Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1368: Lucky perv moment, open a door and get yours too

“Is Lucca going to make amends with Gawain?”

Wu Yan sneaked upstairs to avoid detection by the other Medb dormmates.

He told her to meet Gawain with him in the morning. But, after getting his lazy butt dragged out of bed by Cossette, he went to the stable only to find Lucca missing.

With classes in session, he wanted to get the mediation done before classes began.

Ash and Eco also arrived so he couldn’t have got the time wrong. In the end, Lucca was a no-show.

She is cute but since everybody woke up early for her, the least she could do was be there on time, right?

Rebecca gave a possible explanation.

“Lucca likes staying home. Other than hanging out with Gawain, the home is pretty much her second home. According to her, she liked the smell of herbs in her room. Dragging her out of her room is no easy feat.”

She told him to fetch her.

Rebecca and Silvia had other businesses to tend to.

Plus, meeting a dragon created risks for humans who might get caught up in the ensuing rampage.

Buildings are also likely to be destroyed. Hence, the two responsible student council members wanted to notify the school about their plans.

Ash and Eco stayed there so Wu Yan can go get Lucca.

Wu Yan quickly reached her room.


He knocked on the door while raising his voice.

“You up yet?”

No response.

His lips started twitching.

“Is she asleep?”

Rebecca told him that Lucca tends to sleep soundly with sleeping herbs burning nearby.

Knocking on her door won’t yield the results he wanted.

“Good thing I requested the spare key from the dorm supervisor.”

The dorm supervisor gave him a weird look when he asked for the spare key to a girl’s room.

He deleted that memory before sticking his key in the keyhole.

“Lucca, I am coming in…”

He entered her room as a wave of herbal scent struck him. He saw multiple pots of herbs and flowers in her room.

Hmm, this should be the sleeping incense.

The scent reminded him of the plants in the huge bathroom on Silvanus.

The room is also cloudy with the smoke from the burning incense.

He looked at the coffin before his mind blanked out.

“L-Lord Rowan?”

Lucca is already up.

But his timing couldn’t be worse.

Or better, depending on how one would describe the following scene.

The wafting smoke looked like a fog in the forest when viewed together with the plants. It felt mystical to be in this room.

Lucca stood within the smoke with a shocked look.

Her pristine body could be seen beyond the thin veil of the smoke. He could feel his blood pressure increasing.

Her lithe figure had no imperfections. Her collarbone looked well when combined with her smooth shoulders that looked so fragile one could break her if they clenched down on her. Although she lacked the mature charm of the other ladies, she was charming in her own way.

At her feet, one could see her negligee forming a circle of crumpled fabric.

Looks like she just took them off.

In other words, she was naked.

Wu Yan froze up.

“Lord Rowan?”

Slightly astonished, she approached him.

Except, she forgot one thing.

Her negligee was still at her feet.

She tripped on her clothes and she fell forward.


“Watch out!”

Wu Yan sprung forward to catch her smooth body. He managed to grab her waist but he lost balance himself.

Suddenly, he smelled the scent of herbs.

The two had fallen due to losing their balance at the same time.


They rolled around before bouncing off a nearby wall.

He became her cushion.



Something squishy and soft was on his mouth and nose.

Lucca is on top of him.

Specifically, she was straddling his head.

“Ah~ N-no, you can’t, you’re blowing on my…~”

Lucca moaned out loud.


How can something so cliche happen to someone like me?!

His eyes widened as he subconsciously moved his mouth.


Lucca spasmed before clenching her thighs with his head between them.

He smelled a feminine scent and the human warmth only confirmed his suspicion.

Wu Yan felt no remorse, his life’s duty was done.

“Kyaa~ N-no~ I-I can’t!”

Like a doll, Lucca arched her back slightly upwards, forming a beautiful bow, she then slumped down as if someone drained her energy. She panted up a storm on Wu Yan’s abs. Her skin was flushed red just like her elven ears. Her purple eyes turned misty.

Only after Lucca reached the zenith did his mouth and nose escape the suffocating pressure.

But, Wu Yan’s mind had not returned yet.

He thought this kind of thing only happened to male MCs of Ecchi genres.

To think he became one of them today.

Moreover, he did more than just get a lucky pervert moment.

Lucca had left her mark on his nose and his mouth.

Then, a strong killing intent emanated from the door.

He shivered before cold sweats appeared.


Rebecca and Silvia were both looking at him with their veins bulging near their temples. Judging by the dark aura they were emanating, what befell Wu Yan after that was probably not good.

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