Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1371: Giving another helping hand.

In the student council office, the student council members gathered while Cosette stood quietly behind Silvia. They aren't happy campers.

Eco is also sporting a dark look, unlike her usual chirpy self.

The student council room felt depressing.

Rebecca entered the room with a heavy look too. She looked like she was tired.


Wu Yan sighed.

"Pour her a cup of tea."


Cossette placed a cup of black tea in front of Rebecca.

"Who are you serving?"

Silvia wasn't happy to see her maid listening to Wu Yan.

Now isn't the time to be petty.


Rebecca picked the cup of tea up.


Wu Yan's question was on everyone's mind..

"I sent her back to Medb."

She bitterly laughed.

"Lucca locked the door up after getting into her room. She also ignored my calls, must have been hard on her."

"I guess."

"Why would someone be rejected by their own Pal because they are afraid of their Pals?"

"Don't speculate."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"Lucca must have her own reasons. If she is truly afraid of Gawain then she wouldn't have done her best to reconcile with Gawain."

"You mean..."

Rebecca furrowed her brows.

"There is another reason why she is afraid of Gawain?"


"Rather than being afraid of Gawain, Lucca is just afraid of riding Gawain."

"She is afraid of flying with Gawain?"

Silvia frowned.

"What's the difference?"


Wu Yan shook his head.

"The true story between Lucca's fear and Gawain's rejection can be confounding."

Wu Yan told them about what happened when Lucca and Gawain tried the Dragon Dance.

Lucca was trying to perfect her clan's technique but she fell from Gawain's back during the drill.

After falling and getting hurt, Lucca started dreading the idea of flying on Gawain.

Gawain rejected her because it acknowledged that any attempts to ride him while bearing this fear will most likely end up triggering another accident. This is why Gawain one-sidedly closed off the Astral Path and chose the path of suicide to protect Lucca.

After listening to this, the other members felt astonished.

"To think there is something like that between them."

Rebecca is a bit moved to hear this.

So this was why you said you sided with Gawain?

"It might be a bit over-the-top but that Dragon is doing this to protect Lucca."

Wu Yan rubbed his temple.

"Actually, I knew this would happen since traumas don't have antidotes readily available. Lucca probably knows this too, she just won't admit it."


Silvia couldn't understand.

"Nobody is going to laugh at her. Falling from one's dragon is normal. Why did the dragon have to do something so drastic?"

"The Elbaff are proud of their abilities to ride dragons. Lucca's Dragon Dance is a testament to this."

Rebecca answered.

"It is probably very shameful for her to fall off Gawain.."

"I am guessing this is why she kept mum about the incident. It is also likely the reason why she couldn't admit her own fear of flying."

Silvia revealed a troubled look.

"This is so messy."

Wu Yan knows how hard it is to treat someone's trauma, he cured Miku of her hatred and disgust of men in Date A Lie.

Miku had radical thoughts too but she is ultimately a victim in her universe. He couldn't blame her for it.

If not for Wu Yan's subconscious desire to protect Spirits becoming engraved in Miku's mind, she would likely still treat humans like animals. She would also still be mute.

"This cannot go on."

Rebecca said.

"Ignoring Gawain for now. Lucca is talented and her people have high hopes for her. She will one day serve this country as an Arch Dragonar. I will not tolerate this event stopping her growth. We must help her as fellow students."


Silvia chimed in.

"Elbaffs contributed superior human resources in the past. Their people also fought to forge the country we know today. With the future leader in trouble, I cannot sit idly by as the fourth princess of this country."

"Let's do it!"

Ash gnashed his teeth.

"I don't have grand objectives like the president and princess but I know what it feels like to be isolated as the social outcast. A girl like her shouldn't experience that kind of stigma."

Rebecca silently praised Ash and Silvia for their resolve. Then, she looked at Wu Yan.

"Look, you know me, I won't let that annoying dragon die."

Wu Yan roamed his gaze over everyone.

"Looks like the student council has to step in again."

Wu Yan poured cold water on everyone.

"I know how you feel but there is little we can do to help."

They exchanged confused looks.

"I think we have to leave this up to the other experts in the school."

Ash suggested.

"Nope, they tried but Gawain won't let them get close."

"Rowan can make Gawain listen, right?"

Silvia said.

"If he's there, maybe the experts can check on Gawain?"

"Gawain's problem is his lack of Astral."

Rebecca shook her head.

"Even if they could examine Gawain,  we don't know how to infuse Gawain with enough Astral to keep him alive."

The student council immediately hit a roadblock.

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