Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1366: Give a helping hand

As Wu Yan said, Gawain cares very much about Lucca. She also knows this because they communicated via the Astral pathway in the past.

Lucca became extremely sad after Gawain stopped letting Lucca ride him.

That isn’t solely because of Lucca’s identity as an Elbaff. She treated Gawain like family so it was like getting punched in the gut by one’s family member.

Lucca never gave the reason a deep thought. She suspected it had something to do with herself but her grief got the better of her.

Gawain is dying because he cut off the Astral Pathway.

She is indirectly causing Gawain’s death.


Rebecca implored him.

“We shouldn’t let this go on. Please, help her out.”

Lucca lifted her head with hope written on her face.

Gawain is thorny, Lucca knows that much.

He rejects all attempts at medical treatment and closed himself off in his stable. Anyone who gets close to it will be frightened off by its roars.

Recently, Gawain also growled at other dragons who tried to get close. He is behaving like a wounded animal, extremely aggressive to all others.

Lucca is still worried. There is a chance Gawain might starve to death at this rate.

When the helpers in charge of Gawain told her about a certain individual feeding Gawain, she sighed in relief.

She encountered Wu Yan the other day. Seeing as he could calm down Gawain, she decided to enlist his help to get close to Gawain again.

After a brief search, she also found out that he was the one who kept her Dragon alive. Her secret savior was none other than the Godly Rider himself.

Lucca respects Rebecca for her achievements and mastery as a dragon rider. However, the reverence she had for Wu Yan couldn’t be compared on the same level.

After finding out that Wu Yan helped her out, she quickly wrote a letter to her idol and savior. The same letter almost got thrown away after Cossette accidentally mistook it for another love letter.

Fortunately, Rebecca spotted her letter.

Gawain only acknowledges Wu Yan. He will also listen to him.

If he helps then it would make it extremely easy for her to get back on Gawain’s good side.

“Rowan, please help her.”

Silvia also requested help on Lucca’s behalf.

“Dragons are like our royal insignias. I cannot sit idly by as a dragon wastes itself in front of me. Rowan, please help Gawain the Maestro.”

“Lord Rowan, please…”

Lucca kowtowed again.

“I don’t want to lose Gawain. I want to return to the good old days with Gawain. Lord Rowan, I beseech you…”

“Come on, guys, why are you all making me look like a villain here?”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes since three beautiful ladies are going out of their way to beg him.

“I didn’t say I won’t help. Why did you think I came all the way over here?”

Lucca raised her head quickly.

“In other words…”

“Yeah, although Gawain has temper issues, I can still work with the dragon. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have fed it and taken care of it.”

He shrugged.

“Just like you, it’d be a shame if he died. I don’t mind helping you.”


Wu Yan added a clause.

“Now you know Gawain is not letting you ride him because of your own weakness. I can act as the mediator but you will still have to do your best to solve this issue.”


Lucca hesitated.

“What’s there to think twice about?”

Silvia frowned.

“Your Pal is dying. You should do everything in your power to save your pal, you got that?”


She shrunk back like a scared kid.

"Silvia, you're too worked up over this. Lucca is fragile and you're scaring her."

Rebecca pressed down on Silvia's shoulder. She picked up Lucca's hand.

"But, Silvia has a point. This is no time to be dawdling around. Gawain is waiting for you to rescue him."


Lucca nodded.

"I understand."

She bowed again.

"Lord Rowan, please help."

"Well, I will do something about Gawain."

Wu Yan rubbed Lucca's head.

"But, you're going to have to do the lion's share of the work here."

Blushing, she narrowed her eyes like a kitten enjoying her owner's petting. Her ears also twitched which made her look even cuter.

Wu Yan shifted his palm and he grabbed the tip of her ear.



Lucca moaned as she lost strength in her feet. She slumped down onto Wu Yan's chest while heaving.

"N-not my ears..."

Wu Yan didn't expect this reaction.

Lucca is lying on his chest with a meek look. It looked like he could do anything to her. He started thinking about how to prank her.

He moved onto her other ear.

"Noo... Nnn... St-stop..."

Lucca's body stiffened as she blushed harder.

Naturally, Wu Yan went to town on her ears.

He started tickling, pinching, and rubbing her ears.

"Mhh... Nugh~"

As if someone zapped her with electricity, she spasmed into Wu Yan's chest while panting like she had just done the deed. With the air dyed pink, Wu Yan started coming up with various schemes to tickle her further.

But, the temperature dropped down to the freezing point in an instant.

He recalled that there are two other ladies here with him.

"See you at the dragon stable tomorrow! I will go meet Gawain with you!"

Like a storm, Wu Yan escaped with haste from the room.

"Stop! You lewd wolf, you will pay for molesting your underclassman!"

Silvia chased after him with a dark look.


Rebecca left the room with a sinister smile on her face.

"Lord... Rowan..."

Lucca is still panting on the floor after her sensitive ears just got the fondling of her lifetime.

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