Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1348



Rebecca, Silvia, and Ash cried out at the same time when they saw blood spilling in the arena.

The crowd also stood up from their seats, things just intensified in the arena.

Drops of blood dripped onto the arena floor. Ursula looked at the blood without glee or sadness. She is just stunned.

Yes, her expression finally changed, the expression of the Silent Saintess collapsed.

His hand is bleeding because he caught Ursula's Fragarach.

The blade's concentrated magic energy became a seething heat that charred his hand along with cutting into his flesh.

The blade is violently burning and tearing Wu Yan's palm for attempting to grab the Sacred Sword.

The sound of sizzling meat churned the stomach of many in the audience.

How painful is that?

Won't his hand melt away?

How did he catch the impossibly sharp sword known as Fragarach?

That thing is nigh 2D.

Swords and knives had thickness no matter the skill of the forger or the material. This is a physical limit rather than a skill limit.

But, Ursula's Fragarach is a construct that challenged physical limits by becoming a sword that had almost no thickness, a molecular sword.

This is Fragarach.

The blade cannot be seen from the side because it had no thickness.

Its sharpness could be seen in how it just broke Wu Yan's Gold Armament, Nietono no Shana. Blocking a magical sword like this is just asking for trouble if not downright foolish.

Why isn't his hand on the floor?

Ignoring what Rebecca, Silvia, and the others had to say. The Silent Saintess couldn't believe her eyes and her shock is visible.

Ursula sighed after she sizzled Wu Yan's hand for a few more seconds. She couldn't see Wu Yan's face but that amount of blood and heat isn't something that a human is built to handle.

"Blocking Fragarach with your bare hands, an incredible asinine move if I've ever seen one."

A slow chuckle shocked everyone.

Wu Yan lifted his head. His calm eyes astonished Ursula once more.

It is like he can tune out his burning hand. Wu Yan grinned.

"Look, I blocked it."

Ursula questioned him.

"Are you not afraid that I will sever your hand right here right now?"


Wu Yan laughed as if he heard the joke of the century.

"If I am afraid then I wouldn't be blocking it like this, now would I?"

Ursula continued with a serious look.

"Even if I did nothing, your hand will become crippled if you keep holding on. I don't even have to cut it off."

His hand is already experienced severe burns from holding the Sacred Sword.

A normal human would have been disgusted by their own mangled hands, fainting outright is even a possibility given the immense pain this would wreak on the mind.

Even if Ursula is just operating on her guts, she knew there is only one possibility.

She is facing something inhuman.

A true Ancestor, Wu Yan's race.

An impossible existence that can revive instantly upon death.

Although he sealed his powers, his passive regeneration couldn't be sealed.

His burning hand, his mind, both are as undying as his body.


Wu Yan laughed it off.

Wu Yan grabbed the sword harder. Ignoring the black smoke and dripping blood, he pressed the blade down.

"I don't care but this will be troubling so..."

"I am going to have to end this quick."


Cu Chulainn bumped into Galahad.

Galahad got sent back.

Ursula also got pulled away.

"You want to end this quickly?"

Ursula set her eyes on him.

"You're saying you can end me quickly?"

Ursula's words chilled the arena. Everyone waited for Wu Yan to answer.

Wu Yan slowly touched his Star Brand, his actual seal.

"My Pal, you see, is a bit special..."


Everyone didn't expect an exposition from him.

"A dragon feeds off the host's Astral by staying in the host during infancy. Once it hatches, they establish a robust connection known as the Astral path where they obtain more Astral to survive permanently outside the host."

Wu Yan explained.

"My Pal is different."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"My Pal retained this ability to stay dormant inside my body."

"It is within you?"

Ursula gasped.

"Is there a pal like this?"

Rebecca and Silvia asked Ash and the others.

Wu Yan's eyes glimmered as he clenched his fists.

"This is the first and probably the last time you will ever see me summon my Pal."

"Open your eyes wide and don't miss a beat."



His body started throbbing with magic. The whole place can feel his magic being channeled.

Throb throb throb

They heard very loud heartbeats.

A shockingly concentrated magic power oozed out of Wu Yan, this copious amount of magic power shocked everyone.

Then, Wu Yan's arm turned into a bloody blackish-red like that of a demon. His arm also had bloody red mist flowing out. The demonic red veins were devilish-lookingm to say the least.

Closing his eyes, he took out an infinitesimally small portion of his gargantuan magic power reserve, integrated it with his blood and woke up a certain aspect within him.


A boundless draconic cry echoed beyond the stadium.

Ursula's internal alarm started blaring. Even she knew a mighty foe was descending...

And, he called out.


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