Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1347: Slash, hack, and slash


The shockwave almost knocked out the audience who were closer to the arena. Their visions blurred.

"To choose a direct confrontation."

Veronica smiled.

"He's got guts."


Rebecca, Silvia, and Ash struggled to look at the arena.


Another loud boom reverberated in the field. They didn't go easy on one another.

The people had to cover their ears.

Boom boom boom

Two streams of lights spun into the air as they smashed repeatedly against one another.

The people with weak eardrums started moaning in agony.

Fighters, meanwhile, couldn't fathom the scale of this duel.

Just smashing two dragons together can create such massive shockwaves?


Another boom, louder than ever before, shook the crowd. Some of them got staggered.

The two dragons squared off heavily for the last blow of the first bout.


The two dragons flew away from the resulting reaction force.

Wu Yan lifted his head to look at Galahad who he sent away. He raised his blade before it started vibrating at a high frequency.

A halo surrounded his blade.

"Return to..."

He unleashed his skill.

"Horizon Waltz!"

His red sword beam covered the sky, he directed the beam at Galahad.

Specifically, he was aiming for Ursula.

Ursula also didn't think a normal person could do something like this without donning an Arc Armor.

She recovered soon enough.

She didn't dodge. She met the sword beam head-on. She swung her blade as her impossibly-thin sword met the giant red sword beam.

Then, something incomprehensible happened.


When her Sacred Sword touched the sword beam, the sword beam actually split into two as the beam missed Ursula. It went into the sky after being split in two.

She cut his Return To Walt Horizon in two!

Wu Yan was astonished.

Fragarach even works against other people's skills?

"A good attack."

Ursula used a frosty voice to analyze his attack.

"You can use skills like that without an Arc Armor. Truly commendable, I see why Veronica chose me."

Ursula stood on Galahad's head with her blade proudly raised.

"My turn."


Galahad and Ursula disappeared at the same time.

Wu Yan focused his gaze and responded with a rapid-draw sword beam in one direction that carried a little bit of his flames.


The sword beam swept outward.

But, something split his sword beam into two halves again.

"Good reaction time."

She should have been in the direction Wu Yan turned to but she is now once again behind him.

"But, you're still too slow."

A sharp whistling sound rang behind Wu Yan.


Sparks flew behind Wu Yan's back as his nimble sword intercepted Ursula's backstab in an instant.

Ursula raised her head. She looked at the sparks between them in awe.

"You... blocked it."

Ursula isn't shocked that Wu Yan blocked her attack. She is surprised that this nimble blade can block her impossibly sharp sword.

Anyone attempting such a block would still be stabbed, worse, their weapons would be broken too. Her sword is something that can cut Arc Armor like paper.

This hasty defensive block actually did its job is what astounded her.

Unamused, she hacked once more. With her 2D sword hitting Nietono no Shana once more.

The sharp winds from her whip-like attacks caused Wu Yan to go on the offensive too. He swung back at her.


This time, Ursula went on a slashing spree, she slashed dozens of times per second to no avail.

Ursula changed her target from Wu Yan to his sword.

The crisp clangs of swords sounded like a messy choir in the arena. People can see magical shockwaves in the air.

The magical collisions and the similarly magical light show stunned the crowd.

Veronica watched on with excitement.

"To hold his own against Ursula for so long. This kid truly has skills..."

"His weapon."

Rebecca assessed with a serious look.

"To think there is a sword that can block Fragarach. Impressive..."

"Yeah, impressive..."

Veronica concurred.

"But, this is the end. Against the 2D Sacred Sword, this show can't last long."

Finally, they heard a loud crack.


Wu Yan grinned bitterly.

Ursula did a horizontal slash.


The upper half of Nietono no Shana flew away.

Wu Yan's eyes shrunk.

Nietono no Shana broke.

A Gold Armament only tier 9 empowered individuals should equip, broke like a common blade.


At the same time his blade broke, a black silhouette zipped in.

Wu Yan saw Ursula's calm look.

A bright flash of light also appeared in his field of vision.


Blood flew into the air.

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