Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1353: The people who came to celebrate and the people who came to destroy his room

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Apollo dorm...


Inside Wu Yan's dorm room, the student council members were gathered with cups filled with juices. They toasted to Wu Yan by clanking their cups together. Cossette, Silvia, Rebecca, Ash, Econ, and the man of the hour started chugging down their drinks.


Eco finished her drink in an instant. Then, she looked at the dishes on the table with an excited look.

"Can I eat now?"

Ash helped wipe the apple juice from her mouth.

"You didn't do a toast for Rowan."

"Humans are so annoying."

Eco clicked her tongue.

"Congratulations on becoming a Dragonar!"

"Congratulations, Rowan!"

Rebecca, Silvia, and Ash congratulated him. Even Cossette lifted her cup to participate.

"Well, thanks."

Wu Yan didn't understand the purpose of this celebration.

I just became a Dragonar, is it such a big deal?"

"Just became a Dragonar?"

Silvia stiffened up.

"Becoming a Dragonar is the dream of many dragon breeders. The knightdom will welcome any Dragonar it can get its hands on. Dragon breeders are similarly celebrated for hatching their Pals."

"Plus, you became the sixth Dragonar. Even hatching one's Pal is a feat worth celebrating in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy."

Rebecca added.

"When I became a Dragonar, the whole dorm celebrated with me!"

"The whole dorm?"

Wu Yan gasped.

"Well, I got away relatively fine."

Rebecca teased Silvia.

"When Silvia became a Dragonar, the whole school and the royalty celebrated with her, announcing it to the whole kingdom with many joining in the festivity."

"Woah, talk about overkill."

Evolving one's Pal into a Maestro is hard enough as it is, it is no wonder that there are only six Dragonars in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.

Taken as a whole, there are even fewer Arch Dragonars than Dragonars.

Celebrating the birth of one Dragonar on a national scale seems overboard.

"I-I didn't want it."

Silvia denied.

"I am the only Dragonar in the royal family other than my dad. Plus, I am still a princess so my father and sisters decided to share the good news."

There are currently five Lautreamonts. The first is Ozwald the Knight King, Veronica the first princess, the second princess, and the third princess. Lastly, there is Silvia the Fourth Princess.

There were originally seven members. The queen passed away when Silvia was young. Julius the prince was executed for killing his own Pal. This leaves only five Lautreamonts.

Silvia is the only one who got a Pal from her Orphan's rite.

After that, she developed Lancelot into a Maestro so her family naturally celebrated this massive milestone.

"Compared to that, your celebration is small-scale."

Rebecca rubbed her chin.

"You defeated the godlike Ursula and you're on the student council. Maybe we should get the citizens in on this celebration?"

"On second thought, I think I like this party."

Wu Yan raised his cup.

"I will accept your toasts!"

Not giving Rebecca any chance to continue, Wu Yan gulped down his fruit juice. He almost choked on his drink.


Meanwhile, Eco also choked on food because she stole food from the table while everyone was distracted.

"Hey! I thought I told you to wait?!"

Ash helped Eco by doing the Heimlich maneuver.

"Why are you causing me so much trouble when you're not the main character today?"

"I am sorry?"

Eco glared at him.

"As the highest and most noble dragon clan's scion, I am already showing largesse by appearing at the party of a foolish and puny human, you dare question my actions?"


Ash warned her.

"That "puny" human just defeated the strongest Arch Dragonar in the world. Watch your tongue, you don't want him to summon his pal, now do you?"

Eco thought about the dragon of white flames. That momentary display of grace and horrible sea of white flames flashed in her mind.


Eco stuttered.

"I-I can probably do the same too."


Ash said much to Eco's annoyance. Cossette also chimed in to stop the scuffle.

"Lord Ash, since we are celebrating anyway, why not just let Eco eat her fill?"

"Dragons laid the foundation of this nation."

Silvia defended Eco.

"Eco should still be treated like a guest even if she isn't the lady of the hour."

"Yes, see? Silvia and Cossette understand how to treat dragons."

Eco let that get to her head. Ash also huffed.

"Don't spoil her, she will step on yo-"


Eco kicked Ash in the chest.


Ash flew into the wall as he carved his body's figure into the wall. Some of the food fell from the table while juice splattered all over the floor.

"Guys, please, let's keep this party positive."

Wu Yan said.

"Are you guys here to destroy my room?"


Eco snorted.

"How dare my dog bark without my permission. Looks like I need to drill more lessons into him."

"Drilling lessons?!"

Silvia blushed while she leered at Ash.

"Wh-what are you guys doing behind closed doors? You're embarrassing Ansullivan Dragonar Academy!'

"I know what you are thinking but I am sure you're wrong."

Rebecca interrupted.

"Plus, Eco is a dragon in human form. I don't think he is dumb enough to try anything funny with Eco."

"Ah, he has the intent but not the strength to seal the deal, eh?"

Cossette snickered.

"Lord Ash, you're surprisingly powerless."

Ash collapsed after being attacked physically and mentally.

"Serve you right!"

Eco ended Ash.

One of the personal objects near the bed fell down after the slight brawl. Eco grabbed the toy.


Eco lifted the doll up.

"What is this? It is so cute!!!"

Everyone looked at the thing in Eco's hands.

That is a dragon toy with a cute design.

Silvia shuddered when she saw the toy. It was like she was struck by lightning. She couldn't believe her eyes.

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