Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1367: Fear? Impossible?

This is a dark night. The lonely moon only had a few wisps of cloud to accompany it.

In one of the few commercial cities in the Lautreamont country, Danebury, there are multiple buildings here that housed businessmen and various guilds.

This place isn't serene like Ansullivan. Danebury had a rowdy and busy feel to it. There are also dangers here other than getting your money scammed by ruthless businessmen.

As a commercial hub, this place had goods and people flowing in and out of the city with little to no restrictions.

Danebury is also very diverse because of this open-city concept.

There are people with clothes from different cultures here. There are people who looked like Vikings, people who looked like they were wearing tribal clothes and tanned people in revealing clothes.

Foreigners can walk around without fear.

Among them, there are radical factions looking to create a rebellion in Lautreamont.

Including Anya, a citizen from Zepharos Empire.

Anya wrapped her scarf around her mouth to cover her identity.

She shouldn't need to cover up since there are other people who dressed like her in this city so she doesn't stand out. But, donning a disguise is second nature for Anya.

Anya navigated through the city like she had been living here for a few years now.

She went into a narrow alley. After confirming there are no one around, she revealed her face.

Soon, she arrived at a normal-looking building.

This is a hideout the Zepharos spies used.

The spies used this place to exchange intel and orders.

There are other hideouts. But, since one of the big-shots from Zepharos is living here, this place became rowdier than usual.

Anya is here to see that big shot.

She entered the building and moved to the second floor.

"Anya here, I have a report."

"Come in..."

Anya's heart started racing as she nervously opened the door.

She entered a study that wasn't huge in size.

In the room is an office table. A masked man with silver hair sat on the chair.

It was Milgauss who escaped after raising a Necromantia in Ansullivan.

He had already replaced his prosthetic arm.


Milgauss looked at her.

"I see you've found something good."

"Yes, Lord Milgauss."

Anya bowed.

"I infiltrated Ansullivan."


Milgauss nodded.

"Did you find it?"

"I am still investigating but I did make some progress."

Anya took out a stack of papers.

"This is the basic information I got on the youth and lady who stopped us during the Necromantia attack. I gathered more information on the lady who got swallowed as per your orders."

Milgauss started reading the papers.

Anya wanted to ask something. She wanted to know why Milgauss paid so much attention to Eco.

Ash stopped the undead dragon so she got why Milgauss placed him on the radar. Why is he fixated on Eco?

Because she is a dragon in human form?

Anya did as she told, she reckoned Milgauss must have his own ideas.

Milgauss posed another question.

"Well, what about the student who stopped us?"

Anya was scared for a second.

"I also searched his background."

She presented another stack of papers with a slightly pale look.

Milgauss didn't notice this change in attitude. Milgauss frowned after glancing over the papers.

"He defeated Ursula L Selwyn? The Captain?"


Anya winced.

"That was an open duel. I saw it with my own eyes."


Milgauss read the paper with more intrigue.


Milgauss flinched.

"A dragon with white flames?"

Anya shivered when Milgauss brought this up.

This time, her fear didn't escape his perception.

"Anya, what's wrong?"

"Lord Milgauss..."

Anya gnashed her teeth.

"Are we really enemies with Rowan Randall?"

Milgauss ignored her question.

"Are you afraid?"


Anya was shocked to find herself unable to deny her fear.


Milgauss looked at her.

"You were born a warrior, death is a concept you should not fear. Yet, I sense fear in you..."

Pressed for answers, Anya took out a crystal from her bag.

That is a crystal that can record videos, a technological product made by the Zepharos Magic Engineering Department.

"Lord Milgauss, I believe it is better if you see the duel yourself."

Anya placed the crystal on the table.

The crystal emitted a projection.

It showed the scene of a majestic white dragon raining white flames down on the arena like the sovereign of white flames.

Like an otherworldly sage, the white dragon's might reached Milgauss beyond the projection.

"Th-that dragon..."

Milgauss couldn't help but step back.


The Dragon of White Flames struck fear into him.

He felt dread.

This was a senseless dread born from instincts.

Milgauss was sure he had trained himself to eliminate fear in all situations.

There should have been no dragons in this world that can instill this kind of fright in him.

Not even Eco, the Avalon dragon's scion could do this.

Without a doubt, his mind and body are telling him to feel fear.

"N-No way."

Milgauss grabbed his head. Anya also got anxious.

"Lord Milgauss, are you okay?"


Milgauss turned around as he caught his breath.

Then, Milgauss opened his mouth.

"Go to Ansullivan."

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