Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1387: Order, the letter of the knight king

Silvia sat in her room with the pouch she got from the messenger.

Knight King, Ozwald Lautreamont.

Every citizen respected this man.

Only insiders know how big a letdown is the knight king.

He is so incompetent at his job that his daughter has to step up to manage the country for him.

Compared to his brilliant and dead wife and his offspring, Ozwald needed some serious royal tutelage.

His personality is nothing to speak about and he looked normal. He lacked the regal air of a king.

Bad at admin, weaker than Veronica in a fight, he is also inferior as a dragon rider.

He is more like a friendly old man than a king.

Although he has the position, he knows he isn’t king material.

Veronica and her other elite allies ran the country. The king is just a figurehead.

Silvia treated his letter seriously because Ozwald never gets down to the factory floor like this.

This must be an emergency or something equally important.

Silvia read the letter.

This is indeed important.

Silvia leaned back against her chair while mumbling lethargically.

“Joining the Continental Summit, huh?”

Ozwald told her to join the continental summit which is held once every five years. The top leaders of each nation will attend.

Lautreamont, Chevron, Zepharos, and various other major powers will attend. Even if they don’t attend, they will still send out big ministers.

This is a summit that will determine the future of this continent.

Years ago, Zepharos, Cheron, and Lautreamont fought a nasty war that ended in an armistice because of the peace brokered at this summit.

This is why this summit is very important.

Ozwald wanted Silvia to go to Ferdiand city, the venue of this summit. The pope of the Espada Church set this year’s summit there. It is already set in stones.

The city is currently very busy getting ready to host this summit.

Bigshots are going to come to this city.

Silvia is annoyed but not flustered.

Issues kept propping up for her.

Before she can resolve her issues, she has to deal with this world summit. Why should a student like her get involved in something big like this?


She threw herself into the bed while sighing. Her skirt fluttered up, this revealed her undies too.

“Princess, this is so uncouth.”

Cossette admonished her.

“This isn’t how a princess should act, you know?”

“Don’t mind me…”

Silvia said.

“There is no one around. I can kick back if I want to.”

Cossette only shook her head.

She placed the black tea on the table.

“What did the king said?”


Silvia grumbled.

“He ordered me to go to Ferdiand city and attend the Continental Summit.”


Cossette’s eyes lit up.


This is an event only for the leaders of the world.

This means anyone attending is leading a country or will lead one in the future.

Ozwald is hinting that he might make her the sovereign.

As her maid, she is incredibly happy for her.

“This is too heavy a burden to place on me.”

“Princess, how could you?”

Cossette reminded her.

“Lord Rowan hates people who give up without a fight. If he finds out about this then he is going to be very disappointed with you.”

“I-I know…”

Silvia mumbled like a kid who couldn’t argue against her parents. She tidied up her skirt while Cossette sighed in relief.

With this, she knew Silvia is still with her emotionally and mentally.

Her absent-mindedness is a constant issue in her maid’s mind.

Seems like Wu Yan is still taking up a huge chunk of her thoughts. Perhaps Silvia is still infatuated with him?”

“Ah, excuse me.”

She picked up the letter and read it.

“Oh, what is this?”

Cossette giggled.

“’Get Rowan Randall to come with you when you see me.’ Man, you’re bringing him home to meet your dad already?”


Silvia blushed furiously.

“Wh-what on earth are you talking about?”

“Ara, am I wrong?”


“The king also told me to bring Ash and Eco along. I am sure he has something else in mind.”

“Ah, that just what it means for the king.”

Cossette teased her.

“Princess, are you telling me you don’t have any intention to let your dad see you with Rowan? Hmm…?”

“Y-you talk too much!”

Silvia used a nearby pillow to toss in her direction.

Cossette smiled radiantly. She blocked the pillow attack splendidly.

Yeap, the Princess is back.

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