Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1363: Is this a love letter or a cry for help?

"What's wrong?"

Rebecca's shock also infected the others.


Wu Yan sat up as he knitted his brows.

"Something wrong?"

Rebecca didn't answer them. She continued reading the love letter in her hand with disbelief and visible confusion.

"No, this can't be right. She isn't someone who would write a love letter, she also has to deal with that problem..."

Wu Yan, Silvia, Cossette, Ash, and Eco rubbed their heads. They approached her to see the love letter she is holding onto.

Compared to the other love letters, the one in Rebecca's hands is benign.

There are no flowery embellishments and no kiss marks. It looked like a normal letter without even a seal to secure it.

"A normal letter got mixed in?"

Silvia suggested.

"No, doesn't look like it."

"No, that's not it. The writer is someone who wouldn't have the courage to pull off this kind of stunt."

Rebecca passed the letter back to Wu Yan.

"Maybe this is just a normal letter. Rowan, see for yourself."

Wu Yan subconsciously resisted the thought because he was traumatized by reading through thousands of letters a day.

"Lucca Sarlinen..."

Wu Yan scratched the back of his head.


"Lucca Sarlinen?"

Ash was puzzled.

"Weird name, doesn't sound like someone from the Lautreamont Knightdom."

"Wait, it's her?!"

Silvia and Cossette knew about her.

"What's with the murmuring?"

Eco grumbled.

"Just tell us who she is, stop making a fuss over this."


Wu Yan asked her.

"You know her?"

"It surprises me that you two don't know who she is."

Rebecca helplessly laughed.

"She is the youngest Dragonar in this school and our secretary. Why don't you two know her?"

"Youngest Dragonar?"

Ash silently praised her.

"A student council member too?"

Wu Yan frowned.

After being prompted by her, he recalled the absence of two other student council members. The treasurer is one of them while the other one is the vice president.

Wu Yan got in since these two are always MIA.

In other words, Wu Yan had been doing her job until now.

She is also the youngest Dragonar.

Including Wu Yan, there are only 6 dragonars.

Rebecca is an Arch Dragonar so it would be rude to call her a dragonar. Silvia and Wu Yan are Dragonars. Lucca is one of the three dragonars Wu Yan hadn’t seen yet.

He identified her as the elf girl who tried to regain Gawain’s trust but ended up running away.

Wu Yan continued.

“Is she the girl who lost the ability to ride her Pal?”

“She can’t ride her pal?”

Ash and Silvia gasped.

Rebecca also mused out loud.

“Looks like you know why she wrote to you.”


He curled his lips.

He took a closer look at the letter.

Rebecca, Silvia, Cossette, Ash, and Eco took the liberty of moving behind him in order to read the letter with him.

The letter reads…

Lord Rowan, Please choose a time to visit my room upon reading this letter. I would greatly appreciate your magnanimous action.

Yours truly, Lucca Sarlinen’

“I see…”

Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

“She is just as troubling as her dragon. Like master, like dragon, huh?”

“Annoying dragon?”

Silvia got curious.

“Are you referring to Lucca’s Pal?”


Rebecca hesitantly asked him.

“Do you know Gawain?”

“More than just knowing…”

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

“After his Astral Path got severed, I took care of Gawain, I also fed it food infused with Astral to keep the dragon alive.”

“A torn Astral Path?”

Silvia grimaced.

“Maybe her inability to ride her dragon is linked to this?”

“How is that possible?”

Ash voiced his disbelief.

A dragon cutting its master off would starve itself.

Rebecca, Silvia, and even Ash knew about this. Eco can also put herself in the dragon’s shoe, she tensed her face.

“For a dragon to go against its pact, there must be a greater reason.”

Eco vouched for Gawain. She is also growling although she looked cute nonetheless.

“I am starting to suspect that Lucca girl did something heinous. Otherwise, the dragon wouldn’t risk its life and reject her.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions, Eco.”

Rebecca said.

“We don’t know what is wrong with her but we cannot deem her guilty before understanding the full case.”

“Rebecca is right.”

Silvia said.

“A dragon wouldn’t do something so odd. There has to be a reason for this.”


Rebecca asked him.

“You said you have been feeding Gawain? Is the dragon subservient to you? Did you tame it?”

“Something like that, yeah…”

He shrugged.

“I think I can ride the dragon now. I can’t say the same for when we first met though.”


“Do you know why it is rejecting Lucca?”

“Yeah, more or less.”

Wu Yan said.

“It isn’t easy to solve.”


Rebecca’s smile turned upside down.

“How so?”

“Hmm, How do I put this…?”

He read the letter before answering.

“Yeah, I think I will go meet her first.”

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