Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1370: Inability to escape her trauma

as Wu Yan and Lucca got closer to Gawain. The mood became tense as if a volcano will explode. Eco, Ash, Rebecca, and Silvia watched with paused breaths.

Gawain opened its eyes after sensing a familiar presence. It looked at Wu Yan and Lucca. It started wondering if it should let its master come close.

But, his savior is here so it wouldn't be right to turn the girl down.

Gawain is not pleased with Wu Yan. He is silently scolding him for doing something unnecessary.

Wu Yan read the dragon's mind with a smile.

A tsundere juvenile dragon, amusing...

Wu Yan led Lucca over to Gawain.


Hiding behind Wu Yan, Lucca looked back at Gawain who is sternly staring down at her.

Gawain didn't roar at her yet. Rebecca & co sighed in relief.

"Rowan really tamed the dragon."

Rebecca said.

"Gawain is a juvenile maestro, its ability is on par with Lancelot. It is feisty but tamable. I see the Godly Rider did his job again."

"Lancelot is also a juvenile dragon."

Silvia retorted.

"Plus, Lancelot knows Supersonic Flight and Spiral Dragon Breath. Although it is at the same stage of growth, it is more powerful than Gawain!"

"Yes, but, while Lucca is unable to perform the spiral piercing dragon breath but you would lose in a duel with Lucca."

Rebecca giggled.

"Don't forget, there is a reason why her people chose her as the next Elbaff matriarch."

"The leader..."

Silvia froze up.

"The Dragon Dance?"

"Yes. Once she masters it, it would be hard to say who would win a duel."

Rebecca said.

"Of course, that hinges on Gawain approving Lucca first."

"Look, buster, I don't want to butt in just as much as you don't want me to butt in. I'd say Lucca would be greatly saddened by your death."

"Lucca is the hope of her people."

Wu Yan warned the dragon.

"If she lost her Pal and Dragonar status. Her status would plummet among her people. Do you wish living hell for her?"

"Well? Do you?"

Gawain wavered.

"If she can overcome her weakness. You both can return to how things once were. Won't that be perfect?"

He patted the dragon's neck.

"Just give her another chance."

Gawain is still hesitant.

It doesn't want to see Lucca in danger or lose her social status.

But, can she overcome her fear?


Lucca pleaded.

"I don't know what I did wrong. Just give me a chance to talk, please, talk with me."


Gawain lowered its head.

"I know it isn't fair to force a decision like this on a dragon your age."

Wu Yan rubbed the dragon's horn.

"Okay, let's do this. You two sit here."

Gawain sat back down despite its pride.

"What a haughty dragon."

Wu Yan said.

"Lucca, I want you to touch Gawain."

"Lord Rowan."

Lucca is a bit happy to see Gawain sit down. She got nervous, however, when Wu Yan called on her.

"Touch Gawain just like in the past."

Wu Yan looked at Lucca who is sweating hard.

"This is your last chance. I will not help you again after today."

Wu Yan isn't joking around. He warned her to choose wisely.

This is the moment of truth. Can Lucca grasp the lifeline in front of her or did Wu Yan come here on a fool's errand?

Lucca clasped her hands together. Then, she stopped hiding behind Wu Yan.

She reached out to Gawain.

Eco & co watched without making a sound.

Gawain also opened its eyes.

Slowly, her hand approached the dragon.

Then, her pupils shrank as scenes of the past resurfaced.

The feeling of falling without support, the dread of unknown impending pain, she saw Gawain hovering further away from her and the shrinking ground. The despair of not being able to do anything in the air.

Her face turned pale.

She started backing away in fear.


Silvia & co gasped.


Angered and disappointed, the dragon roared at his master.


Lucca wanted to run away but Lucca got stopped.

Silvia and Rebecca stood in her way.


Rebecca used a stern tone with her.

"Why? Why are you so afraid of touching Gawain? Why are you running away?"

Lucca shivered like a tiny critter.


Silvia also called her out.

"Are you seriously afraid of Gawain?!"

She's afraid of Gawain?

In other words, Gawain is rejecting her because of her own fear?


Lucca slumped down. She kneeled down in despair.

Silvia & co watched her without saying anything.

Wu Yan rubbed Gawain's neck as he slowly closed his eyes, Lucca needed some time to recover.

The air turned still.

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