Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1356: Calm, peace, feelings, and harmony

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Apollo Dorm…

The Men’s dorm is so quiet even the chirping of the birds and bugs in the nearby forest could be heard echoing in the courtyard. The natural serenade lulled many to sleep.

Since it is so late, anyone who should be asleep is already asleep.

Yet, in one of the dorm hallways, two ladies are heading in a certain direction.

Cossette and Silvia are out and about.

If people found out the Fourth Princess snuck into the boy’s dorm with her personal maid, this news would probably be a massive scandal for the Lautreamont Family. Veronica would probably fly over here to teach Silvia a lesson.

As for which room they are heading to, it can only be one person.

Cossette moved around without making any noise. Meanwhile, Silvia tiptoed her way like a thief. Her maid sighed.

“I said we need to strike while the iron’s hot. However, I certainly didn’t recall telling you to confess tonight. Couldn’t we have waited until tomorrow?”


Silvia growled at her maid with a red face.

“Who’s fault do you think it is?”

“I didn’t tell you to confess now.” Cosette protested

“You’re the one who grabbed me and barreled your way over here, there was nothing I could do to stop you.”

“You could have stopped me if you wanted to!”

Silvia isn’t buying her weak defense.

“You’re just here because you want to watch me crash and burn!”

“I mean, you’re the one who dashed over here on your own accord.”

“I-I got worked up when you told me time is of the essence. I now regret sneaking into this place in the heat of the moment.”

“Well, we could retreat now if that is what you want.”

Silvia paused. She hesitated.

“Why-why didn’t I think of that?”

“With love in your mind, I doubt you could have thought of anything.”

Her maid shrugged.

“I can attest to this, I’ve seen how love can dull one’s senses now.”

Silvia stared daggers into her maid before turning around.

“Fine, nobody discovered us yet. We can still run away.”

Silvia was headed for the exit when someone grabbed her collar.

“We came all the way here, how can you run away at this juncture?”

Cosette dragged the princess in the direction of Wu Yan’s room.


Without Lancelot, Silvia couldn’t resist her maid’s strength and techniques. She also couldn’t scream for help. This is how she ended up in front of Wu Yan’s room anyway.

“We’re here, Princess…”

She beamed at Silvia.

“Go in…”

Cosette opened Wu Yan’s room while Silvia gasped.

“Ro-rowan sleeps without locking his door?”

“Princess, did you forget about the wager you lost? I need to make breakfast for Lord Rowan every morning.”

Her maid showed her a key.

“I got his key right here…”


“Although he doesn’t know.”

“Wait, that’s just trespassing!”

“Don’t sweat the details.”

Cosette stepped aside while urging Silvia to go in.

“Come, Princess, enter the room…”


Silvia had a bad feeling.

“What about you?”

“I might like to play but rolling as the third wheel isn’t my style.”

Her maid grinned.

“I wouldn’t want to disturb you two, might as well wait here.”

“N-no, please…”

“If you’re not there then that means I have to be in the same room as Lord Rowan, no?”

“Ara ara…”

Cosette looked at Silvia with amusement.

“Isn’t that just fine? Once you guys seal the deal, you two might even start rolling in the bed and do some deeds your lil ol’ maid here can’t describe in detail. If I were there, I would just become a human contraceptive.”


Silvia blushed like mad. But, she didn’t yell at the maid for her cheeky remarks. She endured her urge to cry while opening the door wider.


Silvia looked at the lone figure sleeping in the bed while her heart started racing.

Maybe, she would get her cucumber patch plowed if she play her cards right.

Even if Silvia didn’t plan on this, with her current feelings for Wu Yan, she probably wouldn’t turn him down.

In other words, there is a big chance they might close their distances drastically.

Silvia’s heart raced at the thought of this.


Cossette teased her again.

“I can hear your heart beating…”

Silvia leered at her before biting the bullet.

Arriving near his bed, she could see the locked window near his bed. The faint moonlight lit up the bed.

He was sleeping soundly with a peaceful look on his face.

The faint moonlight gave him a gentle coat of light that went well with the serene night. His aura as the True Ancestor leaked out, making it look like he was the king of the night.

Silvia found herself caught up in his elusive charm.


Cossette didn't hear anything coming from the room after 10 minutes so she got curious.

She pushed open the door to peek inside. She froze when she saw the scene.

Wu Yan was still sleeping soundly in his bed.

Silvia could have woken him up but she sneaked into his bed and slept together with Wu Yan while hugging her doll and Wu Yan's arm. She appeared to be peacefully sleeping despite the situation.


Cossette couldn't find the words to describe this situation.

"Princess, seriously..."

Cossette helped Silvia with her blanket. Then, she touched Wu Yan's face after a brief pause.

Cossette isn't sure why she pushed Silvia to confess first.

She knows it would be fine if Wu Yan ended up with Silvia.

Then, she can serve Wu Yan officially since he would be affiliated with the Princess. She can also stop the maid-only-in-the-morning arrangement.

Cossette is incredibly loyal to Silvia. So loyal that even Veronica couldn't get her to ditch Silvia and serve her instead.

This is also why Veronica found it shocking that Cossette was servicing Wu Yan.

Cossette planned to serve Silvia and only Silvia. She has no need for a second master.

Actually, she was joking about helping Wu Yan out as a maid. She just made him breakfast, which is barely within the scope of a maid.

However, after getting to know Wu Yan, she started expanding her job scope including helping Wu Yan change and washing his face.

She turned into a bona fide maid.

Cossette isn't sure why she did this.

Her loyalty should have prevented the pledging of services to two masters.

If Silvia successfully enters a relationship with Wu Yan then that would make him her master too.

That must be why she subconsciously pushed Silvia toward Wu Yan.

Perhaps Cossette should have asked herself the same questions she posed to Silvia.

"Do I love him?"

Cossette mumbled.

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