Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1364: The den of wolves known as the female dorm

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Medb Dorm...

"Eh? Isn't that President Rebecca?"

"You're right..."

"President Rebecca is visiting Medb!"

"Princess Silvia is with her!"

"Even the Princess is here?!"

"Wait, that man, isn't he Lord Rowan?"

"L-Lord Rowan...?"

" Lord Rowan!"

"Lord Rowan!!!"


The ladies still in their foundation years started freaking out when they saw Wu Yan escorting Rebecca and Silvia here.

Males cannot enter the dorm. However, exceptions can be made for people who are invited here like Wu Yan.

Ash is very curious about how someone can lose the ability to ride their Pal. However, with the Godly Rider, the Scarlet Empress, and the Icy Princess on the case, he reckoned that he would only get in the way by joining this excursion. This is why he returned home with Eco although he was a bit reluctant.

Cossette also didn't tag along. She said she wanted to prepare lunch.

The president must approve all requests to enter the female dorm. Then, the dorm supervisor must be notified of this visit for entry to be granted.

However, Rebecca is personally here, red tape cannot stop her.

After a brief exchange with the dorm supervisor, the trio got in.

The female students couldn't calm down when they saw the legendary Trio in the dorm.

All of them came out of their rooms as they lined the corridors with heart-shaped symbols in their eyes.

Medb Dorm became a noisy facility that would put rowdy rock concerts to shame.

The perfect president and the royal princess, this combination couldn't get better since the ladies here wanted to become like them.

But, Wu Yan, he is on another level. We are talking about someone who defeated the legendary invincible Knight Captain Ursula.

As the strongest dragon rider in the world and studying in the same school as these ladies, it wasn't a surprise that many treated Wu Yan like their Prince Charming.

All three idols are here so the dorm's roof almost flew off from the high-pitched shrieks of the fanatic fans here. The dorm supervisor could do nothing but bitterly laugh at the side.

Wu Yan shrunk back when he saw these ladies who were watering from their mouths and elsewhere. He quickened his steps.


Rebecca teased him.

"To think just a short while ago, you were known as the backdoor student for entering through closed-door negotiations. Look how far you've transformed? Oh, strongest dragon rider in history..."

"Please, no more, I am already regretting my actions..."

Wu Yan expressed his stress.

"In this country, strong dragonars and Arch Dragonars are like celebrities. While Captain Ursula is beautiful. The main reason she is so famous is because she is known as the strongest Arch Dragonar."

Silvia proudly explained.

"Rowan kicked Ursula's butt in a duel so I know where these ladies are coming from."

"Please, no more..."

Wu Yan grabbed his temples.

"Please, don't continue this topic."

Rebecca and Silvia giggled.

Rebecca is a frequent visitor so she led them to Lucca's room. They arrived at the end of the third floor's longest corridor. They stopped in front of a door.

The door had Lucca's name on it.

Each dorm room is supposed to be inhabited by three students. But, Lucca is living in the room by herself.

Wu Yan was curious why she chose to live alone. But, now isn't the time.

"Lucca, you there?"

Rebecca knocked on the door.

"Answer me, I brought someone you would like to see!"

No noise came from within the room.


Silvia tried to peek beyond Rebecca's shoulder.

"Is she not in?"

"No, she is an indoor person. Most of the time, she will be inside her room. With her current situation, she became even more of a loner. I confirmed that she didn't go to class."

Rebecca shook her head.

"I think she is sleeping."


"Lucca sleeps like a log."

She said of Lucca, sounding like a big sister herself. She took out a key.

"Looks like it was right to take the spare key from the supervisor."

Rebecca opened the door with a crisp turn of the key.

The door opened up as multiple floral scents assaulted Wu Yan and Silvia's nostrils.


Wu Yan analyzed the smell.



Silvia answered.

"Medicinal herbs to be exact."

Silvia choked when she saw the interior of the room.

Wu Yan also gasped when he saw an object in the room.

He saw a coffin in that dimly-lit room.

It looked like a fancy coffin a vampire would sleep in.

Made of steel, the glimmer of the coffin reflect rays of light while flowers filled the interior.

In the center of that floral bed, an elf lay there with her hands clasped on top of her chest.

No matter how, it looked like...

She's dead!

Lucca died?

"N-no way..."

Silvia turned pale.


Wu Yan sensed something off.

"Her chest is moving. Her skin is still flushed with vitality. It's more like she is..."


Rebecca grinned.

"Calm down, guys, she is just sleeping."

Rebecca shook Lucca's body.

"Lucca, wake up, someone's here to see you."


Lucca slowly opened her eyes while her ears twitched like that of a rabbit's.



She greeted her.

"Good morning..."


She slowly stood up before stretching her back.


She yawned while rubbing her eyes. One of the shoulder straps of her negligee also fell off, revealing her smooth and glossy shoulder.

Even Wu Yan had trouble looking away.

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