Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1384: Ulterior motives? Lucca and her antics

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy…

As the busy school piped down, everyone started heading to their rooms to get a good night’s rest. Rest is important especially when one is trying to rebuild an entire academy.

Rebecca & co acted swiftly to pacify the Necromantia siege. In the end, although it has only been a few days, the teachers and students were able to return to their calm states and go to bed.

Students pitched in with the reconstruction efforts, greatly speeding up the repair progress.

Moreover, the students also got their Pals to help with the work. The addition of large beasts capable of handling huge loads had a knock-on effect on the repair progress.

Students capable of using Fafnirites used their Dragon spells to clean up the mess. They demolished burnt buildings, cleaned wood chippings, filled potholes, and did other site preparation work.

Now, they can focus on the detailed repair part.

With their nerves on high alert since the Necromantia attack, the students who finally let down their guards got lulled into the sandman’s kingdom in no time at all.

The dragons are also asleep in the empty fields of the school.

When the dragons came bursting out of their stables to help with the Necromantia siege, their stables got destroyed in the process.

Gawain also demolished the seventh dragon stable with its dragon roar. Hence, the dragons can only sleep in the open fields.

One of the rooms in the Medb dorm is still lit. Gawain is sleeping just outside this room.

In Lucca’s room, she was grinding herbs into a medical paste in her nightgown. Judging by the tune she is humming, she is in a good mood.

Before Apollo dorm is reconstructed, Wu Yan will be crashing at her place.

Ash lost his partner in crime so he was about to hedge to the old dorms when Wu Yan forcibly dragged him into a hotel and signed him up against his wishes.

Wu Yan wouldn’t be a bro if he gets to stay with a cute girl while his friend heads to a refugee center.

At least, that isn’t Wu Yan’s style.

With Ash’s commoner mindset, the moment he paid, Ash’s hands were tied already.

Wu Yan told Lucca to head back first while he signed Ash into the hotel.

This gave Lucca some time to prepare.

She divided the medical paste into two portions. She poured one of them into a teapot along with hot water. Then, she poured the other into an incense burner.

She stirred the teapot gently before taking out a radiant jewel.

That is an oracle, a Fafnirite with a spell in it.

She cast the spell in that gem.


The spell caused the contents of the incense burner to burst into flames.

She put a lid on the incense pot before a mystical cloud of smoke drifted out.

She is pleased with her latest apothecary work.

“Yes, this should do it.”

“Lucca, you up?”

The sudden voice caused Lucca to flinch in shock.

“Lord Rowan?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

Wu Yan replied.

“Hey, can you open the door?”

“Y-yea! I am coming!”

She placed the pot of suspicious burning herbs in a corner of the room.

Then, she opened up the door.

“Lord Rowan…”

Wu Yan’s deep red eyes that looked like rubies with the night sky as the backdrop mesmerized her.

“Sorry, it took longer than I anticipated.”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“Ash is too polite. He kept resisting if I wasn’t strong enough, he would have escaped my clutches.”

“Th-that’s because Lord Rowan is too gentle.”

Lucca giggled.

“I think Ash-senpai must be really thankful.”

“Please, it was nothing.”

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed.

It is the first time people praised him for being soft.

“Lord Rowan, come in…”

Lucca gestured. Her gleaming eyes and her eager attitude made him feel a little cold with doubt.

Where has he seen this kind of attitude before?

Oh, yes, the carnivore eyes of Miku and Origami who aren’t afraid to grab his johnny and ride it without asking him first.

No way…

Lucca is introverted, she would never do something like that, right?

Wu Yan assured himself before entering her room. Then, he smelled something good.

“Oh, is this your usual incense?”

Wu Yan’s expression mellowed as the scent calmed his nerves.

“It’s good, I think we should be able to sleep tight with this thing burning.”


Lucca also closed the door in a suspiciously quick manner. No, it was like she was bolting up the door to prevent Wu Yan’s escape.

He didn’t notice this weird behavior.

Sitting down at the round table in the center of the room, Lucca sighed in relief before picking up the pot of tea.

She poured a cup of tea for him.

“Lord Rowan, please, help yourself.”


Wu Yan turned her down.

“I can’t sleep if I drink tea an hour before, let’s just save it for another day…”


Lucca gasped. She started panicking because this wasn’t in her cards. She was expecting Wu Yan to chug the spiked tea down.

Wu Yan finally picked up on her frantic behavior.

What is up with Lucca?

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