Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1369: Not bold enough to go closer? The trauma within

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, the Seventh Dragon Stable.

Eco stood with arms akimbo.

She was trying to figure out a situation.

Why is Silvia so mad, she was sure she could see invisible flames around her.

Rebecca is also eerily smiling for some reason.

Meanwhile, Lucca is acting coy and it looked like her skin was flushed and her eyes were moist with tears.

Wu Yan had a depressing aura around him. It looked like he just narrowly escaped hell.


Eco growled.

"Someone just came back from the hospital?"

"Stop, Eco..."

Ash stopped her.

"Looks dangerous, don't go near them."

"You witless dolt, they are just female humans, why are you so afraid?"

Eco pursed her lips.

"You call yourself my slave?"

"I don't want to be your slave."

"What was that?!"

"Okay, calm down."

Rebecca calmed Eco down before she can send Ash to the hospital.

"Don't forget, we have more important stuff to attend to. Unlike somebody, he had to get his demonic digits on his underclassman."

"I already said it was a misunderstanding..."

Wu Yan grumbled before sighing.

"Screw it, you two aren't going to listen to me anyway."


Silvia snorted

"You laid your hands and then some on your underclassman, you're an enemy of the girls."

"Distributing justice via my hammer of iron justice is a lesson of the Lautreamont family."

Silvia added.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever, you can't do anything to me much less punish me."

Silvia blushed when Wu Yan called her bluff.

"Act like a proper dragonar and take responsibility!"

"By responsibility, you mean, get punched by you?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"Nah, sounds like a hassle."


it looked like Silvia and Wu Yan might fight and that scared Lucca.

"I-it's my fault, please don't fight."

"Enough, we are not here to play."

Rebecca stopped them.

"Let us settle the thing between Gawain and Lucca first."


Ash also tried to intervene.

"Lucca is so pitiful without Gawain."

"Lord Rowan."

Lucca pleaded.


Wu Yan rubbed his temple, he couldn't resist her puppy eyes.

"Yeah, let's go in."


Lucca, Ash, Rebecca, and Silvia nodded.

They went into the dragon stable.

"There, we are here."

Wu Yan led them to Gawain's room, the most secluded room in the dragon stable.

Gawain lay on the floor with a stagnant air around it. His mane also dimmed down because of his weakness. Anyone could tell this dragon isn't healthy.

"Hey, Rowan."

Eco asked on Gawain's behalf.

"Can you cure the dragon?"

"His condition isn't an illness. I can't cure him if he isn't sick."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"The root cause is Lucca's broken Astral Path with Gawain. Without Astral to sustain it, the dragon will slowly perish. However, if the pathway is reopened, Gawain will recover in no time at all."

"I can't keep sustaining this dragon with Astral-rich food."

Wu Yan said.

"Of course, Gawain could eat someone and digest the Astral from that human."

Wu Yan looked at Eco.

"N-no way!"

Eco turned cold.

"A holy dragon will never resort to something like that!"

"Then we have to repair the pathway between them."

Wu Yan looked at Lucca.

"Lucca, he's all yours."

"Go, Lucca."

Rebecca encouraged her.

"Greet Gawain first."


Lucca looked at Wu Yan for affirmation. After he nodded, she approached the dragon with hesitance.

Lucca stopped halfway there.

She wanted to converse with Gawain.

"She's too far isn't she?"

Silvia said.

"He is her Pal, she should go closer."

"Gawain isn't awake yet, Lucca just stopped herself."

Rebecca thought.

"Looks like she has some kind of issue, she can't get close to him."

They looked at her. Meanwhile, Wu Yan is thinking about something.


Lucca called out to her sleeping dragon.

Gawain turned his head the other way before dozing off again.


Lucca looked down.

"Wh-what was that?!"

Silvia got annoyed by Gawain's attitude.

"That isn't an attitude a dragon should show his master."

"Hmm, this level of rejection."

Rebecca mused out loud.

"This is way more serious than I thought."

"That attitude."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Gawain needs to take a chill pill."


Rebecca pointed her lips in their direction.

"Go help them."

"Sheesh, why not..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

He went to Gawain's side.

"Come here!"

Lucca thought twice about going over there. She felt anxious even if Wu Yan tried to get her there.

"Look, if you can't even do this much then you're both doomed."

Lucca clenched her fists before approaching Gawain.

Lucca psyched herself up as she approached Lucia.

She was shivering, her gait was unsteady.

It felt like she is approaching a monster rather than her Pal.

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