Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1382: A refuge? Silvia's weird look

Be cautious?

Of what?

Eco & the others exchanged looks.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Didn't you hear Milgauss?"

Wu Yan continued.

"If what Milgauss said was true then the imperial descendant of the Underworld Nehalennia will seek Eco out and fight to the death."

"Ash, keep messing around like this and Eco might just be killed, do you want to see that happening to her?"

Ash froze up, the dread that rose up within him immediately chilled his core.

He finally realized the dire situation he was facing.

"I-I am not afraid."

Eco said while sporting a pale look.

In any case, Eco was only born 3 months ago, she is still a juvenile dragon even if she is in human form.

No one can blame her for the dread plaguing her, who would be able to face the threat of mortality at such an age?

“Rowan is right, Ash, you need to start taking this seriously.”

Rebecca warned him.

“Eco is only a juvenile dragon. Though she might be able to give you replica Arc Armors, the foe you’re up against, the scion of the Underworld dragons might be older than her. It is even possible that her archnemesis is already fully grown.”

“That nemesis might be far stronger than Eco. I can’t imagine what it can do if we use Eco’s current infantile powers as the benchmark.”

“You need to take care and protect Eco.”

‘I know…”

Ash nodded.

“I won’t let anything happen to her.”

“I-I don’t need anyone to protect me!”

Eco snorted like a tsundere.

“How are you supposed to protect me? You’re just a normal human.”


Ash conceded.

“Another thing…”

Wu Yan frowned.

“I can’t get this out of my mind.”

Rebecca & co turned to him.

“Remember what Milgauss said before he escaped?”

He narrowed his eyes.

“He said a bigger banquet was coming.”

The others also tensed up.

“What is that guy going to do again?!”

“Wasn’t destroying the school enough for him?”

“I don’t know, try asking the guy?”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“I allowed him to run because I wanted to see what he had in store for me.”

“That was wrong.”

Rebecca pointed out.

“You should have captured him. We could interrogate him!”

“You think he is just going to confess everything when we waterboard him?”

Wu Yan explained.

“Moreover, he is from the Zepharos empire. I don’t think he is the only one planning this ‘banquet’. If we catch him and he ends up being just another runner for a master planner then we will lose any links we have. I would rather keep him alive until we find out what they are up to.”

“Y-you’re right.”

Rebecca frowned.

“But, he escaped, how are we supposed to track him down?”

“No, we know what he looks like and his modus operandi, sooner or later, he will slip up again.”

Wu Yan shook his head.

“I will leave it up to the knights for the detective work. Our jobs as students are the repair work of the school.”


Rebecca sighed.

“I will report this to the royal knight order, maybe they will do something about this.”

“That will do.”

Wu Yan smiled.

Silvia is still sulking at the side.


Wu Yan addressed her.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Silvia continued mopping around like she hadn’t heard him.

The other student council members exchanged worried looks.

Cossette also nudged Silvia.


“Princess! Princess!”


Silvia gasped before looking at them.

“Wh-what’s wrong?”

“That’s what we are asking you.”

Wu Yan tilted his head.

“You’ve been acting strange ever since you returned from the clock tower. You look like you have something on your mind, completely unlike the always-serious Silvia I know.”


Silvia roamed her gaze over everyone before looking down.

“I-I kept recalling a certain thing.”


Rebecca urged her to go on.

“What do you mean?”

Silvia hesitated, she wanted to voice her concern but she ultimately gave up on the idea.

“No, it is nothing.”

The others knew she was lying.

She has something to say but she won’t reveal it.


Ash wanted to say something but Wu Yan stopped him.

Ash obediently sat back down.

“Okay, fine, we will move on to another topic.”

Rebecca stood up.

“I just got the damage report from the school.”

“All in all, of the four dorms, only one got damaged to the extent where habitation is impossible.”

She said this while looking at Wu Yan and Ash. They had an ominous sense of foreboding.

“One dorm.”

Ash gulped.

“Don’t tell me…”


Rebecca shrugged.

“It is the Apollo Dorm.”

“Ah, I knew it.”

Ash turned gray with frustration and despair.

“Ugh, so that means…’

Wu Yan sighed too.

“We don’t have anywhere to live?”

“I wouldn’t say that. We have a few old dorms the male students can crash at but these dorms are severely under-maintained.”

Rebecca teased them.

“Barring other places, looks like you two are going to sleep like horses in a stable.”


Ash recoiled from the idea.

“What about me?!”

Eco panicked.

“I live at Apollo too! Am I going to shack up in a refugee center? No way!”

“Eco, you can live with me for now.”

Rebecca assured her.

“My room isn’t big but you can crash there for now.”


Eco immediately abandoned Ash her master.

“I am an imperial princess, I am not sleeping in no stinky refugee center.”

“Eco, you…”

Ash looked at Wu Yan.

“Rowan, are we really crashing at a refugee center?”

“Don’t know.”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

“We can only move ahead one step at a time.”


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