Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1351: The loneliness of the Saintess

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, first dorm...

Wu Yan, Rebecca, and Silvia tagged behind Veronica as they approached the Silvanus parked in front of the dorm. They looked at Veronica.

Veronica is here to mainly calm down the populace shaken by the Necromantia attack. Next, she is here to gather clues about the attack.

Thirdly, she is here to check up on Silvia.

Now, she is done with the third objective only she knows.

It's time for Veronica to leave.

Unlike Silvia, Veronica still has affairs to tend to and a country to run. She can't stay here for long. If not for Wu Yan and Silvia's duels, she wouldn't have stayed so long.

With the duels over, she has stayed in Ansullivan for a full five days now.

This is a long break for her.

It is time to get back to work.

The mayor, dean, and student council members along with VIPs are here to send Veronica off.

Other than them, Glenn also escorted Veronica into the ship with their Pals by their sides.

In the center, of this formation is an oversized dragon about 2 times bigger than the other dragons here.

The Maestro, Galahad.

The Maestro of the strongest Arch Dragonar, Ursula L. Selwyn. She is also the captain of the royal knights of Lautreamont.

She is still here.

The majority of the people here were captivated by her presence. That, and, her giant Maestro did little to stop her from standing out.

When Wu Yan arrived, all eyes are on him.

Including Ursula.

People are still shocked by how Ursula lost in a battle.

And, this is the guy who did it.

Everyone was interested in Wu Yan.

Ursula smiled when Wu Yan entered the place.

She smiled, and that bewitching smile caught everyone by surprise.


Veronica also gasped.

"Why are you here? Didn't I tell you to rest well?"

"Princess Veronica."

"Thanks for your concern but I am fine."

Ursula looked at Wu Yan.

"When my Arc Armor shattered, Lord Rowan graciously showed mercy by canceling his attack. Thanks to that, I escaped relatively unharmed. I only lost consciousness."

Ursula fixated her gaze on Wu Yan. Her clear eyes were like sweet apples that can captivate souls.

Wu Yan felt a bit uncomfortable that a lady like her was staring intently at him.

The others also piped down. They wondered what these two would do.

Ursula slowly approached Wu Yan before greeting him.

"Lord Rowan, thank you for holding back during the fight."

Ursula said without hiding her own humility.

"I know I said I wouldn't hold back but in the end it was you who showed me mercy by going easy on me. I am deeply humbled."

"No, I am also humbled."

Wu Yan averted his gaze.

Ursula is incredibly beautiful. Also, from his vantage point, he can see the bountiful jugs hidden beneath her armor.

Wu Yan recalled her birthday suit when he immolated her Arc Armor.

He looked away because he couldn't deal with his own imagination.

"Alas, I didn't get to see your full power."

Apparently unaware that he had already seen her naked body, Ursula continued.

"If possible, I want to fight Lord Rowan without you tying your hand behind your back."


Wu Yan frowned.

"Why are you so sure I am not using my full power?"

"I know your white dragon didn't use its full potential in that fight. I can feel it in my bones."

Ursula said.

"Moreover, you still didn't don your Arc Armor in yesterday's fight. You were basically fighting me with both hands tied."

The others started emitting audible gasps.

He was holding back that much from the start? Even Ursula is admitting that she lost the moment Wu Yan unleashed a bit of his real skill.

How strong is this guy?

The others trembled.

"You're assuming I am an Arch Dragonar."

Wu Yan winked at her.

"Maybe my Pal hasn't crafted an Arc armor?"

"If even you cannot domesticate your own Pal then there won't be any Arch Dragonar in this place anymore."

Ursula praised him.

Ursula slowly reached a hand out.

"Should the day ever come, I want to duel Lord Rowan again."

Ursula voiced her honest thoughts.

"You're the only one who has ever defeated me, I wish to see your full power one day."

A heavy atmosphere forced the air to stay inside everyone's lungs.

Wu Yan silently praised Ursula's earnest and bright look.

Wu Yan didn't see the frustration of a defeated foe. She is genuinely happy to find someone who can beat her in battle.

Fame? Looks? Peerless fighting ability? The title of the strongest?

No, all this failed to compare to the joy of finding a companion who can stand on her level.

In the beginning, she was lonely.

She is the lonely martial goddess.

In her defeat, she found a brighter path ahead of her.


Wu Yan grabbed her hand.

"I will defeat you in an instant next time."

Wu Yan promised to beat her butt in the future duel.

Wu Yan wants her to know that she isn't the loneliest fighter anymore.

Ursula smiled radiantly.

The whole arena almost got blinded by her dazzling smile.

"Thank you."

Ursula bowed before ruffling her cape. She returned to Veronica's side with her chest stuck out.

She found her lost dream once more.

She made it her life's goal to exceed this confident man who swore to make short work of her in another duel.

Rebecca, Silvia, Veronica, and the others couldn't help but smile when Ursula's infection beam hit them.

"Looks like our trip to Ansullivan was worth it."

Veronica chuckled.

"Well? Rowan, are you joining our Royal knight order?"

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