Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1362: The master of the universe crash and burn

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Student council room.

Rebecca led the student council team including Silvia the Disciplinary head, Ash the General Affairs, Eco the Mascot, and Wu Yan in a discussion.

They exchanged no words.

Cossette poured a cup of tea for Silvia.

Rebecca is busy reading her papers while Ash assisted with various paperwork. Eco sat at the side looking like a bored lizard.

Wu Yan and Silvia are also sitting there with no apparent duties.

He was supposed to help Rebecca but Ash took over his role so he gladly sat there doing nothing while looking tired. Silvia is in charge of disciplinary affairs but since she is rarely required to do her job, she also didn’t know what to do around here.

The weird air between them started spreading in the room.

This awkward air is starting to become annoying for the other student council members.

Silvia is the root cause of this situation.

After sneaking into Wu Yan’s room and then proceeding to sleep in his bed for one night, she appears to be regretting her actions. Silvia will try to avoid appearing in front of Wu yan unless she must see him in a classroom or the council room.

Her terse response when talking to Wu Yan coupled with how she tends to sit the furthest away from him made it extremely awkward.

Cosette amped up her antics. She isn’t just serving Wu Yan in the mornings, she would make herself available at night in Wu Yan’s room like she wasn’t afraid of anything happening to her.

He knows she is just trying to help get Wu Yan and Silvia back together like the friends they were before the incident.

Other than that, he has no clue why she hung out with him.

Silvia also likes running away while blushing, leaving Wu Yan with no recourse to handle this problem.


He sighed like an old man.

“Here, Lord Rowan.”

Cossette passed him a cup of tea with a gentle smile.

“Drink some tea, maybe you will feel better.”


He drank the tea lethargically. Rebecca looked at them when Cossette giggled.

She mused out loud.

“Cossette, are you ditching Silvia to serve Wu Yan?”


She smiled.

“I am just doing my job.”

“Your job?”

Rebecca felt confused.

“You should be serving Silvia, right? Why Rowan?”

“Is there a difference?”

Cossette cheekily replied.

“Sooner or later, he will become my master.”


Rebecca twitched.

“Your master?”

“Yeah, my princess and Rowan…”


Silvia spat her tea all over Ash’s face. Ash also didn’t see this coming, he froze up.

Without caring for Ash, she shrieked at her maid.

“Hey, you shut your yap this instance!”


Cossette giggled.

“Aren’t you a shy one?”

Rebecca narrowed her eyes.

“It seems as though I missed an interesting event.”

Rebecca urged Wu Yan to explain himself.

“Look, man…”

Rebecca rolled her eyes.

“You’re killing the vibe in this room, I feel like sleeping just by looking at you.”


Wu Yan slumped down on the table.

“I want to faint.”

“What’s wrong?”

Rebecca asked.

“You’re talking about your crazy fans?”


Ash wiped his face.

“We already got the dean to install harsh policies against fanatic behavior, your fans know they should behave or risk getting expelled.”

“Yeah, my fans stopped acting over the top.”

He continued.

“But, what about ‘permissible causes’?”


Rebecca, Silvia, and Ash exchanged looks.

“Allow me to demonstrate.”

Cossette squatted down before raising a huge box about half the height of a grown man. She let that box crash down on the table.


They looked at the box.

There are thousands of letters in the box.


Rebecca picked one of them up. The letter had heart symbols all over it. There is even a kiss mark on it.

“Love letters?”

“Love letters?!!!”

Silvia jumped up. Her face turned beet red when she looked at all the kiss marks on the letters.

“T-truly shameless…”

Resisting the urge to tear the letters to shred, her blonde hair flared up like an angry lioness.

“As students of this prestigious academy, to think they would…”

Silvia started emitting steam while stomping her feet.

“This is so lewd! Unhealthy!”

“Princess, you’re overreacting.”

Ash tried to calm her down.

“It is just love letters. This is better than Rowan getting his clothes ripped off and being violated in broad daylight.”


She roared at Wu Yan who was trying to keep a low profile.

“You! Why are you acting like you fought Captain Ursula 300 times?!”

“Dueling her 300 times?”

Wu Yan gave her a broken smile.

“Sounds better than reading these letters.”


Cossette chimed in.

"Lord Rowan has been dealing with 10 of these boxes of love letters."

"10 times?!"

Silvia gasped.

"That is truly astonishing."

Rebecca looked at the box of letters.

"I mean, I don't even get these many."

Rebecca froze when she read the letter in her hand.

She took it out from the box for a closer look.

"It's her?!"

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