia's mind."

Unlike Lancelot's supersonic speed, the spiral dragon breath waltz incorporated his Return to Waltz Horizon oscillating wave attack ripple.

Return to Waltz Horizon is a technique he taught Lancelot through the mental pathway between himself and the dragon. As such, it is an active skill she needed to learn by knowing the oscillating principle of his sword skill.

However, he watered the technique down to teach her only the spiral breath attack.  Silvia's sword skills and stamina aren't enough to use this technique with a sword.

Silvia used two days to adapt to Lancelot's supersonic speed.

Silvia listened to Wu Yan's lecture on the Return to Waltz Horizon and forcefully unleashed this through rigorous drills.

Even then, Silvia only managed to learn just in time to use it in this duel.

Since Lancelot already has experience in this technique, only Silvia needed to learn the principles. Otherwise, it would have been impossible.


Veronica squeezed out praise after a brief pause.

"Your title as the Godly Rider isn't unearned."

The audience looked at the smoke in the sky after recovering from the sudden shockwave.

They wanted to know what just happened.

As the chaos settled down, they could see the real situation in the arena.

They gasped when they saw a hexagon barrier within the smoke. There are still embers and magic power fragments.

Helen blocked the breath attack in time.

But, not entirely.

The dragon is singed and charred, and the smell of burnt scales filled the air.

Helen is barely struggling to keep herself in the air.

It is also bleeding from one wing. Its expression couldn't hide the agonizing pain the Pal felt.

The barrier couldn't block the spiral breath entirely.

It still got hurt. Walten is also smoking with his armor falling away.

Despite still staying on his pal, the rider got knocked out.

Veronica stood up to pass her judgment.

"The victor, Silvia Lautreamont."

Deafening cheers exploded all over the arena.


Lancelot started roaring in glee while Silvia was stunned.

Medics on dragons went to Helen and Walten, they wanted to give them first-aid. Silvia felt like this was all too unreal.

I won?

Did I win against a top 10 knight?

Am I now as strong as the top 20 knights in the royal Lautreamont knights?

Silvia flew back to the VIP seats.

"Congratulations, Princess!"

Ash congratulated her first.

"You did it!"

"I did?"

Silvia is still trying to grapple with reality.

Eco also praised her in her own way.

"You won even if it was against an infant like that."

"I won."

Silvia finally felt joy rising up within her. Her eyes turned misty.

Silvia almost cried although she has grown up from her crybaby days.

Wu Yan chortled when he saw her reaction.

Veronica snorted.

"You want to become an Arch Dragonar, right? Why are you so happy just because you defeated a dragonar?"


Silvia choked while hiding near Wu Yan.

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Looks like you still have much to learn."

"Yeah, most definitely."

Veronica huffed again. She poured cold water on Silvia's feelings.

Will her sister deny her once more?

Veronica softened up before giving her an encouraging smile.

"But, you did defeat Walten. You have certainly grown."

Veronica turned around.

"Congratulations, Silvia."


Caught completely unaware, she started crying again.

"Don't be too happy yet, that kid helped you out or you wouldn't have won."

Veronica turned her head the other way.

"I will never stop giving you trials until you're all grown up!"

Silvia rubbed her tears away before answering her sister with a proud look.

"Yes, sister!"

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