Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1352: Taking up the title of a Dragonar

Joining the Royal Knights as one of the Lautreamont Dragonars of the Holy Order?

Everyone wanted to hear what Wu Yan had to say regarding this offer.

This isn't the first time Veronica tried to invite Wu Yan.

However, Wu Yan turned her down.

Now, she is inviting him again.

Nobody is shocked about this outcome.

The royal knights are exalted existences, the pride of the country, no average Joe can make the cut. They only take Dragonars of the highest caliber.

Is Wu Yan qualified?

He straight-up defeated the Captain in a duel.

If he isn't qualified then nobody is qualified.

"I hope you will consider this properly."

Veronica requested.

"You have the power within you. Your mental faculties are also well-honed. Each day you stay nested in the academy is a waste since you can be put to greater use."

"Yes, Lord Rowan."

Ursula also tried to advise Wu Yan.

"I don't think I am a good candidate for the captain's seat. The only thing I have going for me is my overwhelming might. In terms of management skills, I don't think I am prepared for the job."

Ursula deprecated herself in front of many shocked citizens.

"If you join the holy order, I will resign from my seat and allow you to take the lead, Lord Rowan."

The people couldn't believe the offer being made to Wu Yan.

Veronica also stayed mum.

She is tacitly consenting to this change in the power structure.

Veronica’s silence also surprised the others.

“Becoming the captain of the royal knights?”

Ash jumped back.


Silvia looked at Wu Yan. She is proud that Wu Yan was offered the position but she is also a bit frustrated that she couldn’t even stand near that level of performance.

“The captain’s seat, eh?”

Rebecca thought about it.

“Rowan, Veronica has a point, you should really consider this opportunity, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance…”

Rebecca also felt a bit hurt.

She doesn’t want to sound like she is giving up on her own aspirations but she also wants Wu Yan to stay.

However, she knows it is in Rowan’s best interest if she untethers him.

The captain's seat of the Royal Knights. That is a title all dragonars aimed for. The honor of glory afforded to one holding such a title is beyond comprehension.

At least, other than the Knight king and Veronica, Ursula answers to nobody.

Even Veronica and her father can only make Ursula kneel on one knee.

Wu Yan's status would shoot through the roof if he took this seat.

Wu Yan sighed.


Without calling her by her proper title, he continued.

Veronica can tell Wu Yan never took her seriously despite her title and power in the country.

Wu Yan is serious when he called her name.

"Thanks for the invitation."

Wu Yan turned her down.

"I have my own reasons to stay in the school."

The others gasped in shock.

Who would turn down the role of the captain of the royal knights?

Who would be foolish enough to do that?

Ursula also felt like it was a shame that he turned this offer down.

Silvia and Rebecca silently sighed as their tense expressions loosened.

She already expected this answer.

"Seems like it won't be easy to retain your services."

Veronica looked at Wu Yan.

"Since you won't accept my invitation... You must accept..."

Wu Yan flinched.

Veronica extended an arm to Glenn who stood next to her.



Glenn took out an ornate arming sword.

She took it out before slowly approaching Wu Yan.

"Princess Veronica?"


Silvia and Rebecca gulped while the audience clamored.

Is she mad that Wu Yan turned her down repeatedly?

Wu Yan allowed Veronica to get close although he still frowned.

Veronica raised her voice.

"First-year student of Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Rowan Randall. I hereby confer upon thee the title of a Dragonar."

"A Dragonar?"

Rebecca and Silvia's eyes shone brightly.

There are ranks among dragon breeders.

Those who have young dragons are called Dragon Breeders.

Meanwhile, those who graduate their young dragons from their Asia, Hydra, and Stradas into Maestros are known as Dragonars. These dragon breeders' Pals evolved from younglings into Holy Dragons a.k.a. Maestros.

When elite dragonars are conferred titles, they get to meet the Lautreamont Royal Family and are given silver watches that are symbolic of their statuses as Dragonars.

Veronica is conferring a title upon Wu Yan.

As for whether Wu Yan's Pal is a Maestro, that goes without saying.

If Ursula was defeated by a youngling dragon then his dragon's breed must be truly exceptional.

"Rowan Randall."

"Do you solemnly swear to take up the title of Dragonar and stake your everything on the defense of the Lautreamont Knightdom?"

Wu Yan silently smiled when Veronica suddenly used a serious tone with him. He got down on one knee and gave a harmless promise.

"I will stake my Pal and my Star Brand."

"Very well!"

She retrieved her ceremonial arming sword and took out a silver watch with her family crest on it. She gave it to Wu Yan.

"From today onwards, you're a Dragonar from the Lautreamont Knightdom!"


Wu Yan displayed the silver watch on his chest near his heart.

Clap clap clap

The audience started clapping.

It is rare to see a Dragonar knighting ceremony.

"Okay, I must take my leave now..."

Veronica turned around before sharpening her gaze. She addressed Silvia.

"Silvia, you have grown. I will acknowledge you for now but should any untoward news reach my ears of you, you should know the consequences..."

Silvia stepped back a bit but after looking at Wu Yan's encouraging expression, she steadied herself before puffing out her chest.

"I will do my best to meet my sister's expectations!"

Veronica beamed at her.

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