Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1386: Living on the edge

Wu Yan can only describe his life with Lucca as living on the edge 24/7.

With reconstruction underway, he got drafted to work on the repairs as a student council member.

He was in charge of logistics and manpower, he had to come up with work plans and budgets for various repair projects.

Rebeca should be the one spearheading this endeavor but she is busy compiling reports and meeting with top government officials to resolve this case. Although she isn’t doing hard labor, she still had no time to spare for the repair work of the school.

As the helper, he became in charge the moment Rebecca went away.

This was originally supposed to be the work of the secretary and vice president.

It is by no means easy. This job entailed repairing an academy that might as well be a tiny city. The workload isn’t for the average joe.

Other than nighttime, he truly had no time to rest.

No, not even then either.

It had to do with Lucca.

As secretary, she helped out after resolving her issue with Gawain. She also went back to school in the meantime. With Lucca pitching in, Wu Yan had some time to himself.

But, once the night comes around, he is in trouble.

Lucca wants her spiritual garden down under to be plowed by Wu Yan.

And, he truly underestimated the length to which she would go to achieve her objectives.

For one thing, she is very soft. Just like her looks, she isn’t the kind of girl who would approach someone proactively.

Getting her to confess would be a herculean task. Wanting her to ride Wu Yan like Miku and Origami is even harder.

At least, that was what Wu Yan thought.

He changed his impression of her.

This girl, she is a master at the pull tactic.

She used drugs and various other moves to entice him.

The other night, she spiked his tea with a libido tea and it only got worse from there.

She used incense that was just a few ounces of herbs away from potent aphrodisiac and lit them constantly in the room.

She shaved away his resistance.

She also clung to him in her birthday suit while sleeping in the same bed.

He lost count of how many times he almost bed her.

Alas, Lucca would remind him of the consequences.

“Meet my parents after we do it. My father, the village patriarch would like to meet you.”

Going back with an Elbaff to meet the parents or elder almost inevitably meant marriage.

It would be easy to whip his johnny around but getting ringed is another matter.

Unless he has feelings for her, Wu Yan truly cannot send his ballistic missiles anywhere he liked.

This is why he lived on the edge constantly.

She spiked his drink, burned weird herbs, and slept together with him in a naked state. Normally, he would have morphed into a wolf and ate her up.

How he wished he could go back to the past.

However, the silver lining is that they both started getting really chummy with one another.

Lucca dropped the worshipper attitude although she still called him Lord Rowan. They hung out like friends.

Lucca also did her best to assist with Wu Yan’s day work. Like a wife, she washed his clothes and made food for him. He was moved by her gestures.

At this rate, he might just fall for this lovely elf-wife-in-training.

Naturally, Cossette isn’t amused with this turn of events.

She was originally Wu Yan’s caretaker.

Silvia is acting strange. She didn’t talk much and she appeared to have her mind somewhere else. It is like she had something bottled up, this concerned Cossette so she let Lucca slide for now.

But, before Cossette can fix Silvia, the peace broke again.


One morning, the peaceful dawn got disrupted by a loud crash in front of the Epona dorm.


The window rattled while the building shook. The girls shrieked in horror at the sudden loud boom.

“What’s going on?”

They all opened up the windows to peer outside, including Silvia.

When she looked outside, she froze up.

“Excuse my rudeness!”

A lady knight in a yellowish-green uniform addressed Silvia.

“I am the royal messenger of the palace, Owilda Bran.”

“Princess Silvia Lautreamont.”

She took out a pouch.

“The king has a letter for you.”

“The king?!”

Silvia gasped.

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