Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1388: the battle of the swift, the race to book him for the "meet the parents" event

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, student council room.

"That is how it is."

Wu Yan rubbed his aching temple. He was just done reading reports of reconstruction efforts and other hiccups. Now, he has to brief the other teams on what to do next.

He sat down after giving a summary of the next milestone to achieve.

"Anyway, we are looking at about 10 days before we can resume class at diminished capacity. It is high time we set the date for the school's reopening."


Ash cheered first.

"I couldn't get used to sleeping in a hotel. I miss classes."

"Good job, Rowan..."

Rebecca praised.

"With you around, the school's reconstruction really sped up."

"Nah, I didn't do all the work."

"Lucca, Silvia, and Ash contributed greatly too. I can't take all the credit. Special mention goes to Lucca for sticking by me all these while."

"It's nothing, I should help wherever I can especially if it is for Lord Rowan."

Lucca lowered her head in dejection.

"Alas, I can't stay with Lord Rowan anymore."


Wu Yan tried to assure her.

"I am sure we can find the chance."

Lucca brightened up after Wu Yan gave her an encouraging hint like that.

The others missed out on this secret verbal promise much to Wu Yan's relief.

Only Ash knows about Lucca and Wu Yan staying together.

If the other girls found out, Wu Yan isn't sure what they would do to him.

At least, the longer he can hide this, the better...

"You helped me out, I couldn't thank you enough for filling in while I am gone."

Rebecca apologized to Wu Yan.

"As the school president, my long absence is rather unsightly."

"No, President, don't say that!"

Ash tried to cheer her up.

"You had your own things to attend to. Look, Eco is the one who should be saying sorry, she did absolutely jack sh-"


Ash howled in pain when something hard and heavy hit his shin under the table.


Eco, the culprit, continued to drink tea like it was nobody's business.

"Rebecca, how about your side?"

Wu Yan asked.

"What did the royals and nobles have to say about the Necromantia siege? Are there similar occurrences elsewhere?"

"I am troubled too."

"I already told them in vivid detail what transpired. I also made my case at the city council. I don't know how to interpret the answer they gave me."


Wu Yan couldn't ignore this.

"Go on."


Rebecca continued.

"I think you should hear it from them when you reach Ferdiand capital."

"Lord Rowan..."

Lucca & co were confused.

"Why are you going to the capital?"


Wu Yan denied.

"I am not."

"What is going on?"

Rebecca tilted her head.

"Then, why did the royal family say that?"

The others were just as puzzled as Rebecca.

Silvia meekly raised her hand.

"A-Actually, I can explain..."


With all eyes on her, she felt a bit tense.

"You know what this is about?"

Wu Yan asked.

"Did you receive news from them?"


Silvia's red face and averted gaze only served to confuse them further.

The members knew about her recent melancholic episode.

They didn't ask her because she appeared to be hellbent on keeping it bottled up.

With her usual personality back, she must have solved her internal turmoil.

The others smiled.

"You can tell us at your own pace."

Wu Yan poured her a cup of tea.

"Here, have some tea."


Silvia sipped from the cup. She roamed her gaze over everyone before mustering up enough courage to say what is on her mind.

"Actually, my father, the king wants to meet Rowan."

The room turned silent.


They gasped.

"He wants to meet me?"

"Is this... that flag?"

Ash suggested.

"The "meet her parents" thing?!"


Wu Yan didn't see this coming.

"Meet the parents?!"

Lucca subconsciously grabbed Wu Yan's arm.

"Y-You can't!"

"I can't?!"

Silvia tensed up, this time, it wasn't embarrassment. She didn't expect the protest from Lucca.

"Why not?"


Lucca snapped with tears at the corners of her eyes.

"I-If he is going to meet anyone, he is going to have to meet my adoptive father first! He has to visit my village first!"

"What are you talking about?!"

Silvia is a bit peeved now.

"Ignoring a royal summon and going to another place, you expect me to accept this?!"

Lucca isn't backing down.

"In love, identity matters not."


Silvia also roared.

"I-I am not using my identity to get love!"

"Then, first come, first served!"

Lucca hugged Wu Yan's arm.

"Lord Rowan, come to the Elbaff village with me."


Silvia's index finger trembled as she pointed at the two student council members.

"I-I don't even know what is going on anymore."

Wu Yan asked Rebecca for help.

"Pres, mind saving me here?"

"Nuh-uh, I get where these ladies are coming from."

Rebecca continued.

"Truthfully, my family also told me to bring you home. They said they wanted to meet you."

"Even Rebecca!"

Lucca couldn't believe her ears.

"N-No way..."

Silvia is flustered now.

"Tell me what is going on?!"

Wu Yan yelled.

"I never heard of these plans before?!"

"Because I thought I wouldn't have to say it."

Rebecca smiled ambiguously.

"I made you my bodyguard, conferred the Randall surname on you, and you defeated the strongest Arch Dragonar known as Captain Ursula. Needless to say, my family wants to meet you very badly. I am sure they are concocting various plans to bag you so I thought I should spare you the trouble."

"Ah, I see."

Wu Yan, Silvia, and Lucca sighed in relief.

A little too soon, perhaps.

"But, ignoring what my family has to say or do, I am personally of the opinion that I should bring you home to meet my parents."

Rebecca placed her stakes on the table too.

"In any case, you're the only guy who made my heart race."

Silvia and Lucca's internal alarms went off while Wu Yan laughed wryly.

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