Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1345: The strongest opponent

Her golden armor had a brilliance that made her divine stature stand out even more. The rays of light reflected off her armor felt like divine rays of light.

Her flowing hair reminded the viewer of a cascading fountain. Her calm star-like eyes made her outstanding looks even more captivating. Her looks should only belong to works of fantasy, no one should look as beautiful as her.

Her cape billowed behind her. She looked like a saintess with her awe-inspiring strength and angelic stature. There is an aura of power around her that said she is as powerful as she looks.

The girl roamed her gaze over the VIP stand.

Then, she greeted them with a question.

"I am not late, am I?"

The lady in an Arc Armor spoke. Her saintess-like aura permeated the place.


"Oh my god!!!"

Everyone started freaking out.

Yes, they couldn't hold themselves back.

They all cheered like kids meeting their stars. They started thanking whoever brought them here, the devotion they exhibited would shame the most pious followers of different religions.

She is someone on par with the Iron-blooded Valkyrie in fame.

Veronica went forward as if she saw this outcome.

Ash and Silvia couldn't believe their eyes.


Silvia stuttered, this lady had no business standing here.

"Isn't she..."

Ash also recognized her. He almost lost control of his poker face.


Rebecca bitterly laughed.

"I didn't think Veronica could get her to make an appearance."

"So you meant her when you said you got someone tough to fight Rowan?"

Eco and Wu Yan exchanged looks of bewilderment. They didn't know what the fuss was about.


Eco kicked Ash in the shins.

"Who is that female? Why are you so shocked by her?"

"Of course, we are!"

Rebecca sighed before Ash can continue.

"This kind of reaction is expected of the Saintess."


Wu Yan recalled the text he read in school.

"Ah, so this is her?"

"Looks like you identified her."

Rebecca introduced the lady.

"She is known as the world's strongest, the captain of the Lautreamont Royal Knights."

"– The Silent Saintess, Ursula L. Selwyn."

"World's strongest?"

Eco jumped back.

Wu Yan looked at that gorgeous lady with intrigue.

"So this is the famed Arch Dragonar knight captain, Ursula?"


Veronica said.

"Well? Is she a tough enough nut for you?"


This is beyond setting up a duel.

Ursula is the biggest obstacle to any dragon breeder, dragonars, and Arch Dragonars aiming to become the strongest.

She isn't called the strongest for nothing.

Wu Yan is about to duel this world's strongest Arch Dragonar.

The others around them started panicking.

"Sister! This is too much!"

Silvia protested.

"You're making him fight Captain Ursula? This isn't a duel anymore."

Silvia almost said, "He's going to lose the instant the battle start."

Ursula's power is almost peerless.

Ursula didn't just ascend to her legendary title by defeating all her opponents.

She defeated every opponent she ever faced in 1v1 without getting hurt.

They can't even harm her.

She is so powerful that it is almost despair-inducing.

"I agree, this is too much."

Ash chimed in.

"Veronica, don't tell me you're going to say a high school student beat Ursula in a fight?"

Veronica looked at Silvia and Ash.

"Okay, who am I going to send out if it's not Ursula? Who else can fight this guy?"

Veronica narrowed her eyes.

"We are talking about a guy who can fight toe-to-toe against an Arc Armor-augmented Glenn. I took this artistic liberty because there were no other candidates. Imagine if he is actually an..."

"Arch dragonar..."

The others stopped.

"He brawled an Arch Dragonar without an Arc Armor. Glenn is one of my ace fighters. Imagine if he dons an Arc Armor? How powerful would he be?"

Veronica mused out loud.

"To be safe, I got Ursula to temporarily stop her assignment. Made her come here and duel this youngster. Other than Ursula, I don't know anyone that can defeat him."

They looked at Wu Yan with renewed respect.

Veronica might be onto something here. He might be an Arch Dragonar.

If so, nobody but Ursula stood a chance.

They finally realized the absolute monster standing near them. This freak is too powerful.

They let his nonchalant look and mysterious abilities sink in.

Wu Yan asked her.

"You think I am going to lose to Ursula?"

Veronica flinched.


Veronica paused.

"You can win against Ursula?"

Winning against the strongest.

Nobody in this world had the confidence to say something like winning a 1v1 against Ursula.

Wu Yan looked at their reactions before grinning.

He started patting himself on the back for coming here.

Now, this looks fun.


Wu Yan stomped hard and bounced into the sky like a human spring.

"Cú Chulainn!"


Another deafening yell responded to Wu Yan's battlecry.

Cú Chulainn zipped into the sky like a red lightning bolt. Flapping its giant wings, the dragon created another round of tempest in the arena as it landed in the arena too.

Cú Chulainn stared at Ursula and her badass dragon.

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