Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1346: The 2D blade and Galahad

Ursula L. Selwyn: Level 79

Galahad: Level 74

Standing between Cú Chulainn's horns, he scanned the beautiful lady's stat and her Pal. Her beauty is on par with Ikaros.

The Silent Saintess.

She is both a fighter and saint.

Even her looks are beyond the boundaries of average humans. Her angelic beauty can be compared to Ikaros' appearance.

No, he's not focused on her looks alone. She is powerful too.

Level 79, peak tier 8 power.

Despite being an Arch Dragonar just like Rebecca and Glenn, she threw them far behind in levels.

So this is why she is known as the world's strongest. No wonder nobody could hurt her.

Even with her Saint Armor and her special blade, she is still a force not to be trifled with despite losing the support of her Pal. Ellen still can't fight someone like Ursula with her state-of-the-art CR suit.

Naturally, she is also beyond Wu Yan's sealed state in terms of abilities and levels.

She looked at Wu Yan with still eyes.

"You, are you my foe?"

Her calm question silenced everyone. The arena became eerily silent.

They are no longer thinking about the duel. They were just trying their hardest to remember the Saintess' appearance.

Wu Yan chuckled. He already equipped a nimble-looking blade.

Nietono no Shana.

Against a peak tier 8 foe, he had to cheat a bit. He had to release his seal momentarily to take out his flaming katana.

"Rowan Randall..."

Wu Yan got into a stance. He greeted Ursula.

"I am looking forward to this duel."

"Fight using all your power."

Ursula said.

"I won't hold back."

Wu Yan wasn't sure how to react when the crowd cheered.

Ursula didn't bother with formalities. She used simple sentences on him.

So, this is why they call her the silent Saintess.

Wu Yan assessed.

"Of course, I will fight at full power..."

In my sealed state...

Ursula frowned when Wu Yan replied.

"Your pal, that is Rebecca's pal, yes?"

Ursula questioned him.

"I don't know why you can ride other people's pal. However, I don't think you can fight at your best state using other people's pal, right?'

While this is an astonishing feat, the world's strongest couldn't care less. At least, the royal knights' captain doesn't know about Wu Yan's title as the Godly Rider.

She did recognize Cú Chulainn so she knew about Rebecca.

Ursula is probably still unaware of why she was called here by Veronica, she didn't know why someone would send her to fight a student still studying in an academy.

Ursula still urged him to bring out his best. She cared not that she is fighting a student, she treated him like a proper duel partner instead of treating him with disdain. Wu Yan praised her honorable attitude.

"Captain Ursula, please be at ease."

Wu Yan lifted his blade.

"I will adjust according to the situation."

The audience started clamoring.

What is this guy talking about?

Is he saying Ursula isn't powerful enough to use his own Pal against her?


Rebecca, Silvia, and others on the VIP stand also furrowed their brows. Only Ursula responded nonchalantly.

"Is that so?"

Ursula nodded.

"I won't hold back."

Ursula closed her eyes. Her Arc Armor started shining brilliantly.

"Come, 2D Sacred Sword, Fragarach."


Magic power started concentrating in a magic formation.

Wu Yan also looked on with awe while the audience gasped.

Ursula immediately used her ultimate weapon.

Indeed, she didn't kid around when she said she wouldn't hold back.

Ursula pulled something out of the magic formation.

She pulled something extraordinary out of the magic formation.

A very ridiculous blade of incredible make.

From a distance, it looked like she pulled a bladeless hilt out.

Upon closer inspection, one could see flowing magic lights within the ridiculously thin sword.

Ursula brandished her sword, the short glimmer hinted that she did pull a sword out.

"Its name is Fragarach."

Wu Yan looked at Fragarach.

He can observe something similar to vibrating magic particles near the blade's surface. This is why the blade had a slight blue sheen.


Wu Yan clenched down on his blade.

"I can't see the blade though?"

"No, it's not just that..."

The saintess explained.

"It is a 2D sword that is infinitely close to 0mm in thickness.

"So thin?"

Wu Yan gasped.

"In other words."

"This Fragarach is a 2D surface."

She raised her sword before pointing it at him.

"No matter how hard an object, it is like paper in front of Fragarach, even Arc Armor."

Wu Yan started taking this battle seriously.

Wu Yan mumbled after eyeing Fragarach one more time.

"Looks like I am in a sticky situation."

Alas, Ursula isn't giving him any time to think or lament.


Ursula got into a stance too.


Galahad roared while magic power burst out.

Galahad burst forward using magic propulsion. It looked like a giant hill is smashing toward him.

"Cú Chulainn!"

With the giant dragon closing a distance of 10 meters in less than a second, Wu Yan ordered Cú Chulainn into moving after connecting with it.


The giant dragon flapped its wings and shot forward like a cannonball.

The two giant dragons smashed into one another in a titanic clash.


The deafening dull thud echoed across the stadium.

The duel started!

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