Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1358: change in lifestyle and identity


Wu Yan kept sighing like a lethargic individual.

"I had a good morning for once, why did it have to turn into a sideshow? Plus, why is it always my fault?

When Princess Silvia ran out of his dorm room in a negligee, the male students went into an uproar because Silvia ran out of the room while shrieking at the top of her lungs.

They thought of various possibilities. They also made sure to spread the news far and wide.

For instance, they spread the news that Wu Yan got cocky after beating Ursula so he decided to drag Silvia into the bed with him.

Or, princess Silvia fell in love with the one who defeated Ursula in battle. She tried to confess to Wu Yan and got turned down. That's why she left his room in tears.

Or, even more outrageously, the two drank too much wine so they ended up in bed together. The princess couldn't deal with reality when she sobered up so she decided to run away.

The students made up all sorts of theories. In one morning, Wu Yan heard all the different versions. Ash also tried to get in on the action by inquiring from the horse's mouth.

Eco also wanted to know if they did the beastly dance. Raymond and his cohorts ran over to exhaust Wu Yan with their endless questions.


He sighed for the nth time. He reckons all the students here already heard about this event by now. He wasn't sure if he could deal with the fallout.

"Well, Lord Rowan, you don't need to be so down."

Her maid, Cosette stayed in the room despite resting in the same bed as Wu Yan. She acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. She helped Wu Yan with his clothes, washed his face, and cooked breakfast for him as usual.

She is also there when Wu Yan got grilled by Eco, Ash, Raymond & co.

She wasn't there to defuse the situation. She is just there to enjoy the show.

Wu Yan can read her cheeky smile.

"Who's fault do you think this is?"


Cossette tilted her head.

"Is it my fault?"

"It's not?!"

"You two invaded my room. Aren't you two afraid people might label you perverts?"

"I don't see the problem here."

Cossette said.

"As long as we don't get found out the Lautreamont royal order of knights won't have to come to subjugate you."


Cossette winked.

"I thought you liked the service?"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes, he was stunned for a second because she was too cute.

"You think you can get away with this just because you know how to act cute?"

"You mean, I can't?"

She used a sheepish and flushed face with him. She licked her lips. She looked like a totally different lady.

"You want me to use a flirty look like president Rebecca? Would that suit your taste more?"

Wu Yan couldn't believe how fast this maid could change her expression.

"You should become an actress."

"I would still become a maid."

The maid replied.

"Right, how do you feel about Silvia creeping into your bed?"

Wu Yan paused. He looked to the side.

"Wasn't that an accident?"

"Lord Rowan, you're unexpectedly mean."

The maid was frustrated by his answer.

“I don’t believe you’re so dense you can’t sense the change in attitude Princess Silvia is showing, especially in terms of how she feels about you.”


Wu Yan smiled.

“You want me to go on the offensive by courting her?”

“That would be the best outcome.”

Cossette sighed.

“Anyway, I hope you will still treat the Princess like how you treated her up till now.”

“As natural as friends?”

He asked.

“You should be able to tell that Silvia might look tough when she is actually soft inside.”

The maid said.

“If you act weird then the princess will probably sense this and start panicking. It is highly likely she would start feeling depressed or run away in embarrassment.”

“Hence, you want me to hang out with her like usual, right?”

He chuckled.

“You’re loyal to Silvia, no doubt about this.”

“Of course!”

The maid lifted her head high with pride.

“If things play out accordingly, I might need to serve two masters instead of one.”


“Can you serve two masters?”

“If you start dating the Princess then you will technically count as my master too.”

The maid pursed her lips.

“Naturally, you may order me around as you wish when that happens.”


He nonchalantly took her comment at face value. However, he failed to notice the serious lights in the maid’s eyes.

“He’s here!”

While he is having a blast chatting with the maid. Someone hollered behind him.

When they looked back, they found something shocking.

“Woah! It’s him!”

“Lord Rowan!!!”

“Kyaa! Lord Rowan!!!”

The shrill pitch of the ladies almost stunned him.

Thud thud thud

A mob encroached on Wu Yan.

Completely surrounded, he found himself in the center of a group of female students, all from different study years.

They also brought their Pals along which made the situation even more imposing than it already is. They had hearts in their eyes.

His eyes almost jumped out of their sockets when he saw the legions of female students and dragons of various types.

“Wh-what the?!”

The maid bitterly laughed.

“Lord Rowan, it seems your fan club is here.”

“F-fan club?”

“You defeated the strongest knight captain Ursula, that must have charmed many maidens in this school. Is it odd for them to swarm you like this?”

She teased him.

“Careful, our students are very open-minded. You might end up in various beds with your fans if you’re not careful.”

“Fuck m-”

His curse was drowned by the shrieks of his manic fans.

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