Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1376: The academy became a battlefield

"What's the matter?!"


"An earthquake?!"

The students opened up their windows to look out.

The teachers and other staff are also peeking out to see what is going on.

Boom boom boom

It sounded like multiple giant beasts rampaging across the land.

Then, the dust settled.

What followed was a terrifying army.

There are multiple dragons with dark skin and savage eyes. They looked like walking corpses.

Nobody in their right mind would call these things dragons.

However, the undead dragons were grouped by their types.

There are undead Stradas in the skies above.

Undead Asias crawled around while undead Hydras roamed the nearby rivers.

The dark aura around these beasts gave them a directional indicator. They were headed for the academy.

There are hundreds if not thousands of these undead dragons.

They were marching on like an undead army.


The bellows of the undead beings rocked the night.

"What are those?!"



The students started running in panic.

The undead dragons finally arrived at the academy.

The main gates of the academy couldn't defend against the undead dragons.


The dragons started bombarding the school with their dragon breaths.

The water dragons made giant holes in the school.


"Wh- How?"

Silvia and Lucca looked on in horror.

Buildings collapsed as the dragons trashed the place.

The Stradas are still bombarding the school.

The other dragons decimated the land.

Dust and flames lit up the night.

The students and teachers ran around like panicky rats.

Flames blazed.




The academy was getting leveled by the second.

The place went up in flames as people shrieked in fear.

"The academy..."

Silvia was enraged by this. Rebecca's emerald eyes also lit up with anger.

Unlike Wu Yan, these two spent years at this place. They loved it.

With undead dragons destroying the school, they were righteously angered.

"Lord Rowan..."

She hugged Wu Yan tighter.

"Our school..."

"It's fine."

Wu Yan patted her back.

"Rebecca, rally the people and begin the defense. It is not the time to clench your fists in anger."

Rebecca also straightened herself up.


Ash and Eco came out of their rooms.

"What are we going to do?"


Another deafening series of roars interrupted them.


The Pals of the students rose to the challenge.

All the Stradas, Hydras, and Asias came out to meet their undead foes.

Immediately, it turned into an all-out brawl of dragons.

"The dragons are attacking!"

Rebecca said.

"Hmph, looks like the Pals are fighting while their masters are busy running away."

Wu Yan looked at the other students and teachers.

"Some knights these people are."

"They are still underage. I don't blame them for this."

Rebecca grinned.

"This is why we are student council members, it is time to take the reins."

Rebecca closed her eyes before opening her arms.

"As your master, Rebecca Randall, I command you to forge an Arc Armor for me!"


Cú Chulainn channeled magic power to forge a magic formation dozens of centimeters wide. The formation covered Rebecca.

It slid down from the top, replacing her curvy figure with a shiny suit of armor.

Rebecca extended her right hand before a golden magic formation spun into her palm.

"Come, the spear of instant-kill, Gae Bolg!"


"Fine, it would be troubling if this place got destroyed."

Eco chanted.

"Helm, aventail, breastplate, vambrace, gauntlet, spaulder, greave, sabaton, and gousset..."


A blinding white light covered Ash.

His Star brand started emitting searing heat. When the heat subsided, a magical white armor was already on him.

Silvia bit her lips before taking Lancelot's rein.

"I don't have an Arc Armor but I will still do my best!"


Lancelot roared as if to agree with her.

The war has begun.

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