Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1389: Clothes and style

The next day...

With reconstruction mostly done, they needed to focus on repairing other buildings like public spaces and entertainment hubs. These lower-priority areas are the only ones left.

The students in school uniforms strolled around the academy like normal students during their resting periods.

Class is still out but the students already got the memo. School will start in about 10 days. They were instructed to make preparations to come back to school.

In front of an empty field near Epona dorm, Eco & co gathered while decked in formal suits and dresses.

Ash had a neat suit that had the knight's emblem on it. His tie made him look stylish too. However, only nobles know that this suit is actually for male servants in the royal castle.

Eco is also wearing a maid uniform.

Wu Yan, Ash, and Eco looked like they were out on a stroll. Ash is sporting an upset look.

Eco also started grumbling.

"To make a mighty dragon like me wear a servant's uniform. Is this how the knightdom treats the dragons?"

"Just bear with it..."

Ash knew she would complain, he already prepared various consolations to keep her calm.

"See? I am wearing a butler's uniform too."

Ash didn't do himself any service.

"You're a servant anyway!"

Eco said.

"You're just a guard dog, don't compare yourself to a noble dragon."

Ash choked on his words.

"Okay, Eco, shut your yap."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"We are doing this for Silvia."

Eco and Ash aren't wearing suits and dresses for fun.

Cossette suggested this.

Ferdiand is very far. If they traveled the whole day, it would still take them a day's journey to reach that place.

The only way to get there fast is to use a dragon as a ride.

There is a problem

Eco can't fly, she is a humanoid dragon. Ignoring if she would let Ash ride her, Eco can't be expected to dash all the way to Ferdiand with Ash on her back.

That is why Ash and Eco chose to ride Lancelot.

However, a princess like her can't ride with male students like a floozy. That would just create bad rumors.

Scandals are something royalties and nobles wanted to avoid. Silvia didn't want to give reporters juicy news pieces between herself and Ash so this is how they chose to do it.

Cossette suggested that Ash and Eco act as servants for this trip.

It is normal to tour various places with one's servants, this also can prevent scandalous news.

Eco is still complaining but she couldn't argue with the effectiveness of this plan.

"Ugh, an imperial princess such as I must go through such disgrace?"

Eco grumbled.

"Hey, you're not riding on your dragon, what gives? Why do I have to dress as a maid while you get to wear fancy clothes?"

"Hey, don't ask me."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"Cossette said I can wear like this, I don't care what I am wearing as long as I am wearing something."


Eco gasped.

"No fair, why not?"

"Because if he is implicated with the princess, it would benefit us."

Cossette answered as she escorted Silvia out the door.

"Lord Rowan defeated Ursula, the reporters wouldn't have the guts to write sour pieces about someone who defeated a myth."

Cossette winked.

"Moreover, if the rumor turns out to be true, well, my lady here would be most happy with such associations..."

"Don't add unnecessary details!"

Silvia blushed while protesting against Cossette's comments.

She coiled up her blonde locks and donned her signature princess dress. People could see her bright red ears.

"Jeez, my lady, you need to stop being so shy."

Cossette said.

"We are meeting your parents with a guy by your side, you're telling me you aren't excited at all?"

"L-Let's go already!"

Silvia summoned Lancelot.

"Come to me, Lancelot!"


The silver dragon appeared gallantly.

Silvia jumped onto Lance's back.

"Come on!"

"Okay, let's go."

Wu Yan jumped into the air too. Cossette gracefully climbed the dragon like a dainty flower.

Ash and Eco wondered how they should get on.

Then, Eco ordered Ash.

"You, fly up!"

"Don't tell me to do something impossible!"

"Tsk, useless."

"I am a human, don't tell me to do that!"

"Fine, I can craft you an Arc Armor. I want you to jump onto that dragon like a hero!"

"You will craft me an armor for something silly like that? You give Arc Armors a bad name!"

"Well, it is just a replica. I wouldn't do it for real."

"Okay, how are we riding that thing?"

Eco and Ash were stumped.

"Okay, whatever..."

Wu Yan is a bit annoyed with the two.

"Just get on the damn dragon!"

Eco and Ash exchanged a look.

They obediently climbed up the dragon's ladder.

"Okay, are we good?"

Silvia pulled the rein.

"Off we go!"


Lancelot flew into the sky like an arrow.

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