Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1344: A worthy foe

Wu Yan felt something when he saw Silvia showing various expressions under Rebecca's praise.

Veronica is probably harsh on Silvia for her own good.

This is probably her version of love for her sister.

Veronica might look like she is deliberately beating down Silvia's dreams but maybe she is tempering Silvia.

If she has high hopes for her then maybe it's not unthinkable that she is giving her the hard love treatment.

Maybe the Iron-blooded Valkyrie isn't good at showing her emotions.

She is probably not sure how to open up properly to her younger sister.

Wu Yan can see that Veronica couldn't hide the slight happiness in her eyes when she turned her head the other way.


Wu Yan huffed.

"Looks like I didn't have to intervene. Things would have turned out fine even if I couldn't overlook Veronica's cocky attitude."

Although he did this at Cossette's request, he also did it because he couldn't overlook Veronica beating Silvia's hopes and dreams down like that.

At this point, he is 100% sure Veronica is pushing Silvia in her own way.

"No, you're wrong."

A sweet fragrance made Wu Yan turn his head. He saw a confident and beautiful smile near his face.


"Sorry, I couldn't get away because of formalities."

Rebecca smiled. She addressed Silvia.

"Without you, I doubt Silvia would have the courage to stand up to Veronica."


Wu Yan sighed. He also grumbled.

"But, I think I just got duped by a certain someone. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth."

Rebecca frowned.

"I should be the one who is upset, no?"


Wu Yan gasped.



Rebecca showed an annoyed look.

"You taught her the supersonic moveset and spiral dragon breath. What about me? You could've taught me too..."

"You're an Arch Dragonar, why do you want to learn dragon-riding skills from me?"

Wu Yan asked.

"Also, what is this supersonic moveset?"

"Lancelot's crazy moves!"

Rebecca answered matter-of-factly.

"It's an amazing move, you should totally name it."

"I mean, you already did."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"It's not really a move. Once you understand the principle, you would learn it sooner or later without my input."


Rebecca started teasing him.

"Oh, please, Lord Rowan, inculcate upon me the art of the supersonic moveset."

Wu Yan instantly rolled his eyes.

However, teaching her more skills should make her a stronger ally.

Unlike Silvia who had a time limit. Rebecca can use her Arc Armor to resist G force and different air pressures to prolong her duration while using supersonic speeds.

In other words, Rebecca can use this move without limits.

Of course, she still needs to wear her Arc Armor.

"Go sit down, Silvia..."

Veronica sent her away. She looked at Wu Yan with a pair of sharp eyes.

"I am looking forward to the second match."

The audience piped down.

Everyone was waiting for Wu Yan to enter the arena.

His true power has always been shrouded in a mist of enigma.

Nobody even knows what his Pal looks like.

They don't know his dragonar level, growth of Pal, and various other skills. He is like a mysterious alien.

But, they know he has insane dragon-riding skills along with the fighting skills needed to fight Glenn while he is wearing an Arc Armor.

Ash and Eco also wanted to know what Wu Yan is going to pull out this time. Rebecca, Silvia, and Veronica also expected an epic duel.

This mysterious man is the true star of today's duel lineups.

They were truly looking forward to this event.

Especially Rebecca and Silvia.

They spent the longest time with him so they knew about his behavior and personality. It is because of him that both ladies grew quickly.

Rebecca and Silvia want to know more about Wu Yan.

No, they wanted to know everything about him.


Veronica grinned. She read their minds.

"I prepared someone so powerful he has to get serious."


At the same time, a deafening roar descended into the arena like a tempest. The ground shook and the air vibrated.


"What is happening?!"

They all looked up at the same time.

"Look! over there!"

One of them pointed out.

They saw a dragon flying from beyond the horizon.


The meteoric dragon shot into the arena.


As the sharp winds grew, the torso of the dragon enlarged in the fields of vision of the audience.

The crowd gasped in awe as the descent of a dragon caused a minor storm in the arena.


The dragon came crashing into the arena and instantly shattered the dueling arena. The crowd also had trouble standing up against the tremors.

Then, they saw the dragon's true appearance.

It is a humongous dragon.

Even Cú Chulainn lost in terms of sheer size.

This dragon also had an imposing aura that demanded people keep away.

If Cú Chulainn is an honorable guardian beast then this dragon is the giant serpent that threatened to eat up the whole world.

A figure stood on top of that dragon.

The figure drained the colors from the surroundings and pacified the whole place with the figure's presence alone.  

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