Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1357: an amusing situation

Wu Yan’s sleep quality improved tremendously tonight.

During his hibernation, two distinct floral scents entered his nostrils. The sources appeared to be coming from his bed but he was blissfully unaware.

It smelled much better than the scented plants they grew in the bathroom of Silvanus.

Wu Yan wasn’t going to complain.

Just like that, when the night lapsed and the brilliant rays of sunlight pierced through his window. He woke up from his peaceful sleep, the sweet sensation of his joints popping when he slowly sat up almost lulled him back to sleep. His eyes were still blurry from the deep sleep he enjoyed.

This is the first time in a while that he got himself some quality sleep.

He also woke up early because of this. He was feeling like a happy camper. He smiled radiantly too.

Alas, his smile soon froze when he saw something.

The cool breeze of the early morning didn’t make him go back to sleep. That is because he noticed something incredibly wrong.

His bed felt like there were multiple additions that weren’t here when he slept last night.

Just to check, he slightly squeezed the two disparate gelatinous round objects in his hands.


Wu Yan turned silent.

He isn’t sure why but he had cupped feels from his harem before. Those familiar sensations and the floral scent wafting around him told him that he was in an amusing situation.

He knew because he knows his way around Gash Ville. The sights of various Gash and the mountains that accompanied that place taught him well.

Wu Yan is pretty sure he nailed his hypothesis.


He lifted his blanket and peered into it.

Two familiar faces entered his vision.


The two gorgeous ladies were nestled close to his chest. If he slightly lowered his body, he would be able to smooch them easily.

The faint glows of sunlight struck the hair of the two ladies in the bed with him. The reflected lights hit him in a mix of gold and violet shades. They were sleeping happily with smiles on their faces so he enjoyed their sleeping miens for a few seconds.

He doesn’t know why and how they appeared in his bed. He does, however, know that he is grabbing their Howitzers in his hands. He can feel their jugs through either the school uniform or the maid uniform.

In other words, he got to second base with the ladies just by waking up. They are still unaware of their achievements.

Wu Yan frowned because this situation wasn’t supposed to happen. He looked up at the sky before musing out loud to himself.

"What happened?..."

Wu Yan asked.

"Why are Silvia and Cossette in my bed? Is this my reward?"

Someone mumbled near him.


Silvia rubbed her face on Wu Yan's chest.

Is Silvia infatuated with him? She must be, given that she is even dreaming about Wu Yan.

Then, someone else also spoke in their sleep.

"Lord Rowan."

Cossette started blushing.

"No... You can't... not there..."

Cossette is definitely not thinking about rainbows and sunshine. She is probably thinking about where to sheath Rowan's sword.

Cossette, I kinda want to know what you're dreaming about.

Wu Yan subconsciously fondled their Bazingas. Cossette also huffed like she was getting turned on. The room took on a pink mood.


Cossette stirred into consciousness because of Wu Yan's hand movements. She opened her eyes only to see a pair of red eyes looking back at her.


They stared like this for a few seconds. They could hear each other breathing.

Cossette's red face took on a redder shade.

Cossette still managed to greet him cheekily.

"Good morning, Lord Rowan..."

"Oh, yeah, sure, good morning."

Wu Yan nodded.

"Wait, don't you have some explaining to do?"


Cossette teased him.

"Do you not want to try something else?"

"I mean..."

Wu Yan got bold, he started kneading her mountain.

"I don't know, I might get lucky later."

Cossette's eyes turned misty when Wu Yan tugged on the icing on her mountain.

Wu Yan felt the flames of lust raging within him.

The two faces slowly drew closer...


The two froze when they heard someone moan near him.


Silvia also woke up.

Because she is half-awake, she placed her chin on Wu Yan's shoulder.

Her soft flowing hair tickled Wu Yan's abs. She mumbled.

"Cossette, you awake yet?"

Silvia assumed Wu Yan was Cossette.

However, she felt something wrong.

The shoulder she is leaning on had a masculine scent.

She looked to the side.

Wu Yan's mien entered her vision.


Wu Yan grinned.


Silvia panicked and blushed.


Her scream echoed into the skies above.

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