Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1372:

Three days went by. Lucca and Gawain are still nowhere close to reconciliation.

Rebecca and Silvia visited Lucca to see if she is okay but she didn't even greet them much less open her dorm room.

Lucca also took away the spare key so they can't sneak in.

Lucca didn't come out of her room these few days.

If Wu Yan goes there, she might respond since she owes him for taking care of Gawain and she respects him greatly as a skilled dragon rider.

Gawain's condition will worsen if Wu Yan stops taking care of him.

Wu Yan was placed on Gawain duty while Rebecca and Silvia tried to pacify Lucca.

Ash and Eco are annoyed.

They couldn't help and Rebecca didn't assign them any tasks. They wanted to help but they don't know how to contribute.

Medb is a female dorm, Ash can't go in. Wu Yan got incredibly lucky when he went there, each time, he experienced lucky perv moments. Silvia and Rebecca won't let history repeat with Ash. Meanwhile, Eco is his Pal so she was ordered to stay with Ash.

As for Wu Yan, Eco didn't want to see Ash taking care of any Pal other than her.

She will not allow her servant to take care of another Maestro as it would stain her image of a dragon scion.

She said Ash can only serve her.

Ash and Eco gave up on Gawain.

Wu Yan had some notions he wanted to clear up with these two.

He isn't a servant and cooking for Gawain hardly counted as service.

He is just feeding Gawain with Astral-rich food.

If he is a servant then all cooks and waiters are servants.

Wu Yan isn't a professional cook but he can make food for dragons. His clients include the likes of Cú Chulainn, Lancelot, and Gawain who ate a ton of food.

Rebecca and Silvia didn't want to see Wu Yan under Lucca again so they told him to stay away from Medb dorm.

Of course, Wu Yan complained.

He understood why Silvia told him to stay away, she has a massive crush on him. At least, that is the implied message he got from Cossette.

What about Rebecca?

Is it purely because of her desire to protect Lucca?

Or, is she in love with him too?

Only Rebecca would know the answer to this.

He's not going to turn down freebies but he is still wise enough to know how to solve crucial problems first.

Wu Yan sighed.

"Kyaa! Lord Rowan sighed!"

"He sighed!"

"Uwu, I want to sit in front of him and let him blow me..."

"That sounds dirty but I can appreciate the notion too."

He heard the ladies around him whispering. They were sneaking glances at him while holding back their frenzied shrieks. Immediately, he felt 80% of his energy leaving him.

"I can't even get peace in the classroom."

Then, someone called out to him.

"Lord Rowan, somebody's here to see you!"


The class went silent.

"Someone's here for Rowan?"

Silvia also stopped reading her book.

Silvia looked at the classroom door.

A petite figure is hiding behind the door as she peeked around the corner.

She had platinum blonde hair that was cut into a bob cut with curled hair near her shoulders.

She wore the female student uniform but she wore it with such style that she looked like a model doll. Her purple eyes and sharp ears made her already beautiful mien stand out even more. She looked like a fairy that exited a storybook.

Lucca finally came out of her room.


Silvia gasped.

"It's you."

Wu Yan also flinched.

The class started whispering once more.

"H-hey, isn't that Lucca Sarlinen of the third-year foundation students?"

"Lucca Sarlinen, the Elbaff known as the youngest Dragonar in history?"

"Yeah, I know her. That's her alright."

"That Elbaff genius is here to see Lord Rowan..."

Lucca is also quite famous in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy. She is as popular as Silvia although not to the extent of Rebecca.

She is an Elbaff and the youngest Dragonar in history. Her looks also made her a goddess-like existence among the male students in the foundation years.

There are also fans here.

With Lucca here to see Wu Yan, the situation created an uproar much like how Rebecca created chaos when she visited to see Wu Yan.

Lucca couldn't deal with this attention. She darted her eyes around the classroom before spotting Wu Yan.

"Lord Rowan..."


Wu Yan stood up. He went over to her. After confirming that she lost weight, he frowned.

"I have many things to say to you but I will hear you out."


Misunderstanding Wu Yan's concern as anger, she lowered her head in guilt.

She knows he is angry over Gawain's health and her wellbeing.

She also couldn't forgive herself for acting so unsightly in front of Wu Yan who tried to help her.

"I-I know this is unreasonable but I need to ask you about something."

"Another request?"

Wu Yan allowed her to continue.


Lucca blushed before looking down at the floor.

The students also knew she is about to drop a bombshell, the whole place piped down.


Lucca invited him over.

"Tonight, may I request Lord Rowan to stay in my room for the night?"


Wu Yan paused.


The other students also froze up.

"Staying the night?"

Silvia's eyes went wide. She yelled after a few seconds.

"She wants him to spend a night with her?!"

The classroom turned frigid cold.

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