Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1359: The lady elf in the Seventh Dragon stable

“Lord Rowan!”

“Where are you?”

“Let us see you!”

“Lord Rowan!”

“Lord Rowan!”

A legion of female students riding their Pals searched everywhere, they searched underwater and in the air too. It was like an all-out manhunt except the area was confined to the compounds of the Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.

Male students, teachers, and professors alike who tried to stop the ladies who are thinking with their crazed minds were met with utter disinterest. Some of them got trampled as though they weren’t there.

Like a scourge, the fangirls on dragons trampled the academy trying to find Wu Yan. The people who tried to stop them all ran away when they saw what happened to the unlucky and brave few who tried to stop them.

The infirmary that is full of injured individuals can attest to the horrendous disregard the ladies had for everything else other than their target.

By the way, Ash is one of the injured individuals who got hurt trying to stop the fangirls.

Having been driven into a corner, the teachers decided it was time to round up the ladies for classes by requesting help from the student council. The power of Cu Chulainn and Lancelot is about the only dragons powerful enough to stop these ladies in their tracks.

Before then, Wu Yan can only count on his own survival skills to adapt.

He isn’t heartless enough to strongarm his fans into submission.

Emerging from a shrub near a desolate corner of the academy fence, Wu Yan wiped the cold sweat off his head. He was almost discovered despite his great hiding spot.

He should be glad that he is this popular.

But, Wu Yan wouldn’t think twice about switching with another guy at this point. It is incredibly exhausting to avoid the fans.

He reckons his clothes wouldn’t last a minute if he was thrown into that pack of hyenas.

Wu Yan shivered again.

He heard that Ash obtained his own stalkers from emerging triumphant during the Necromantia attack.

This is partly because talented dragon-riders tend to pass their excellent gene down to the next generation. This applies to both Dragonars and Arch Dragonars.

An offspring of two Arch Dragonars are likelier than the kid in the street to become an Arch Dragonar too.

At the very least, the kid would have a great chance of becoming a Dragonar. Even the most unfortunate would still end up with a Pal and become a Dragon Breeder.

This is why Arch Dragonars are incredibly popular and boast a high social status in the Lautreamont Knightdom.

When these talented individuals procreate, they can easily become a Dragon Breeder clan.

Of course, there is still a slight probability that this won’t pan out well.

Ash’s stalkers want his baby seeds, they want his Arch Dragonar genes.

There is also a positive correlation between the prowess of an Arch Dragonar and their offspring.

There are even speculations that should Ursula the Silent Saintess choose to give birth, her offspring will most likely be all Arch Dragonars too.

Arch Dragonars are the hottest specimen one can find in this country.

Once someone becomes an Arch Dragonar, they are officially in the high-class social club. If their kids become Arch Dragonars too, now, these people are basically royalty.

In fact, these Arch Dragonar families are second behind the royal family in terms of throne succession.

It isn’t hard to see why Wu Yan almost got chased down and had the core juices of his Longinus spear wrung dry. Those crazy fangirls will do anything.

This isn’t fun for him.

There might be genuine fans within that crazed group of people but he isn’t going to risk it.

He felt remorse over defeating Ursula. He almost felt bad about teasing Ash for his newfound fame.

It felt like karma just dealt him swift justice.

He rubbed his temple as he gave the fangirls one last look.

Now, where should I go?

The classroom is a forbidden area to him. It would be like entering a dense of female wolves. The subject of the class might even change to biology if he isn’t careful enough.

The student council room?

No, Rebecca and Silvia won’t take kindly to the fact that he stirred up trouble.


Wu Yan sighed again.

“I should go grumble in Gawain’s room.”

The Seventh Dragon Stable….

Wu Yan came furtively out from a tiny woodland near the stable. He looked around to confirm there was no one around.

Cu Chulainn and Lancelot are probably on a chaos-quelling mission.

With the two other Maestros out of the stable as usual, there is only Gawain here.

"A sad, lonely dragon, I feel bad for the guy."

Wu Yan went in the direction of Gawain's room.

When he entered, he was surprised to see another figure there.

That individual looked like she belonged in a fairy tale.

She is wearing a female student uniform but she looked petite and in her 14 or 15s.

Her platinum blonde hair touched her shoulders. Her purplish jewel-like eyes reflected the light of the room like stars in the night.

Her pale skin glowed like that of a porcelain doll. She gave off a lethargic vibe, it made one feel the instinctive need to protect her. She just defused the hostility in any onlookers.

Wu Yan isn't charmed by her looks. He has dozens of romantic partners who are equally attractive if not more beautiful.

No, he can't help but notice her ears.

They were pointy, way longer than any humans he had seen. She looked like an elf.

He has only seen that kind of ears on Avrora. He didn't think he would see another example here.

The elven lady is also behaving oddly. He can see friendliness and fear mixed into her attitude.

She looked like she is contradicting herself.

Wu Yan frowned because he can't figure her out.

Does she want to get close to Gawain or not?


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