Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1349: Domination, The ephemeral white dragon

The noise from the audience slowly died down as a mystical bell rang in the arena.

They held their breaths when something came into existence. They subconsciously waited for the one standing on top of Cú Chulainn to do his thing.

Even the mortals can feel something is about to go down. The other people who had superhuman abilities can sense the inhuman magic Wu Yan is unleashing.

Rebecca, Silvia, Veronica, Ash, Eco, Glenn, and Ursula stood still as their faces went pale. She held onto her Sacred Sword Fragarach with a tighter grip as she looked on with a grim look.

Ursula's body stiffened up when the magic power touched her.

Her instinct is telling her something horrendous is waking up.

Her internal alarm blared while she tried to steady her mental state. Wu Yan already entered a state like that of the calm before a storm. Ursula chose to act now because she might not get a chance later on.

She can already see her defeat if she chooses to do nothing.

She also couldn't believe that she reacted like this.

Her slight moment of hesitancy caused valuable time to lapse.

No, I must act now!

Defeat will be certain if I don't do anything!

Ursula picked up her sword.



Galahad didn't need her master to tell it to do anything. It immediately used up its magic energy to blast forward like a giant draconic rocket. Galahad did a shoulder grab with its forearms.


Cú Chulainn also reacted with a similar blast of energy that hit Galahad.


The magic explosion shook Galahad but the wounded beast continued to restrain Cú Chulainn as if its life depended on it.


While Cú Chulainn is held down. Ursula slipped onto the dragon like a phantom with her cape billowing in the wind. She went straight for Wu Yan who is still oozing bloody red mist. His demonic arm is still there.

"Watch out!"

Rebecca, Silvia, and the others cried out.


She stabbed Fragarach in the direction of Wu Yan's chest.


A disturbing sound sprouted between Wu Yan and Ursula.

No, she didn't succeed in this chest stab.

A white flame was the source of that sound.

The blade couldn't pierce through the white flames that should have been incorporeal.


Ursula exclaimed.

"What is that?"

Rebecca and Silvia leaned forward.

"White flames?"

Veronica frowned, the shock was evident on her face.

The white flames blocked her stab like her Fragarach isn't the sharpest sword in existence. Ursula kept pouring more magic power out in an attempt to slice white flames in twain.

Yet, the white blaze continued burning despite Fragarach's aggressive incursion. Slowly but surely, the tip of her Fragarach got immolated.

Ursula couldn't believe her eyes.

"Don't be impatient..."

The cheeky taunt entered her disbelieving ears. Ursula looked up to see Wu Yan grinning at her.

"I am not using my full power, this is just a fraction of what my 'pal' can do. Plus, I am only allowing it to roam free for a shorter duration. You will get your show, don't worry..."

Wu Yan reached out to grab the white orb of flames.

"The show's about to start..."

Wu Yan burst the flames apart with a mighty squeeze.


A blinding white light suffused the arena.


The explosion shook heaven and the earth.


The audience had to close their eyes as the explosion took away their sense of hearing.

When the light receded and the shockwave dissipated, everyone looked on with stunned looks.

It is a world of white flames.

Everything was set ablaze by the fires.

The arena is also covered in patches of white flames.

A white figure hovered in the center of this sea of white flames.

Its fur looked like it was made with the same burning white flames.

Two long whiskers trailed its maw, and two equally long whiskers of flames also took the place of its eyebrows.

The dragon had an elegance that snuffed the breath out of onlookers.

The arms that looked more like pure white wings spread out with sharp talons near its hands.

Its flaming tail spread white flames everywhere as it flapped.

The hovering dragon of white flames awed everyone.

Elegance, transcendence, and tranquility.

Its savage but graceful aura stopped them from being able to think.

Its blue eyes were like sapphires that stood out on its white body. It looked like bright blue stars in the sea of white flames. The white color drowned out every color in the arena.


The white dragon bellowed as its roar suppressed everyone.

Then, the dragon vanished.

Like a mirage, the sea of white flames also disappeared, revealing the situation within the arena.

Cú Chulainn sat at the side like an obedient boy.

Meanwhile, Galahad got knocked out as it lay down on the side.

Ursula was unconscious as she lay in Wu Yan's arms. He gave everyone a helpless grin. He also made sure to cover Ursula so she can preserve her dignity.

Her Arc Armor disappeared when she got knocked out. This means she is currently naked.

If he didn't cover her up, the world would have seen Ursula's pristine birthday suit in all her glory.

With everyone silenced, Wu Yan gave Rebecca, Silvia, and Veronica a cheeky grin.

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