Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1361

There are 4 dorms in Ansullivan academy.

There is the dorm for Male students of higher education, Apollo which Wu Yan and Ash are boarding in.

Meanwhile, there is the female dorm for students of higher education, Epona, which Rebecca and Silvia are boarding in.

Then, of the remaining two, there is one for female students in their foundation years, the Medb dorm.

Currently, there is almost nobody here.

That is because it is school time.

As foundation students, the residents here are all at school, solidifying their grasp and knowledge base of what it means to be a good dragon breeder.

Inside this desolate dorm, one could hear the chaotic footsteps of someone running along the corridor.

She is the elf girl who ran away from Gawain.

Gawain is a Maestro so she is a Dragonar.

A foundation student who is already a dragonar?

This kind of monstrous talent is unheard of.

But, that talented girl isn’t proud of herself.

Her Pal rejected her, it barred her from getting close, much less riding it.

The girl felt immense pain and sadness when she recalled how Gawain roared at her.


She slammed her door shut.

The tears in the corners of her eyes are like gems that slightly glowed with the faint sunlight that seeped into the room.

After bawling her eyes out, she wiped away the tears from her eyes. She looked blankly at the walls of her room.

Her room is bigger than the rooms of the other students.

There are plants everywhere which suggested the owner of this room had tendencies that differed from other girls her age.

Aside from the fragrance of the plants, one could see a short round table near the center of the room. There are plants on almost every piece of furniture other than this table.

It felt like a mini forest.

Also, there is a coffin in the center of the room.

It felt weird that something like that was in a girl’s room.

This is supposed to be a room for three students but the elf girl is the only resident here. Maybe this is the benefit afforded to a dragonar.

The girl has been living here for the past three years. She looked around the dark empty room before stripping herself bare.

Her limbs are all intact and she had purple jewel-like eyes. Her sharp ears made her stand out. Her petite frame carried a sad but mysterious charm that told any onlooker she wasn’t completely human.

The girl entered the flower-filled coffin before sitting in it. She hugged her knees as she went fetal.

Lucca Sarlinen, is in the third year of her foundation years, a descendant of the Elbaff, this universe’ equivalent of elves.

As fairies and elves of the forest, her people relish life in the forest. They are also known for their beautiful looks.

Lucca is a genius hailing from that tribe.

Her sharp ears gave her identity away while her charming face and delicate physique completed the story.

With the plants in this room, nobody questioned her identity as an elf.

The Elbaffs are famous in the knightdom.

They are also masters of herbology and peerless at concocting medicines for people. Their medicines are rated highly in this world and priced with hefty premiums.

No, they are known for more than just being attractive and master herbologists. They are also known as incredibly talented dragon riders.

The Elbaff aren't good at bringing up dragons but they demonstrate high levels of mastery when riding dragons.

Some geniuses from the Elbaff are able to perform a legendary dragon-riding skill known as the Dragon Dance.

It is a special technique to conjure multiple magic circles in the sky by using the dragon to dance and draw formations in the sky.

Lucca failed during one of her attempts to pull off the Dragon Dance.

The glory days of the Elbaff are now only limited in the books of history.

With the Dragon Mother coming to the end of her finite life, the dragons facing extinction over their inability to produce Astral, and the declining population of the Elbaff, things aren't looking good for the dragons or the Elbaff.

Without Dragon Breeders of the Elbaff, Elven Dragonars also slowly died out.

Now, the only known Elbaff is Lucca, she is the only known Elbaff studying here.

Not only is she the next clan matriarch, she is also the only known elf able to initiate the Dragon Dance. It is not far-fetched to call her the hope of the Elbaffs.

If her people knew about her inability to ride her dragon, the closing of the Astral pathway, and her dying Pal, what would they say? Would they despair?

Lucca felt pressed.

She is probably closing herself off in this dark room in a form of escapism.

Lucca wants to fly in the sky with Gawain just like the good old days.

However, Gawain kept rejecting her.

She knows Gawain will die once his Astral runs out.

Lucca will become a normal elf once that happens.

That is a cruel fate waiting for the hope of Elbaff.

If only she would open up about falling off Gawain, people might be able to help.

However, falling off one's dragon is embarrassing for the Elbaff. She didn't tell anyone about this.

Between a rock and a hard place, Lucca cried again.


She mumbled her Pal's name before thinking about her dragon.

Then, she recalled how Gawain willingly listened to another person.

Wait, how did he get Gawain to comply with him?

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