Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1350: Famous equals trouble

In a single day, tremors can be felt going through all social classes in the Lautreamont Knightdom.

The strongest knight known as the Silent Saintess, Ursula L Selwyn was defeated in a duel.

She lost to a male student still studying in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.

The knights were particularly affected by this outcome.

Ursula is a dragon knight of extreme fame.

Unlike royalty and other high-class nobles, her fame was built up from her win streak and peerless power.

In terms of fame and status, there are almost no equals in Lautreamont.

If a dragonar's achievement is measured like one's Dao achievement in wuxia novels then she would be known as the one with the highest achievement in the dragon Dao.

Moreover, her absolute beauty also didn't do her good since people keep whispering about how she is as beautiful as she is powerful. Naturally, her fame kept spreading.

Rebecca might be a serious somebody in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy but she is nowhere close to Ursula despite being in the same Arch Dragonar classification as Ursula. She had more fame and power than her. She will have to work hard if she wants to get on Ursula's level. Even so, she is already very famous among nobles and commoners alike.

Imagine Ursula's fame when she is leagues beyond Rebecca?

Similar to how the people of this continent worshipped Maria, they treated Ursula like an idol in the Lautreamont Knightdom.

Nobody in this Knightdom dared to claim they were more popular than Ursula.

When people talked about the Lautreamont Knightdom, the first thing they would think of are the dragons here. Next, Ursula's achievements would appear in their minds.

Their idol just got defeated in a duel with a student.

Ignoring the non-believers, the ones who saw this had their worldviews turned upside down.

In just a day, all of the populace had already heard this news or some variations of this news. Although many questioned the truth of this matter, many more still don't know the looks of the man who defeated Ursula in battle.

Like flies to a carcass, news reporters and journalists flocked to Ansullivan to get the latest scoop.

Soon, people would know the name of this mysterious victor.

Plus, there are still close to a thousand witnesses who saw the scene.

It won't be easy to cover this up.

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, VIP room...

Sitting in a spot near the round table, Wu Yan sported an awkward look.


People stared at him like he was a freak. Wu Yan is technically a student so he commanded a lower position than Veronica. However, all eyes are on him, including Veronica's eagle-like eyes.

They have been staring at him for half an hour now.

Honestly, Wu Yan is a bit itchy from all this attention.

He could have called it a day and zipped off but he stayed which is a commendable feat.

Wu Yan's skin itched more as time went on. He tried to divert his attention by drinking tea.

Then, 10 minutes went by...

20 minutes elapsed...

And, 30 minutes gone just like that.

An hour of being stared at. Wu Yan finally snapped.


Wu Yan raised his voice.

"Can you guys just say whatever is on your mind and be done with it?"

Wu Yan's voice made Silvia, Veronica, and Rebecca smirk. They wanted him to talk first.

"I am far from disappointed. That was the best show of my life."

Veronica tapped her fingers on the table.

"However, I have more questions on my mind than before."


Wu Yan felt a bit upset.

"You decided to stare at me for one hour to slowly grill me?"

"Well, we are just trying to revise our perceptions of you."

Rebecca teased him.

"You defeated Ursula so now you're the strongest knight in the world."

"Don't give me such a big title!"

Wu Yan shook his head vigorously. Silvia felt confused.

"Why are you reacting like this? This is a title all knights in this place yearned for. This is the highest honor you can receive in the entire knightdom, you know?"

"Nah, screw that. I don't want the problems that come with this."

Wu Yan denied it.

"I just want to live peacefully. Don't put me on a high pedestal."

The world's strongest.

It sounds nice and he did become something akin to that in SAO. However, he knows first-hand that fame isn't worth the trouble that comes with it.

He remembers steering clear of the crowd like a recluse in SAO. Unless fame comes with a lady like Asuna and a daughter like Yui, Wu Yan would like to pass on any offer to receive the title of the strongest.

Silvia furrowed her brows.

"You're just disrespecting all the people who respected Ursula as the strongest. You don't even want the honor that comes from defeating Ursula. People are going to question if you're even a citizen of this country."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

Veronica and Rebecca shook their heads after exchanging a look.

"I was originally planning to see if you're an Arch Dragonar using Ursula as the bait. Seeing the Pal was just icing on the top."

Veronica bitterly laughed.

"The act of you summoning your Pal will probably be forever engraved in my mind. However, we couldn't ascertain if you're an Arch Dragonar."

"That dragon... It had power and beauty in spades..."

Rebecca started giving Wu Yan a weirdly friendly and intrigued look.

"You said that dragon can remain dormant inside you? It had such... powerful flames, what kind of dragon is it?"

Rebecca asked the questions everyone wanted to ask.

Wu Yan's Pal made the other scaly dragons look like pigs given its beauty.

More than that, its power is something completely awe-inspiring.

They wanted Wu Yan to enlighten them.

Anyway, they aren't getting any answers.

"Forget it..."

Veronica rubbed her temples in stress when Wu Yan chose to stay mum. She stood up before heading for the exit.

The others followed her.

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