Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1373: An experiment? A peaceful night destroyed

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy

In the night, the sea of stars littered the sky as the cool moon shined down its frigid rays on the earth. A thin veil of fog could be seen in the distance.

The dorms are almost dark. The students of all four dorms are asleep or getting ready to sleep.

The Seventh Dragon Stable is also dark. The dragons there are also asleep judging by the loud snores coming from that place.

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy is going to experience a storm tonight.

Near Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, there is a certain building.

It looked like an old cathedral.

There is a clock tower in the center of the cathedral.

There are two individuals there, one short and one tall.

The male wore a cold silver mask.

The female wore revealing clothes and her scarf couldn't hide her tanned skin. That ponytail also made her stand out.

Milgauss and Anya infiltrated this place after coming here all the way from Danebury.

Milgauss gazed upon the Academy with nostalgia.

Anya is standing behind him. If she could see the feelings in his eyes, she would be shocked.

The moonlight hit Anya and Milgauss. Their capes fluttered in the wind. They basically have "assassins" written across them.

Milgauss exclaimed.

"As peaceful as ever."

"You've been here before?"

Anya questioned him.

Was Milgauss ever assigned to a mission in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy?

Milgauss opened his arm wide as if to hug Ansullivan Dragonar Academy. He diverted the topic.

"Enjoy this peace, Anya. Soon, it will be destroyed."

"Lord Milgauss."

Anya wanted to say something but she stopped herself.

"Are we really attacking this place?"

"This is a good chance, no?"

Milgauss closed his eyes as he basked in the environment.

But, he said things that civilians would run away from.

"Ansullivan Dragonar Academy is an institution for bringing up dragon riders. It is a solid foundation for Lautreamont."

"Don't you think this is the best place for us to conduct our experiment?"

Milgauss opened his eyes as a cold glint flashed in it.

"We need to test our Necromantia more. We need to gather more combat data."


Anya felt disgusted upon hearing the term.

Anya didn't like the look of those corrupted, distorted, undead dragons.

If at all possible, she would like to avoid looking or getting anywhere close to the undead dragons. But, Milgauss ordered her to come here.

Anya felt bad for the students of the academy.

Is this place going to be conquered by Necromantias?

I pity them.

"Let us begin."

Milgauss said.

"Anya, take that thing out."


Anya hesitated but she returned to the dark halls of the clocktower.

Milgauss roamed his gaze over Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.

"Let me see the dragon of white flames once more."

Anya took out an urn.

It was filled with the ash of dragons.

They gathered these ashes from crematoriums all over Lautreamont with the help of Anya, Milgauss, and other operatives sent by the Zepharos Empire.

Milgauss can summon undead dragons with Zepharos' magic tech items but the ashes are undeniably important catalysts for the ritual.

He is going to turn these ashes into malevolent undead creatures that will destroy Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.

Anya opened the urn before throwing piles of ashes down the clock tower.

Milgauss also took out a coffin-like box.


He took out the spiny, malevolent, and evil-looking bone sword crafted to mimic a dragon's wings.

That weird demonic blade is the product of Zepharos Magic Engineering. It can be used to summon Necromantia.

Milgauss went back to Zepharos empire to procure another demon blade. He also modified this blade.

The previous demonic blade just looked ornamental. This blade was designed to mimic an undead mecha dragon.

The demonic blade had Fafnirites in them. These are the jewels and gems embedded in the demonic blade. The jewels brimmed with energy.

These processed Fafnirites are also known as Oracles.

Milgauss swung his sword down like a sledgehammer.

The sword pierced the ground before a dark surge of magical energy echoed out.

Milgauss started chanting while holding the blade.

"Hear me, ye fallen beings from the abyss of death, let the encroaching darkness come forth. Your blood, your flesh, ashes to ashes, dust to dust..."

The Fafnirite lit up the clock tower before Milgauss raised his sword in the air.

"Come, let the world see the culmination of magic engineering!"

The demonic sword started emitting dark red lightning that shot into the sky.

The clouds above formed a giant storm cloud.

Red lightning could be seen creeping within the anomalous clouds.

Pairs of ominous red eyes appeared beneath the clock tower. The evil entities looked at Ansullivan Dragonar Academy like it was filled with delicious prey.

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