Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1374: Can sleeping together wait?

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Apollo Dorm.

Inside the dimly-lit room, Wu Yan and Lucca sat opposite one another. The air was weird because the two said nothing.

Lucca is blushing hard. She wore a blue nightgown. Rubbing fists against her thighs, she didn't know how to proceed from this point. Wu Yan also wanted to retort.

What does she want?

Outside Wu Yan's dorm room, two figures lurked near his window. They were peeking into the room like thieves.

One of them is livid.

Silvia and Cossette stood outside his window.

After the last time, Silvia transformed herself from the fourth princess to a pervert that sneaked into a guy's room. If word ever got out, people would reconsider her title as the Icy Princess.

Silvia knows how important it is to defend her reputation. This is why she worked hard to prevent tarnishing the royal family's name. But, Silvia grumbled outside her crush's window like some kind of stalker.

"Ugh, I can't believe she is really here. This is so impure and inappropriate."


Cossette felt tired.

"Can't you cut Lord Rowan some slack?"


She suppressed her voice.

"I know he is after her. With Lucca sharing the same room as him, I know that buster will get what he wants if he tries seeing as Lucca won't defend herself."

Silvia clenched her fists.

"Our job tonight is to stop any lewd acts and protect Lucca. We will become the hammers of justice tonight as per Lautreamont's family principle."


Cossette snickered.

"If she offered herself up to Lord Rowan, what would you say if he said yes?"


Silvia started giggling.

"N-nah, I don't think Lucca would consent to this since she just met him a week ago."

"I don't see a problem here."

Cossette continued.

"You only met Lord Rowan for 10 minutes at most. Still, you can't forget him for close to a decade, no?"

"I-It's not the same."

Silvia's mouth isn't as honest as her mind.

"Rowan did me a great favor, I..."

"Lucca also received great favors from him."

Cossette reminded her.

"Lord Rowan did a lot things like taking care of Gawain, mediating between Lucca and her Pal, it's almost like the deed he did for you, am I wrong?"


She started panicking.

It is entirely possible the two might...

"Why don't we just go in? I know you're worried."

Silvia wanted to scream but Cossette shut her up first.

"Oh, my, I don't know if I should call this a coincidence or fate?"

Rebecca said while standing on Cú Chulainn. She giggled when she found the Princess peeking into Wu Yan's room.

"As a student council member, I don't recommend peeking on other students."


Silvia gasped.

"Why are you here? Are you also here to..."

"I do want to know what those two are doing but I am more worried about Lucca..."

Rebecca said.

Wu Yan is on the third floor so Silvia and Cossette are riding on Lancelot's back.


Silvia sighed in relief.

"Why Lucca?"

"She is not as easy as you think. She won't do anything hanky panky with Wu Yan."

Rebecca explained.

"She must be here to request something incredibly important, probably related to Gawain."

Silvia calmed down.

Lucca is an introvert. She won't ask someone to visit her secret garden after only a few encounters.

Rebecca wanted to hear her out too.

Silvia felt ashamed that she assumed Lucca would request something lewd.

"It's okay, I get it."

Rebecca said.

"When you're in love, it's easy to mistake the forest for the tree."


Silvia blushed.

"It's not like that."


Rebecca sighed, she didn't buy Silvia's denial.

"That man is so sinful it is a bit infuriating."

"Yo-you're angry?"

Silvia hesitated.

"Pres, are you also..."

"I like him."

Rebecca said.

"But, I am still thinking if he is a suitable life partner."

Silvia also sighed.

"Truly a sinful man."

Wu Yan broke the silence first.

"Lucca, what's wrong? You want to ask my help, right?"

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"Or, are you really here just to sleep with me?"


Lucca turned redder. She whispered in a small voice.

"I-if you want to do that then wait until I am done speaking, c-can we do that after?"

Wu Yan almost fell down.

So that was part of her objective?

"So unhealthy... so lewd..."

Silvia shivered in anger.

"This guy casually suggested something like that to a younger student. I must give him divine judgment."

"Lord Rowan is at fault here."

Cossette said. Meanwhile, Silvia is glad to see Cossette on the same page as her for once.

Then, she followed up with another line.

"If he wanted someone to share the pillow with him then he could have told me, I would immediately drop my..."

"Cossette, stop right there."

Silvia said.

"My maid is also a lewd girl, I can't believe..."

"Well, don't mind it."

Cossette waved her hand.

"Once you get him hitched with you, I will throw myself in as the bonus on the matrimonial night. We can all have fun then."


Silvia's hands trembled.

Rebecca bitterly laughed as she watched the maid tease her mistress.

"That man, he is going to hell."

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