Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1377: A battle or bonanza?


Rebecca, Silvia, and Ash didn’t immediately dive into the battlefield. They looked at Wu Yan instead.

This is the biggest crisis in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy’s history.

Rebecca is powerful and can hold her own in a fight. Silvia learned Supersonic Flight and the Piercing Spiral Dragon Breath so she can fight rather well. Ash might be on borrowed time with his Mimic Arc Armor but he can still fight on par with Silvia at this level.

Silvia can only maintain her speed for so long, Ash can only fight in that for so long, and Rebecca can’t possibly be expected to fight and win by herself, not against hundreds of undead dragons.

Fortunately, they still had Wu Yan.

This ordinary-looking guy is the man who defeated Ursula in combat, hailed as possibly the strongest Arch Dragonar in existence.

His participation will bolster their forces significantly.

If he unleashed his white dragon, they reckoned he would be able to wipe out the undead dragon army easily. After all, just a tiny fraction of his white dragon’s power was enough to defeat Ursula in an instant.

They were there when the white flames rocked the duel arena. They know those white flames aren’t as simple as they looked.

Ursula also vouched for Wu Yan by claiming he never fought seriously in that duel.

They wanted to see him in action.

Alas, He shook his head.



An explosion interrupted him.

A pack of Hydras bursts out of the ground.

The hydras immediately attacked Rebecca & co.


Rebecca and Silvia yelled.


The hydras fired magic lasers at them.

“Watch out!”

The humans were slow but Cu Chulainn and Lancelot reacted first.

The dragons deployed hexagonal barriers.


The magic lasers couldn’t pierce the barrier.

However, that wasn’t the end of it.

The Hydras unfurled masses of black whips that looked like tentacles.

No, those things are tentacles, disgusting, blackish-red tentacles.

The tentacles wrapped around Silvia and Rebecca.



Wu Yan’s jaw dropped.

Undead dragons can do tentacle play?

“President Rebecca! Princess!”

Ash tried to cut the tentacles but he missed.

The tentacles suspended Silvia and Rebecca in the air.


“Unhand me!”

They had a bad feeling.

And, true enough, their intuition was correct.

“Wait… what are you doing?!”


The tentacles crept underneath Rebecca’s armor and Silvia’s uniform.


“Ugh… No…”

Rebecca and Silvia started moaning.

The ladies were molested by the tentacles. Their cheeks blushed as their breathing became erratic. Wu Yan also watched with a stunned look.

What kind of dragons are these?

Not only do these dragons come with tentacles, they know how to molest human females with their tentacles.

Another yelp came from next to him.

“No!!! Stop!”

While Wu Yan is busy gawking at the scene in front of him, another Hydra yoinked Lucca off of Wu Yan.

The tentacle pulled Lucca out of his room and hung her in the air. Lucca started struggling with tears at the corners of her eyes.

The tentacles also crept into her loose nightgown.

“N-no, don’t touch me in weird places… No…”

Lucca also started heaving feverishly with Rebecca and Silvia.

Wu Yan watched with astonishment while Ash got disabled by Eco. She poked his eyes to make sure her dog doesn’t look at other females. In other words, Ash is currently rolling around in anguish on the floor.

Rebecca resisted the weird impulses coursing through her body before getting angry over Wu Yan's apparent amusement over this affair.

"Stop spacing out and help us!"

"Oh, right."

Wu Yan stepped on the ledge of his window before bursting out like a black lightning bolt. He zipped past the three ladies.

Splish splash

in an instant, he cut off the tentacles hanging Rebecca, Silvia, and Lucca in the air. However, the tentacles continued to wriggle even though they were cut off from their conjurors.

Wu Yan landed on the ground with Rebecca, Silvia, and Lucca in his arms.

"I didn't think these monsters had abilities like this. I underestimated them."


Rebecca and Silvia got angry.

"Cú Chulainn!"



The two created a massive array of magic formations.

The flames they summoned were able to wipe out the five hydras along with their tentacles in a wave of furious flames. Not even charcoal remained of the undead dragons.

Rebecca and Silvia were enraged. Wu Yan knew these ladies couldn't be stopped now.

May the Lord have mercy upon their souls and may the Necromantias rest in peace.

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