Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1365: A worshipper? Lucca's request


Someone struck Wu Yan when he was about to look a few inches down from Lucca's bare collarbone. That vital strike hit him in his solar plexus.


Silvia, the attacker, snorted in anger.

"Princess, when did I annoy you?"

"You looked at a first-year student with perverted eyes."

Silvia gave him a frosty look.

"I don't need to explain myself to you."

"When did I do that?!"

Wu Yan retorted. However, Silvia didn't like this denial.

"Just admit it if you did something wrong, that is part of what it means to be an honorable knight in the Royal family!"

"I did nothing wrong. Any male would have done so."

"Y-you, I can't believe you call yourself an Ansullivan Dragonar Academy student!"


"Enough, stop squabbling."

Rebecca pulled the two apart.

"Don't fight in someone else's room. You guys are scaring Lucca."

The two looked at Lucca who is fidgeting nervously. Truly, she was frightened by two people raising their voices in her room.


"My bad..."

The two still gave each other one last leer before looking away. Rebecca laughed because it was like looking at two kids fighting.


Lucca focused on Wu Yan.

She quickly got out of her flower coffin. Then, she got down on her knees before kowtowing to Wu Yan.

"Lord Rowan!"

"W0ah, wh-what the...."

Caught by surprise, he exclaimed.

"I-I am sorry about last time."

She looked up at Wu Yan with puppy eyes. It didn't feel like he did something great. On the contrary, it felt like he was bullying this pitiful elf.

"Wh-why are you apologizing?"

Wu Yan quickly got down to lift her up by her left armpit. He could feel her smooth skin through this quick touch.

"Even when you helped me out greatly, I only knew about the things you did for me when I asked other people. Otherwise, I would have been none the wiser."

Lucca bowed down again.

"Pl-please forgive my rudeness and ignorance!"

"I-It's fine, I don't mind."

Wu Yan wasn't sure how to get her to stop kowtowing.

While she did run away without greeting him, it was hardly rude as he didn't mind it at all.

Isn't this too over the top?

Silvia also thought Lucca went too far. However, she didn't say anything.

Rebecca suddenly recalled something. She whispered in his ears.

"Lucca is one of the Elbaff. As the people of her tribe value dragon-riding skills greatly. They respect all expert dragon riders. With your title as the Godly Rider, she must think that it was extremely rude to run away from a peerless rider like you without proper rites and greetings."

"A-ah, I see..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

He assumed she was acting subservient because she was awed and afraid of the one who defeated Ursula. Turns out, she was just referring to his dragon-riding skills.

"Even Gawain didn't reject Lord Rowan. He seems to be willing to listen to Lord Rowan. Your skill must be truly astounding..."

Lucca clasped her hands together like she was worshiping a deity. Her meek look made him feel like teasing her and protecting her at the same time.

"I should be punished with death for failing to greet Lord Rowan last time."

"I mean, capital punishment is too much."

Wu Yan hoisted her up despite her frail and smooth skin suggesting that any rough movement might hurt her.

"Okay, look, I don't mind, don't get worked up over this."


She confirmed that Wu Yan is okay before she sighed in relief.

"I am so glad..."

"Jeez, chill, Lucca..."

Wu Yan sat down with Lucca.

"I read your letter and I more or less know why you called me here. But, let's hear it from the person herself..."

Rebecca and Silvia also wanted Lucca to explain herself.


Lucca mustered the courage to look into Wu Yan's eyes.

"I want Lord Rowan to teach me how to not get rejected by Gawain!"

"Teach you?"

Wu Yan closed his eyes.



Lucca stuttered.

"B-because Gawain keeps turning me down, I was thinking..."


Wu Yan stopped her. He emanated a chilling glare from his eyes.

"Did you never stop to think about why Gawain is turning you away?"

"The reason?"

Lucca was stunned.

"I will be honest, Lucca."

Wu Yan said.

"I am on Gawain's side on this."


Lucca's shoulder twitched.

"You're siding with Gawain?"

Rebecca continued.

"Are you saying Gawain is turning her down because of Lucca?"

"The problem is with me..."

Lucca started blaming herself.

"Yes, Silvia is right. Dragons don't rebel against their masters without valid reasons, more so when they are staking their lives on this."

Wu Yan stared Lucca down. She lowered her head in guilt.

"Gawain might be prideful but I saw its heart, it still cares about you more than anymore. You, Lucca, should be aware of this too."

"I-I know."

Lucca said.

"B-but Gawain won't tell me why he is rejecting me..."

"Yes, I admit he went a bit too far in this aspect."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"But, Lucca, Gawain put aside his temper, listened to me and allowed you to get close, even offering you the chance to pet him. Why did you stop?"

Lucca stopped as if someone struck her with a lightning bolt.


She could have touched Gawain, why did she stop?

Gawain never roared or turned her down when she tried to get close.

"Yes, Rowan is hitting the nail on its head."

Silvia tensed up.

"The root cause lies with Lucca herself."

Lucca's misty eyes filled up with exasperation.

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