Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1378

“Rowan, I need you to mobilize.”

Rebecca ordered Wu Yan.

As an Arch Dragonar, that was the first time she suffered such humiliation in front of others.

Silvia is also vengeful over the previous incident.

However, he has to turn them both down.

“Nope, you girls go ahead.”

He looked at Lucca who was hiding behind him.

“I need to take care of some business here.”

“This is an emergency, what are you…”

Silvia was stopped by Rebecca.

Rebecca narrowed her eyes as she analyzed his motives.

“Ah, I got it now. Alright, we will go first.”


Silvia gasped.

What could be more important than saving the school?

“He’s got this.”

Rebecca answered. Then, she rode Cu Chulainn.

“Let’s go! Cu Chulainn!”

Like a bolt of red lightning, she flew into the fray.

“Wait for me!”

Silvia glanced at Wu Yan and Lucca.

“Be careful…”

“I know, I can take care of myself.”

He chuckled.

“You should worry about yourself.”


Silvia snorted. Cossette clung onto Silvia’s waist as they joined the battlefield too.

“How long are you going to roll around on the floor?”

Eco kicked Ash even though he is still recovering from her nasty eye jabs from before.

Eco pulled Ash by his collar as they made their way to the battlefield too.

“Don't fall behind, you’re embarrassing me!”


He watched as Eco pulled Ash into the battlefield like a prisoner of war.

“Lord Rowan.”

Lucca was curious as to why he remained behind when the others are going to fight.


“Come with me.”

He pulled her hand.

“Lord Rowan?”

She tilted her head in confusion but she followed him anyway.


A giant sword beam 10 meters wide cut across the field. The sword beam had a flame attribute in it so it was glowing red too.

The Stradas and Hydras that got caught in the wave were either cut apart or incinerated into chunks of undead charred dragon meat.

Wu Yan swept across the area with his Nietono No Shana cutting down any dragons at range. Soon, they arrived at their destination.

They were at the Seventh Dragon Stable.

“The dragon stable?”

Lucca yelled.


A dragon’s roar met her yell. A pillar of light pierced the stable roof.

Gawain exploded out of the hole as it charged into the sky.


Lucca yelled in joy.

But, 10 Stradas followed Gawain from behind. They were whipping Gawain with dark tentacles.

Gawain dodged the tentacles while zooming into the sky.

Soon, Gawain slowed down.

As a Maestro, Gawain can defeat 10 undead flying dragons on his own.

At his optimal state, that is.

Alas, he is malnourished by his lack of Astral. Even Cu Chulainn would find it hard to fend off 10 Stradas if he is starving.

Gawain’s slowing speed meant he got surrounded by tentacles in no time at all.


The dragon bellowed in frustration.


Lucca panicked.

“Lord Rowan!”

Lucca grabbed his clothes.

“Save Gawain.”


Surprisingly enough, Wu Yan didn’t help her. He stuck his Nietono no Shana into the ground with a cold look.

“I won’t help.”

Lucca couldn’t believe her ears.


“Not my job.”

Wu Yan answered.

“You should be the one going in to save him.”


“Gawain cut off the Astral Pathway to protect you. This is why he is so enfeebled. He should have been able to exterminate those Necromantias at full power. You’re the reason why he is in that miserable state.”

Wu Yan explained.

“As his owner, it’s your responsibility to save your dragon.”

“But, h-how can I do that?”

Lucca cried as she didn’t know what to do.

“I can’t do anything without Gawain. Lord Rowan, please save Gawain. I don’t care what you do to me or say to me, jus-just save G-Gawain…”


He sighed.

“Remember the time you spent with Gawain.”

“Remember the exhilaration of flying in the air with him.”

“Remember the training you guys did together.”

“Remember the time you guys played and ate together.”

“Remember the feeling of growing together with Gawain.”

“Lucca, can you really afford to watch as Gawain weakens day by day like this?”

Wu Yan encouraged her. Those scenes of her past with Gawain also floated into her mind.

“Gawain is a prideful dragon.”

Wu Yan closed his eyes after confirming that Gawain is still surrounded by 10 undead Stradas.

“Now, he is having trouble fighting off 10 weak undead dragons. If he is defeated here, he will never recover from this setback.”

“Do you want to see Gawain plunging into the pits of despair and be rendered useless?”


Lucca clenched her fists.

Wu Yan has a point.

Gawain will not be able to tolerate defeat by these undead dragons.

She is the reason for Gawain’s weakness.

She imagined the possible future of Gawain becoming weaker and weaker until the day he dies of a lack of Astral.


Absolutely no!


Gawain mewled in the sky. That was the last straw for Lucca.


She started running forward after casting her fear aside.


Astral energy flowed out from Lucca’s body. Her Astral formed a pillar of light that shot into the sky.

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