Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1355: Feelings and the maid's push

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Epona Dorm.

Silvia is in her revealing white negligee. She lay in bed without being able to sleep.

She looked to the side. The stars and the serene moon outside couldn't calm her feelings down. She sighed yet again.

She sat up as she caressed the Star Brand on top of her chest.

This Star Brand wasn't supposed to be hers.

She failed her Orphan's Rite. That man renewed her hope and granted her a miracle.

Silvia still wondered how Wu Yan managed to retain his youthful look despite the passage of nearly a decade.

He looked like he hadn't aged a single day since nearly a decade ago.

Look at the guy, he can still pass as a student.

Also, isn't the Dragon Mother supposed to be the only one who could grant bestow dragons onto others?

How did Wu Yan give her his dragon?

Silvia noticed how little she actually knows about Wu Yan. He was as much an enigma 9 years ago as he is today.

Regardless, Wu Yan kept helping Silvia out. This is something that repeated itself.

He helped her become a Dragon Breeder.

When a Pal rampaged, he saved her before slapping some sense into her.

Then, he gave her the push she needed to attack the Necromantia. He taught her what courage meant and what strength looked like.

When Veronica arrived, he also gave her the will she needed to stand up to her and grow stronger.

Silvia still couldn't believe she defeated one of the top 20 knights with her own power.

She thought about how much help she had received from Wu Yan since he appeared in her life.

She swore she would become an outstanding Dragonar and make sure Wu Yan's goodwill aren't wasted.

In the end, without Wu Yan's help, she would have never reached this point in her life.

Wu Yan's absence from Ansullivan Dragonar Academy would have doomed her to the fate of staying as the unapproachable Ice Princess who focused solely on reaching the path of the honorable Dragonar.

Silvia felt her Star brand heating up. Her face also started feeling warm.

How is she supposed to look Wu Yan in the eyes after this?

"Just follow your heart."

Someone said, that person also read Silvia's troubled mind like a book.


Silvia almost screamed but the speaker shut her up with her soft hand.

Cossette wasn't sure if she should laugh or cry.

"I thought the Princess knew better than to scream in the middle of the night. It turns out you're still as easy to scare as ever."

Silvia's eyes widened.


"Yes, it's me."

Cossette earned the ire of her mistress.

"Please don't scare me like that!"

"You're the one who couldn't recognize the voice of your own maid."

Cossette retorted.

"If you stopped thinking about Lord Rowan then you would have recognized me in an instant."


Silvia blushed like mad.

"W-who is thinking about him?!"

"Please, princess, you're not fooling anyone, certainly not your maid here."

Cossette teased her.

"If you choose to turn your back on me then you won't have anyone to listen to you anymore."

"I... I..."

Silvia mustered up her courage.

"Cossette, what do you think I should do?"

"You should give me a topic first..."

Cossette expressed her intrigue.

"Princess, do you like Lord Rowan?"


Silvia lowered her head, she fidgeted like a teenage girl.

"I-I don't know..."

"Okay, think about the nice things Lord Rowan did for you."

Cossette beamed at her.

"Think about how Lord Rowan saved you gallantly while you're grappling with the rampaging Pal. Think about how he bravely charged in to suppress the Necromantia using Lancelot. Think about what he did to make you strong enough to be recognized by Princess Veronica. Think about the bond he formed with you during the Orphan's Rite 9 years ago..."

Silvia did so. She smiled radiantly.

"There it is..."

Cossette grinned.

"Princess, it looks like you know what your feelings are when it comes to Lord Rowan."

She rolled her eyes when her maid teased her.

"So, what?"


Cossette said something that shocked Silvia.

"Just go confess to Lord Rowan!"


Silvia stared at Cossette.

"You want me to go confess?"


Cossette explained how this is going to play out like a patient teacher.

"You already know your feelings. If you don't confess now then droves of ladies are going to descend upon Lord Rowan, who, mind you, defeated the invincible Captain Ursula, can ride dragons with godlike skills, and can cook like a master chef."

"The other ladies?"

Silvia hesitated.

"Just look at President Rebecca, she looks like she has a crush on Lord Rowan."

Cossette pushed her again.

"I don't want to sound mean but compared to President Rebecca, what chance do you think you stand against her?"

Silvia paused.

Rebecca is a noble and she is a princess. However, Rebecca's talent and effort turned her into an Arch Dragonar.

She also had the looks and figure to charm anyone. Not to mention, Rebecca is almost perfect and has a charming aura around her.

Silvia felt like she stood no chance.

"Fortunately, Rebecca herself isn't completely infatuated with Lord Rowan yet. She just has a crush on him."

Cossette analyzed.

"This is the perfect chance!"


Silvia stuttered again.

"Don't tell me you don't even have the courage to confess?"

Cossette gave her the last push she needed.

"If Princess Veronica finds out about this then she's going to be disappointed with you."

Silvia steeled up.

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